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Fluttercrinkle: (The Remake) - AlliePastel

Fluttershy has a secret habit which she'd kept underwraps until one faithful event when Twilight shows up uninvited. (Warning: Ageplay)

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She's So Heavy

“What do we do is a good question…” Twilight said looking around the room, “I suppose we could try something like a bottle feeding? I don’t know, it’s been a while since I’ve babysat. You know Spike’s been pretty independent since he was just a toddler you know?”

Fluttershy loosened her hug and she hopped off of Twilight’s lap, “Yeah I know Twilight…”

The baby girl walked herself to a cabinet on the opposite side of the nursery and grabbed a bottle of milk, “You know this whole nursery was built by myself and Rarity right? One night I told her all about this little secret of mine and we spent about a week together assembling every wooden structure you see…”

The girl leaned her hand on the counter below the cabinet. She turned her head to look at Twilight, “R-rarity and I had a lot of fun making this nursery what it is, that was three years ago…”

Twilight sat back down in the rocking chair. Her feet on the tip of their toes, she spoke, “Wait, wasn’t that when you moved to Ponyville?”

The small girl started her way back over to her mother figure, “Yeah, it was when I first moved into this cottage a lot of years ago…” Fluttershy answered handing Twilight a bottle of cold milk, “Here, I got it from the mini fridge. Usually I’m not too eager to drink breast milk, but I felt like it was a special occasion, you know?”

The studious girl’s eyes grew as she leaned back in her chair. Her ‘daughter’ climbed unto her lap while she steady the chair for a few seconds. Blown away by the wonder of where her friend would get breast milk, Twilight’s curiosity stuck.

“Fluttershy? Where’d the milk come from?”

The smaller girl’s face flared as she thought of a way to avoid answering her friend. It couldn’t be done. She shifted her eyes, as to avoid contact with Twilight’s as she spoke, “I-It’s from the Cakes… I-I bought a lot of it from her and put it in the freezer section of the fridge a while back… I-it’s umm… sweeter.”

Twilight stared in amazement before a grin cracked on her lips upwards. She couldn’t help but chuckle at her friend’s explanation, “Haha! Why’d you buy breast milk from Mrs.Cake? Why not just conjure some formula? Heck! Why not just use your own?”

Twilight felt her sides being squeezed tightly, she looked down.

Fluttershy chuckled a bit too, as she held onto her friend, “Hehe! I know it sounds weird, but I don’t know any other mommy’s in our town. While I could use some medication and a breast pump, my umm… boobs, are too small.”

A curiosity overtook Twilight as she peaked her head over to look at Fluttershy’s chest. Shame washed her face as she realized how insensitive her comment was, “Oh. I-I’m sorry Fluttershy. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

The smaller girl shook her head, “No, no. It’s alright, really. I know I’m not much of an um… ‘woman’.”

Doubt made Twilight struggle to accept that comment. Despite Fluttershy’s obvious problems, she’d never admit to feeling so self-conscience about herself. She hugged unto the small girl and pushed the bottle’s amber nipple to her lips.

Fluttershy look bewildered by her friend’s reaction. How come Twilight didn’t respond? She was Twilight Sparkle, the protégé of several of the most brilliant people in the country, yet she wasn’t just a bit curious.

Reluctantly Fluttershy hugged her arms around Twilight again, and rested her head against her friend’s chest.

The taste of the breast milk was sweet and a little bit sour. It gradually became sweeter as she tasted the liquid. It seemed to condense and get thicker in her mouth. Around this time Fluttershy started contemplating the very idea of drinking anyone’s breast milk but her own.

Her face lit up bright red as she struggled to swallow the milk. She looked up at her friend, her eyes practically pleading to release the bottle from her mouth.

It didn’t take long for Twilight to pick on how uncomfortable her friend appeared to be. “Oh my! Fluttershy, are you feeling alright?”

Fluttershy chuckled a little bit. Her dazed reality cleared up and she remembered she could control her body. Using her right hand, she pulled the bottle out of her mouth.

“Ech! That was umm… not exactly what I was expecting from breast milk.”

“Well what were you expecting silly?” Twilight teased setting the bottle down on the ground next to her, “You do recognize that you did just drank breast milk, from someone nearly twice as old as you right?”

Now Fluttershy really did feel a bit silly, “Yeah, I guess it was a bad call. I make a lot of bad calls anymore. I’m not going to lie; this baby stuff has taken a big part of my modeling money from me.”

“Your modeling money?” Twilight asked.

The smaller girl shrugged her shoulders, “I dunno. I worked with Rarity a bit back in the day before I moved to Ponyville. Of course, I’ve modeled for her since. I’ve spent a lot of money in this nursery.”

Twilight took her hand and ran it through her friend’s pristine pink hair, “You know, I’m really contemplating whether all this nursery stuff is contemplating for something.”

Fluttershy looked around the nursery, eventually her eyes met back with Twilight’s. She turned her head and gave a curious gaze, “What do you mean?”

Twilight really didn’t want to explain herself; ‘intimate’ things weren’t really in her realm of thinking. Whether that be sexual or not, she wasn’t really good at talking about her own feelings.

“You know what I mean Fluttershy. What is the nursery really supposed to accomplish for you?”

Fluttershy’s eyes lit up. She always had suspicions about why she held an affiliation with regression. The question was, did she really want anyone else to know her motives. More importantly, did she want to know them herself?

The small girl nestled up against her friend. In an attempt to prevent giving an explanation, she shot puppy eyes at her friend.

The caretaker’s curious expression faded as it became an understanding smirk. It doesn’t really matter the case for the regression. After all, sometimes being a caring friend means accepting who and what you are despite the circumstances.

The presence of empathy became apparent to Fluttershy. For whatever reason Twilight had to stay with her, she knew her friend would listen.

“T-twilight. Can we talk about Winona’s death?”

Twilight’s drew her friend into a hug and pecked her on the forehead. She knew this conversation was coming up, how it’ll go was what frightened her.

“Sure thing Fluttershy, what’s on your mind?”

The small girl made herself comfortable in her friend’s arms. She turned her head, avoiding eye contact as she spoke, “A-are you afraid of dying Twilight? I’ve struggled my whole life to overcome my fears… b-but everything I let go, I forget how it feels.”

Twilight hugged her friend tighter. She hated to see Fluttershy like this, “W-what do you mean ‘how it feels’.”

Fluttershy started breathing a bit more densely as she fought to maintain her breath. Her world spun around her as she desperately rubbed her hands up and down Twilight’s back, “I-I mean Twilight…. I mean the way you make me feel. I can’t explain it, but whenever someone holds onto me I get this weird warm and fuzzy feeling all over. But then you come along and hug me and all of a sudden, I start feeling like I want to be held even more!”

Twilight raised an eyebrow, “Fluttershy, do you have a crush on me? Do you have a crush on all your friends?!” she finished the statement with a stern look.

Fluttershy clung unto her friend even tighter, “No , please Twilight! Don’t leave me!”

Twilight stood up, making her friend do a hop unto the nursery floor in the process.

“I’m sorry Fluttershy, this was a mistake. Listen, I know what you need, and I’m definitely not her.”

Fluttershy shook her head. She couldn’t believe it, she screwed up again! She wanted to say something but the weight of her grief overpowered her better judgment. So she just stood there in awh as her friend left her astray in the nursery.

Twilight stormed out of the cottage’s front door. In her fit of rage, she made it down the trail into the heavily condensed forest that surrounded her. How could Fluttershy do that? She was always such a sweet and innocent girl, was that all just some sort of rouse? Was all that baby stuff some sort of ploy?

The questions hankered at Twilight’s mind to the point where she was more frustrated at her own misunderstanding of her friend’s point of view.

A small tingle in the back Twilight’s head flared as she weighed the possibilities. Either Fluttershy was hitting on her, or she was… just… affectionate.

An image of Fluttershy cuddling up to her flashed in her mind as she took in consideration how things felt from her perspective. The truth was, maybe she felt just as inclined to display affection as Fluttershy did.

Remansisant thoughts of the way Fluttershy’s cute little figure wrapped into her own embrace, sent shock waves of warm thoughts throughout Twilight’s mind.

“Oh.” Twilight muttered kicking the ground.

In the distance a faint chirping was heard in what Twilight could make out to be a brush. It was almost definitely a bird. Squinting, Twilight’s perception increased. The bird was a blackbird; it appeared to have a small thorn stuck in its feather.

Twilight couldn’t let the bird die, it wasn’t even difficult to save. She’d just have to be very cautious though. As planned, the studious girl took one step off of the dirt trail; she tripped.

A sudden stinging of both her arms and knees made her produce a scream which she suppressed; she didn’t want to startle the bird after all.

Her sight readjusted and she was able to spot the bird. Slowly, she reached out her hand and pulled out the thorn which bonded the bird to the bush. She picked the creature up with one hand. It was beautiful and all of a sudden the several incisions on her skin seemed worth it.

Twilight broke into a subtle grin, she saved the bird. It fluttered out of her hand and into the twilight. Maybe it’d be best if she made her way back to Fluttershy’s place?

Fluttershy stumbled out of her bathroom. Tears running down her face, she leaned against the wall and sat. She was no longer sporting her baby attire, she’d since cast it off and put on her regular clothing.

On her small body, she wore black pajama pants more cartoon-ish designs on them, and a plain white tank top. Oddly though, she’d yet to take off her diaper. There was no clear explanation of why in the young girl’s mind either.

Without a thought of recourse, the young girl stood up and made her way to the kitchen. She stepped inside it, the cold hard tiles pressing against her bare feet made her shudder. She felt her stomach and cringed.

Maybe it’d just be best to lie down and relax for a few moments?

Fluttershy made her way to her living room couch and sat down. As her petite body sank into the furniture’s soft padding, coherent thoughts of how she got in this situation popped into her mind.

What had made her ever think Twilight wanted to get romantic? Then again, what made her think Twilight really cared? Why did she ever have bring up ‘those’ sorta feelings with Twilight?

Fluttershy’s eyes fell heavy as she begged the explanation to all these questions.

Almost on que, Twilight opened the door and stepped into the living room, “F-Fluttershy?”

Fluttershy sat up straight, pulled her tank top down as much as she could, and stared bewildered at her friend, “Twilight! Y-you’re back!”

The studious girl closed the front door behind her. She made her way over to the couch and sat down. Subconsciously, she pulled down her short skirt; it appeared to be ripped down the side.

Fluttershy stared at her friend. A part of her wanted to tackle Twilight in a hug, but her other half stopped her; she really didn’t want to screw things up a second time.

“T-Twilight, what happened? Are you alright? You look like you just fell in a thorn bush or something!”

The cut up girl smiled, “Hehe, I did actually! I was trying to save a little black bird.”

Fluttershy cuffed her hand over her mouth, “Oh my, was it alright?”

Twilight nodded, “Mmmhmm, cost me one of my favorite outfits though…” Twilight looked down. Her back dark grey skirt, tie, vest; and her purple dress shirt were all ruined. With a small sigh, the girl spoke again, “You wouldn’t mind if I borrowed some clothes would you?” A coy smile made it on her face as she looked over at Fluttershy, “I mean, I don’t wanna be sleeping at your house tonight naked do I?”

Fluttershy blushed as she scanned Twilight’s body up and down, “D-do you?”

Twilight grinned, “Hehe, you’re cute. I-I think I like that about you?”

“Does it now?” Fluttershy said standing on her hands and knees. She crawled up to Twilight and nuzzled her head against her chest, “D-do you like being my Mommy Twilight?”

The studious girl’s face lit up as she pulled her friend into a hug, “Of course I love you Fluttershy! I-I mean, of course I love being your Mommy Fluttershy. I might not have much experience, but I-I feel umm… ‘special’ doing things like we did earlier.”

“I love you doing that too Twilight…” Fluttershy’s facial expression perked up as she hugged unto her friend’s lap, “I-I kinda got outta my baby clothes though.”

Twilight brushed her hand thought her friend’s soft pink hair, “Don’t worry baby, I-I don’t mind just cuddling with plain old Fluttershy. She’s such a special girl, and she deserves love.”

Tension grew in the air as the two girls held each other in close quarters, neither of them wanted to let go, there was no reason to.

The two stared in admiration of each other; Twilight looking down at her baby girl, and Fluttershy looking up at her mommy.

The caretaker blushed as she looked down at Fluttershy, her small breast imposed little shape on her basic white tank top. Cute, it was a good personification of Fluttershy’s innocence that she loved so much. In all honesty, she believed that both of them shared the same lack of intimacy in their life.

Luckily for both Fluttershy and Twilight, they were all they needed. Fluttershy fit so elegantly in her ‘mommy’s’ arms, just as had always dreamed of. She wanted more out of their connection, she knew they both did.

Slowly, the small girl ascended on her hands in knees; she watched as her friend did the same.

An even higher strung tension of affection heightened the twos connection. Something shined in the two’s eyes as they drew their lips closer to each other. The world seemingly spun around the two, in a desperate attempt to stay the course, they closed their eyes and let their faith guide them.

The two connected hands, as they parted their lips. They melted in each others mouths. Twilight fell onto her knees as Fluttershy tackled her in a hug; the small girl’s rump fought against the force of gravity with the help of her lovers silky smooth hands.

A lustful pulse coursed through Twilight’s body as she found herself pulling down her friend’s childish pajama bottoms. The elastics of her friend’s diaper rose to make way for her grip.

Fluttershy felt her backside being held. A passionate wave of desire flooded every pore of her body making her moan slightly in her friend’s mouth. She wanted to return the affection, but her friend’s elegant clothing made it hard to unhinge her friend’s bra strap.

Fluttershy parted her lips, letting a string of drool between the two brake. After several deep breaths, Fluttershy opened her tired eyes, “T-twilight. Y-you’re going to make me wet my diaper.”

Twilight smiled warmly as she rub her hand teasingly up and down her friend’s butt, “Hehe, well you’re wearing a diaper silly. You can wet yourself all you want.”

Fluttershy blushed, “I-I mean the other kinda wet…”

The dominate girl laughed a bit under her breath, “Oh, Haha! And to think, this was supposed to be just a small get together.”

A grin appeared on Fluttershy’s face, “Hehe, yeah. I-I didn’t know you were so uh… ‘passionate’, especially with girls.”

Fluttershy shuttered as she awoke from her sensation,”O-oh my I-I never umm…”

Twilight grinned, “Feel better? Don’t get me wrong, I may not have a lot of experience with ‘romantic’ things, sometimes a simple kiss can relief a person of their grief…” Twilight removed her now hands from under her friend’s puffy diaper, and pulled it’s waist line up over her friend’s rump. “Then again, I think that was a little bit more than a kiss.”

Fluttershy let go of her hug and dropped unto the couch. Twilight grabbed her friend’s hand, “Come on baby, I wanna rest and I can’t have you wondering around the house all by yourself.”

Obedient to her friend, Fluttershy stood up and let herself be escorted into her own bedroom. Twilight hit the light illuminating the room. It was a bit messy, but nothing she couldn’t tolerate.

Twilight let go of Fluttershy hand and let her sit on the bed, while she started to rummage around the bedroom drawers.

Fluttershy struck a curious gaze as she watched her friend search up and down her bedroom’s cabinets, nothing seemed to fit her.

“Well shoot…” Twilight said as she started to undress, “I don’t mind sleeping in my undies, but my panties are sort of torn in the back, wait one second.” Twilight tugged at her skirt and allowed it to fall, displaying Twilight’s visibly purple panties in the process. On them was a little pink star that was cut down the center.

Fluttershy blushed again, “Oh my.” She’d seen her friend’s half naked before, but after that little incident, she felt a bit funny.

The half-naked girl rolled her eyes, “Hehe, hush up your dork.”

The smaller girl giggled a bit. She never really thought about it, “Hehe, it’s just seeing you act like this seems, well… naughty. I just wouldn’t have guessed you were that type of girl.”

Twilight smirked as she looked through Fluttershy’s underwear drawer, “Heh. I never really pegged you as a lesbian. Heck, I never thought I was capable of having feelings. Then again, your little quick burst of affection has been more than I’ve gotten from anybody else in years.”

She slid her purple panties down and pulled up a pair the biggest ones she could find. They were yellow, blue, and red; they also sported a childish looking “Still a bit of a tight fit, but it’ll do. ”

Fluttershy pointed towards a drawer, “Over there, I have some more pajama stuff. They’re a little bit ‘kiddish’, but I’m sure it’s nothing too embarrassing.”

Twilight flipped the rooms light switch before stepping over to her friend’s bed. She crawled up from behind her friend and hugged her arms around Fluttershy’s stomach, “Gotcha baby.”

Fluttershy backed in the embrace a bit, “Oh, hai! You didn’t put on any other clothes?”

The bigger girl laughed a bit. Using her nose she nuzzled the back of her friend’s hair, “Nah, you’re not afraid of being held by your Mommy all naked and stuff are you.”

The timid girl couldn’t help but smile, “Hehe, about that. Twilight, c-could I just be your baby girl? If you want to get romantic with me, I don’t think I feel comfortable with that sorta thing.”

“Hehe alright” Twilight said reaching her hands under Fluttershy’s tank top, “I gotcha, I have no problem just being your girlfriend… Fluttershy, can I just tell you I’m glad you’ve been so understanding tonight?”

“Whadda you mean?” Fluttershy cringed as her friend ran her hand lower on her stomach.

Twilight tilted her head back and forth, “You know, you’re just so adapt to this idea of love. You trusted me as soon as I came back.”

“Ow.” Fluttershy let out as she felt her friend’s run back up her stomach, “I have my reasons Twily, just please” Fluttershy closed her eyes, “Please don’t ever leave again.”

A sudden realization crossed Twilight’s face as she asked, “Fluttershy, did you get sad because you were all alone?”

Fluttershy grabbed onto her friend’s hands and pulled them close to her chest, “Please I just- I just need someone to love alright?”

Twilight didn’t question her girlfriend. She might as well not; she knew exactly what she needed now. She leaned her head in and kissed the back of her friend’s neck, “Goodnight baby… I love you.”

A smile struggled to stay on Fluttershy’s face as she fought conflicted emotions. Either her friend knew exactly what was going on or she didn’t mind. It didn’t matter; at least she could fall asleep happily in Twilight’s arms. So, she did…

Author's Note:

Alright, off the back I just gotta say that this chapter hasn't been edited quite yet; atleast not by my editor. He will have it edited shortly enough though!

That aside, I hope you enjoy the story! I'll be a little late releasing the 3rd chapter as I'm going to a bit busy this week! Stay with me now, the story may or may take a little bit more time than usual to write. I want to make sure the rest of this story isn't rushed.

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