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I enjoy dabbling, and will take up just about any challenge thrown at me. I would love to critique anyone's story just let me know, or send me a story idea. I am not the best, nor am I the worst here.


I currently only have two:
1: If I favorite 2 over your stories, you will automatically gain me as a follower. This is not the only way to get me as a follower.
2: If I see sexism, racism, or basically any discrimination, I will likely call you out on it, or (if it's bad enough) report you. Simple as that, no other BS.

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Thank you for the favorite! :eeyup:

Eeyyy thanks for stalking me!:rainbowkiss:
Pray tell, what reasons do you have for spying on me? Is it one of my stories, or something else?:twilightsmile:

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