The Magical Mystery Nursery

by AlliePastel

Fun Fun Fun Part Two

Reluctant to accept the creepy robot’s food, Sweetie Belle slowly opened her lips and let what felt like an unreasonable amount of food, be shoved into her mouth. The mush occupied so much space; she couldn’t help but swallow it. It was either swallowing it or spitting it back up ; and she was hungry.

“Awe, what a good girl!” The A.I cheered mechanically. It was so alighting to know that Sweetie Belle genuinely enjoyed the meal, at least it seemed she did. Using her magic, she levitated the spoon and shoved more and more into her ‘baby’s’ mouth. In the process, she went through several huge spoon fulls.

“S-omp!” the filly muttered, feeling the slimy goo, slide down the back of her tongue and through her throat. She could feel it coursing through her body, it was so rich and she hadn’t eaten for days. It felt absolutely disgusting.

“Who’s a hungry filly?” The Machine asked rhetorically as it feed the child every last drop of the jar. She set it on the fridge with her magic, “Congratulations baby, you’re morning feeding has been completed.”

Sweetie Belle stared blankly at the robot a few feet away and started tearing up, “I-I-I just want d-d-downn!” She pushed against the highchair’s table and kicked her hooves, frantically trying to get out of the contraption.

Suddenly, a sharp pain hit her stomach and she burped uncomfortably, causing her tears to stop. “Oww…” She muttered, as the robot started calmly undoing the table’s restraints.

The Robot kept its cryptic smile as it undid the highchair’s straps. It was obvious that Sweetie Belle was just a bit cranky; it was her first feeding in a scary new place after all! At least, that was its explanation. After all, its creator did program it with much information from several highly accredited parenting articles.

“I apologize if your feeding was in anyway uncomfortable Ms.Belle. I’m under strict protocol to feed the children a curtain amount of food per meal.” It claimed, lowering the stilts to the highchair. There wasn’t much repercussion in lowering the child, the meal was over after all.

“Mmm…” Sweetie Belle said, pushing angrily against the table tray in a halfhearted attempt to escape. She looked at the Robot with watery eyes, but was met with its creepy smile. She really just wanted out, she needed to pee and she was starting to feel cold.

She didn’t want to complain though, any vocal response would either be ignored or trigger some other horrible thing. On the other hand, she really didn’t like how she was feeling either. With the poofy diaper between her thighs, she could only really shut her legs so tight. It made her cringe on the inside, but if she really expressed how she was feeling, she would have flooded her diaper right there.

Preparing a mat on the floor, the robot used it’s magic to lift Sweetie Belle from her seat. Leaning unto it’s side, the robot kept its smile as it annunciated, “Project Information states that you still need your daily intake of several lactic ounces.” Lighting its horn, it opened its leg to the girl. “My creator has designed this body to hold more than enough lactic fluid to feed several foal!”

Sweetie Belle closed her eyes and slowly inched towards the mare’s exposed breast. She didn’t want to dive in, but there was a small force pushing her closer and closer towards the robot. To her own horror, her mouth opened and wrapped itself around the A.I’s rubber breast. Why the robot needed to breast feed her was beyond her, why couldn’t she just use a bottle?

She let out a high pitched whining noise from the back of her throat as she was forced to sip at the Robot’s milk. She could feel it coursing through her mouth and body as she was forced to keep suckling. She opened her eyes to the sight of darkness. Her nose was literally pressing against the Robot’s tummy.

After several minutes of uncomfortable suckling, the magical force that bound her to the Robot’s breast seized. She let her face go and took a huge gasp of air. Tracing her eyes towards the robot’s legs, she closed her eyes and rested her head on the floor.

“All done!” The Robot said, standing off and prancing elsewhere in the nursery. “You’ll be free to roam for thirty minutes before I get the playpen set up. Do you need anything in the meantime.”

Sweetie Belle moaned, “I-I needa potty!” she said, opening her eyes and giving A.I a saddened look. She really was starting to feel uncomfortable, the muscles that held back her bladder felt like they were being continuously tightened.

The robot turned around and lifted a few stuffed animals to the child as it chimed, “Your preferences have been set to baby. If you’d like to override these settings, please contact a parent or SPaRK-tech employee.” With its statement said, it swiftly turned back around and began reorganizing the play pen.
Stepping inside, the Robot immediately felt an alarming sensation as it’s hoof sunk into the colorful foam padding that covered the pen’s floor. It took a second to process the physical information, but it quickly corrected itself and started sorting the toys and animals around some more.

What struck the Robot really odd is how plush all the toy’s its creator selected were. Typically, you don’t even want children to have plushies, at least you don’t want babies to have them; there’s too much of a risk of suffocation. However, the play things selected for this nursery were massive. Grant it, the nursery itself was bumped up in size to accommodate whatever child it was suited with perfectly. It still left a lot of questions to be answered.

Meanwhile, in the center of the nursery where her feeding took place, Sweetie Belle was busy concentrating on not having an accident. She managed to hug unto a generic pink horse plushy and squeezed her legs as tight as she could around its waist.

Sweetie Belle buried her head into the pink pony’s chest, feeling her stomach actually feel dense with pressure. She could feel an accident coming and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

“Up you go!” A.I said, lifting up the small filly, by the front hooves with its own magic. It watched as Sweetie Belle’s legs spread and the faint sound of hissing could be heard from the child.
The child’s face scrunched a little as she melted into the warm mushy feeling of her diaper’s poufy padding. She could feel the material heat up and melt around her backside and it made her cringe. It’d been over a year since she ever had an accident and that one was much smaller.
“Oooh, gross!” She said, wiggling her hooves as she was continuously carried over to the play pin. She really disliked the mushy feeling between her legs, she liked the mushy feeling even less when she was sat unto of it in the play pin. It felt too warm and awkward for her to handle.
“Do you need any further assistance Sweetie Belle?” The machine asked, trailing back from the play pin’s entrance, shutting the mesh gate closed.
Sweetie Belle shook her head before ducking it behind a pile of stuffed animals. She took a look at her surroundings and noticed the A.I was busy putting away food in the fridge. In a vain attempt to escape, the child dashed towards the mesh gate, silently stepping on the colorful foam padding as she went.

She managed to hop the gate with a really well balanced jump, but the waddle her soggy diaper between her legs caused her to misstep and crash face first onto the floor.

The robot’s eyes lit up but it did not turn around. “Safety protocol initiated, foal’s behavior is incompatible with current age status…” it said, shifting out of the metallic body and transforming into the old blue ball of light. “My operator has instructed me to restrain foals, whom are not responsible for their own actions. Clearly, you lack correct motor functions and require 100% supervision.”

Sweetie Belle stood up then sat on her soggy behind. “What do you mean ‘100% supervision’? You already control this whole stupid room, there isn’t possibly anything you could do to make this more constraining.”

The ball flew around the girl, lighting her face as it came nearer. Using its magic, it quickly healed her rug burned nose and restored it to its perky white condition. “Foals undergo several stages in development. The reason my system originally let you roam a little bit was because my scans indicated that you had many teeth and your bone structure was at optimal levels.”

“So?” Sweetie Belle said, looking down at her diaper. It embarrassed her to be wearing it, but she didn’t see a potty in sight. Let alone the fact she wasn’t offered one.”

“So…” The ball said levitating the child into the air and laying her unto the changing table. “My program allowed for a little bit more leniency for you to develop your muscles. The ability to free roam is meant to encourage exploration. But, my scans show that your coordination is too far off balance meaning the number of neurons in your brain must not be at sufficient levels yet.. Indications show that you’re more akin to a baby than a toddler.”

“What? I’m not a baby! Look at how well I speak!” The filly said, looking a bit offended as her diaper was pried open by the magic that the A.I controlled. “Your system is wrong; I’m not a little foal!” She said, kicking her hooves as the light continued to change her.

“I demand you desist!” The blue orb said, stopping Sweetie Belle’s legs with its magic. It stopped wiping the filly’s bottom then poured oil and powder all over it in that order. “My indicators show that you’re less developed than I originally calculated for. Your linguistics are not part of your evaluation as a foal and my evaluations were calculated to be perfect!”

“But they’re not!” Sweetie Belle yelled, getting a little bit ill tempered. Her eyes began to get cloudy with tears as she got angry. She was tempted to flail her hooves around, but the A.I’s magic held her in place as an even more cartoonishly decorated, poufier diaper was pushed under her bottom. From her sides, two large tapes wrapped around the front, sealing the diaper in place.

“Changing sequence complete!” The A.I said, whisking to another section of the house.

Sweetie Belle kicked her hooves to the realization she was stuck with the diaper spreading her legs too far apart. “Stupid robot!” She complained, “What gives?”

The A.I flashed back to the filly, “The diaper is designed for a younger foal who is more likely to have bigger accidents and is formed for smaller bodies. The cartoons are designed to-“

“I know what the cartoons are for!” The filly said, enraged. So much for walking anymore, thanks to Twilight’s dumb program. She rolled unto her tummy and crawled up the changing table a little inch at a time. “Stupid Daring Do diapers.” She muttered.

A light enveloped the filly, flipping her unto her back against her will. A bright white gradient filled her vision before calming down a little. She looked down to the realization that she was now wearing a cutesy white, purple bell covered onesie. “Oh come on-“ She yelled before being interrupted by the robot shoving a pretty purple pacifier into her mouth.

“Changing tempo 0343” The room said as the room seemed to shrink in size. Maybe of the same things were still there, although the walker transformed into a swing and some of the toys also transformed into more ‘age appropriate’ items.

The magic act barely impressed Sweetie Belle as she watched the room’s very colorful stuffed animals and blocks turn into slightly more colorful blocks; as well as baby items like teething rings and targeting sets. Everything might has well of been just a rock to her; nothing really caught her interest.

She gently suckled on the pacifier as she was lifted into the air and brought gently over to a swing. Upon arrival, she was quickly sunk into the seat’s comfortable padding and was then promptly strapped into it with pink nylon straps.

Setting her hooves on the tray, she looked up as an animal covered mobile started spinning around her overhead. She looked at the blue orb as she adjusted a little in her seat. The diaper kept her from moving much though, there was no traction in her seat and the padding was too poufy to budge. Annoyed, she opened her mouth and the pacifier fall out of it.

“You dropped this…” the A.I said as it used its magic to itemize the binky into Sweetie Belle’s mouth. “Thankfully your onesie was fully sanitized, or else I might have had to make a new one for you.”

Sweetie Belle squinted her eyes. Smirking, she spat the pacifier into her hoof and threw it across the room. “I don’t want it!” she complained.

It took only seconds before the A.I used its magic to poof the pacifier back into the child’s mouth. “I demand you stop that, this instant. I must get the Auto-Nurse up before my creator arrives.”

“Huh?” Sweetie Belle squeaked. She wasn’t sure if she was excited or terrified that Twilight would see her like this. On the one hand, she’d be super embarrassed. On the other hand, she’d at least be free. “H-how do you know she is?” She questioned.

The A.I flew over to a light pink basset and began working on it. “I’ve messaged Miss. Sparkle of my progress several hours ago. She was perplexed why a ‘foal’ was registered in the nursery. So she wanted to come visit.”

A bit nervous, Sweetie Belle noticed that she was slowly rocking back and forth in her swing. She tried closing her eyes and relaxing, it felt like the A.I was holding the pacifier to her face somehow, almost like an invisible strap. Closing her eyes, she leaned back in her seat and took a few deep breaths…


“Well if it’s not the cutest wittle foal I’ve ever seen!” Twilight said, walking freely into the underground nursery. She walked up to her friend’s sister and peaked her head down, “Did someone get themselves into a wittle situation?”

“Mmm!” Sweetie Belle pawed at the air, reaching her hooves out to Twilight. Her eyes were watery, just waking up from the nap and the idea of what she was doing hadn’t quite caught up to her yet. Quietly, she suckled on her pacifier as she continued to make whining noises.

Twilight smiled, Sweetie Belle was already cute, but this really topped things off. Reaching her hooves towards the child, she made a quick effort to unbuckle the child from her seat. She kept her hooves under the Sweetie Belle’s arm pits as she brought the child closer to her own chest.
Sweetie Belle gave Twilight a small frown, feeling her tummy make a small sharp pain. She brushed it off, although she still felt the pressure inside her. She knew what was going to happen; still, wishful thinking though.

“Well Sweetie Belle…” She said, holding the child close to her chest as she went, “You got yourself into one big mess. Not only are you stuck her for two weeks, but you also managed to trigger the room’s ‘infant care’ program. I think it’s a glitch really, perhaps something to do with your size. All I know is you managed to demote yourself from being identified as a toddler, to a baby, and now to an infant. Then again, using the baby swing might have triggered that last bit.”

She looked down at the child and gave her a sheepish grin, “Sorry, I’m waffling aren't I? Well don’t worry you’re curly lilac hair Sweetie, I’m going to be joining you for the whole duration.”

Raising an eyebrow, the child prodded the pacifier that was fixated unto her face. She didn’t understand why Twilight wasn’t helping her. She was obviously uncomfortable the way she was, but she wasn’t being offered any help.

Twilight looked down at the child and gave her a warm empathetic grin, “Sorry baby, but I can’t alter the magic that’s already been put into place, at least I can’t do it too often without screwing up the system I’ve put in place. That being said, you have to keep using your binky, at least for a little while.”

Pouting, the child crossed her arms as she was brought over to the Auto-Nurse crib. She didn’t have much room to move as she was carried by Twilight to the mysterious crib looking contraption. Oddly enough, she hadn’t seen the thing before, probably because the basement was so dim and the swing was in a very crowded corner of the room. How she missed it was beyond her though.

She kept eye contact with Twilight as she was slowly lowered into the plush padding of the crib. To her surprise, she couldn’t move much, at least not with very much velocity. Her actions were slowed down and her movements in general were delayed beyond belief. She actually felt a bit numb.

Worried, she gave Twilight big puppy dog eyes as she pleaded with her to help. She could think of the words, but she wasn’t sure how to sound them out; especially with a pacifier in her mouth. She started tearing up out of panic.

“Shh…” Twilight said, brushing the child’s hair. “You’re perfectly fine sweetie, you just need to relax and let the machine do its work.” She said, before looking at a panel off the side of the crib. The panel showed the inhabitant’s body on screen. Sweetie Belle was perfectly fine aside from minor strain in her bowels.

Smiling, Twilight activated several of the crib’s manual start up features, causing an array of various things to happen. Sweetie Belle’s outfit was changed from that of a normal cotton onesie to a fuzzy set of footie pajamas of the same design. Likewise, she felt her diaper gain just a little more height on her stomach as it grew as well.

“That’s amazing, it really worked!” She said, clapping her hooves together as she took a double take of the child. “I think I might need to help someone use the potty though, unless she wants to do it herself.” The mare said as she skimmed a digital button on the monitor on the tablet’s screen.

The situation was already enough to upset Sweetie Belle, she’d complain but she really couldn’t. She scrunched body together as tight as she could as she pushed furiously against her tummy. She felt the pressure slowly ease off of her as warm mess pushed out the back, spreading across her small backside. She took a deep breath before repeating the cycle again, this time barely able to register the size of her ‘accident’. It all just felt mushy back there.

“Good girl!” Twilight applauded. “I’m so sorry you’re in the situation you’re in, but I promise you’ll get used to it after a while.” She said, walking away from the machine.

Sweetie Belle watched with increasing watery eyes as a small pink curtain was thrown over the open side bars. All of a sudden, the machine sprung out a mechanical tube which quickly found it’s way in front of the child’s face. It was obviously the room’s magic, seeing as the metal appendage had a blue glow to it.

Twilight watched as the Auto-Nurse came fully online, its operations were successful as far as she could tell. Smiling, she grabbed her diaper bag and started heading towards the door. “You know, this all could have been avoided if you just kept you snout out of my business. I would love to help you, but I have research to do about my invention to do now!”

The tube buntzed the pacifier off of Sweetie Belle’s lips and replaced it with a suction cup like nozzle. It made its way into the child’s mouth, pouring lots of brown tasteless goo into her mouth. She tried swallowing it, over and over again, but the stream never stopped.

Her eyes opened wide as she desperately searched for Twilight, but the pink curtains all around the crib denied her from seeing beyond a foot of where she lied. She kicked her hooves as she got a feel for the mess that had filled the seat of her diaper; the smell was really started to bother her and the flow of baby food into her mouth wasn’t helping.

The room’s light went dim as she heard the cellar door open. She could see the natural light vaguely portrayed in the corner of her eye, as well as the voice of her sister’s friend.

“The machine will stop feeding you when you are fully fed. Your next diaper change will be in four hours. After that, the Auto-Nurse will wait in eight hour intervals as to avoid running out of diapers. Sorry I had to set them so far apart, but I didn’t want to spend too much money on diapers before I knew the machine could handle it. Anyway, good luck!” She said, closing the door and leaving the room; taking any extra light with her.

Sweetie Belle felt hot and panicked as she continued to swallow at the cool mush constantly sliding down her throat. It wasn’t so much that she was overwhelmed, but just enough of it was collected at a time so that she had to swallow every few minutes.

She coward where she lied, smelling her accident in its entirety. She stared blankly at the ceiling as she lightly wiggled her hooves as little as she could. Closing her eyes, she groaned. Stupid Nursery.