• Published 1st Mar 2015
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The Magical Mystery Nursery - AlliePastel

Twilight's new SpARK program causes controversy in the lives of many when they're introduced to the Magical Mystery Nursery. (AB/DL Story)

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Fun Fun Fun

It was around midafternoon in the top floor of the Ponyville Fashion Boutique. Two young unicorns were eating away at their last full meal of the day and the last one they’d sure together for quite some time. It was a warm and drawn out meal, with the two discussing their ritual plans for the next week. There was very little room for error when it came to punctuality.

“Well, I’m sure you’ll be able to handle yourself Sweetie Belle. You’re a smart filly and I trust you not to get into danger…” Rarity said, using her magic to levitate a spoon of cake to her mouth. Like her coat, it too was white with the exception of a few accents where the icing was.

Sweetie Belle carefully lifted the spoon with her hoof and dug into the cake. “I don’t see why the fashion expo is so important, it’s not like you’re already over worked as it is!” She spoke scarfing down the piece with a single bite at her spoon.

Rarity rolled her eyes, “It’s quite simple dear! I’m trying to move my excess inventory into a new location, maybe spread my name further past Ponyville. That’s also why Twilight moved her new project into the basement. She needed a room that wasn’t in her castle to test it out and I could always use the extra bits!”

The younger of the two unicorns raised her eyebrow, “Why did Twilight move all that stuff downstairs anyway? Couldn’t she have done it in the castle, with all her other wacky experiments?”

Standing up, the mare levitated the two plates from the table and began strolling over to the sink, attracting the attention of her sister in the process. “I don’t know much about whatever she’s testing Sweetie Belle! All I know is she said she needed the area to be private and ‘cozy’; whatever that means.”

The young filly remained silent as she pondered the potential of her sisters’ friend’s invention. Twilight had spent an awful long time renovating and redecorating her unfurnished basement. At the very least she wanted to see what the place was like, regardless of the actual experiment.

“Rarity, can I-“ She stopped noticing that her big sister had already jumped the gun on leaving the room. It was getting late after all; no wonder she was in such a hurry. “Rarity, can I check out the-“

“No.” Rarity said, levitating her suitcases down the stairwell. She knew her sister was curious already.

“But you don’t know what I was going to-“ The young filly was cut off.

“Buh-buh-buh!” Rarity stopped the filly with a hoof to her muzzle. “You were going to ask if you could check the basement and you can’t. I’m sorry Sweetie Belle, but Twilight paid me good money for the privacy of the basement. If you go down there, she said the under qualified pony might not know how to handle whatever is down there. I don’t want you getting hurt and I don’t want her experiment to go wrong. She'll be back eventually to give it a status update, but unless she gives you the go, you need to stay away from it!”

Sweetie Belle raised a hoof to interject, but Rarity stopped her with a kiss to the cheek. “I love you dear, I’ll be back in a weeks’ time. If anything goes wrong, just get a hold of Twilight or Pinkie Pie!” she heard as her sister bolted out of the door. A loud, “Carriage!” was the last thing she heard from her sister.

Sitting down, she pondered her sister’s words. Of course she was going to check the room out, she could do it without a hitch if she kept her distance. She just had to wait for the right time and the right time was when she knew the coast was clear…


In her room, the young filly rested her head on her pillow. With each passing second, a new burden of loathing and anticipation
overwhelmed her. She really wanted to see her basement; it must be so much neater now. It might even look like a real science lab; it might even be a real science lab.

She checked the time, “Eleven…” she whispered to herself. It was nearly midnight and no pony had come to check on. Her blood warmed with excitement, this was her opportunity to check out Twilight’s experiment without a single repercussion.

Hopping off the bed and unto her shaky hooves, she galloped past the stairwell. “Ooh, right!” she hopped up, hitting the light switch shut on her way out the door. The whole of the boutique was dimly lit, nothing on really but a few nightlights.

On the main show floor, she made her way unto her stage. Most no one who she knew had ever been on the stage. Generally the stage was only used for runway performances. In fact, only Rarity’s closest friends really knew about it, that and maybe the movers she hired to transport the clothes to Manehatten.

The stage floor was rickety with damage; no doubt the movers being reckless. Rather than taking each step lightly, she dashed a crossed the boards, causing a short burst of loud screeches as she went. In an ungraceful fashion, she tripped across the trap door and landed flat on the entrance to the basement.

She stood up and gave the out of place slab of wood a smile. Attempting to lift it up with her hoof, she found out it wouldn’t budge an inch.

“Welcome to Sparkle-Link Experiment #029. Are you a developer or visitor?” A magic hologram popped up out of nowhere.

Sweetie Belle was astounded by the spell; it was like nothing she’d ever seen before. It must have been one of Twilight’s originally formulated ones, seeing as the voice of the hologram was much like her own.

“Visitor…” She said, as a plethora of lights scanned her out of nowhere.

The hologram turned into a Navi like floating ball of light. “Hello. My programming has only been designed for Foals and Adult Ponies. Unless you’d like to decline your assistance in the beta test, I will need to confirm your acceptance as one of the two default options.”

Being too absorbed in the aesthetic aspects of the A.I, Sweetie Belle simply shouted, “Accept?”

The ball pinged. “You have been designated a ‘foal’. Seeing as no predetermined admins are with you, I’m predetermined to assume you want the room fully under my discretion. Note that doing so will eliminate your ability to change the programming and operation

Sweetie Belle pondered the A.I’s words for a moment, “Well, I guess that’s alright. I accept the automated service.”

The light pinged. “Alright, before you begin you will need to confirm a few things. If I ping blue, that means I’m in standard operating mode and am either in the process or have performed one of my protocols. If I turn pink, don’t be alarmed, that’s standard mothering procedure. If I turn green, that means I’m dormant and need to be requested for communication if you need it. If I turn red, that means I’m required to insinuate some form of punishment. Are you alright with these defaults?”

Still baffled and half aware of what she was agreeing to, she remarked a simple “Yes, I agree to those defaults”. She knew she should have been paying more attention, but she was too antsy to see the project.

“Follow me.” The A.I said, sliding open the trap door. Clearly it’d made some minor changes to the entrance.

Sweetie Belle entered the entrance and to her amazement was slowly brought down some newly carpeted stairs. Everything smelled of installation and sanitation. Also, oddly enough foal powder.

The A.I flew down, pinging the child then wrapping itself around her. It slowly strobed, lifting the child several feet in the air as it chimed, “Scans indicate the foal is under clothed, underfed, and out of allowed proximity!”

Sweetie Belle’s eyes went wide as a fraction of the newly furnished basement was show. In the corner of the room she was brought to, there was a metallic changing table with a shine white and gray padding. “What is this place?” She asked, looking around at the pristinely fashioned pink setting as her stomach was restrained to the surface of the table.

“Twilight Sparkle has designated this area as the ‘Nursery Base Floor’”. The Ball of light said, switching it’s use over to various objects around the table. “I regret to inform you my motherly vocal responses haven’t been finalized, so in order to avoid confusion, I’ll be using my default voice.” It said, lifting a bottle of powder and sprinkling it all over the child’s backside. It brought up a puffy diaper and started unfolding it.

“Please, I want out of this. I don’t need diapers and you’re really starting to scare me.” Sweetie Belle asked as her backside was raised in the air. She had no idea what sort of commotion the voice was capable of. It was quite frightening really.

The A.I wrapped the plastic backed diaper’s tapes snuggly around the filly’s waist, “I’ve been instructed to take care of you until the duration of the babysitting period is over.”

“H-how long is that?” Sweetie Belle asked, shifting around under her restraint. She could barely see the little blinking light shine over her belly as glowed a little bit brighter.

“Calculating… Error. No predesignated time frame has been installed for this secession. I simply cannot allow a foal to be left unattended for! The secession will last indefinitely.” It said as it floated elsewhere around the room.

Sweetie Belle gave the ball a curious glance as it flew away, she had no idea if it was looking at it or not. Quietly, she undid the straps restraining her to the table. She hopped off the changing table with as much grace as possible. Tiptoeing to the stairwell, she suddenly hit her snout on an invisible barrier that sealed the exit inescapable.

The blinking light all of a sudden turned around and flew over to Sweetie Belle, “Curiosity will get little foals hurt, it is detrimental that you stay within the nursery perimeters.” It chimed, lifting Sweetie Belle up and carrying her over to a white carpet in the middle of the room.

Looking around the room, Sweetie Belle saw many newly furnished pieces of nursery furniture, as well as a lot of stuff she couldn’t recognize. The room itself was really bright and colored, yet really neat like she’d expect from Twilight. The overall ‘pink’ design of the room was a side she wouldn’t have expected from Twilight though.

“I’ve been instructed to amuse you with any toy necessary while I calculate the right size outfit for you…” The ball said, itemizing a teddy bear in front of the filly. It was apparent to it that Sweetie Belle was definitely focused on something, whether it is the teddy bear or something else didn’t really matter much.

It focused on the child, scanning up and down her body. It took in account the tightness of her neck, the air conditions of the room, and the bulk of the diaper around her waist. “It’s quite apparent that white with purple trim and pink belles would suit you quite nicely.” It said, casting a prerecorded spell, causing a set of hoofie pajamas to appear around the filly.

“What?” The filly questioned, sitting up on her padded backside. “Oh, come on!” She yelled, looking over at the glowing orb. The whole situation felt unnerving up until this point, now she was just mad. She hated hoofie pajamas, she didn’t even like clothes in general.

Standing up, she angrily paced towards the doorway, only to be transported immediately back to the center of the room. “Oh great, you’re acting as full time security around here aren’t you?” She asked the A.I as she ducked behind her newly made teddy bear.

“I’m not allowed foals to leave the pre-determined area of safety, you did leave the predetermined area of safety. I’m only doing my obligations.” It said, flying to another bit of the nursery.

Suddenly, the room revealed itself fully. All the white plastered furniture and sleek chrome finishes made themselves apparent. “I’ve adjusted the room accordingly to your size and motor capabilities.” It said as the room slowly grew in size, “We wouldn’t want you to get uncomfortable now would we?”

“That’s so ironic.” Sweetie Belle said, frowning as she leaned in and squeezed her bear. It grew in size in front of her until it separated her hooves. It looked to be twice her size now. Her eyes widened and she let go of her hug. “Huh? Why is he so big? I can’t even cuddle with that.”

“Nonsense, you can sleep on top of the bear inside your crib. Foals should never have stuffed animals or blankets that they could accidently suffocate under after all.” The glowing blue orb hummed as it lifted Sweetie Belle into the air, along with her stuffed teddy bear.

The filly’s eyes went wide as she was levitated to a fenced off bed that looked a little bit narrower than her own. To her horror, the gates to it were at least twice as tall as she was; there was no getting out of it.

As she was sat down, she immediately noticed how warm the center of the bed was, also how plush it was. She crawled atop the bear and reached her hooves up in the air. In doing so, the only thing she noticed was how warm the chest of her bear was getting; it was warming her backside in fact. “W-what’s going on?” She questioned, taking a jab at her diaper. It clearly wasn’t wet; she’d never have an accident.

The A.I Swung by, diming the nursery’s lights until nothing remained but a faint blue radiance caused by some of the technology. “Shh…” It sounded as it lifted the child and slowly made her hug the bear, stomach down. “The bear is enchanted with the same spell the crib is. Their heat is supposed to warm you, giving you rest with ease. That and the basement has been known to get cold at night and my creator didn’t want any foal to get below typical homeostasis.”

“Mmm…” Sweetie Belle said, barely protesting at the A.I’s magic held her in place. Frowning, she begged as her body naturally relaxed itself, “Please, I don’t wanna go to bed in some dumb nursery.” Her eyes fell heavily as she struggled not to bury her head in the bear’s plush brown chest. The room seemed to blur as her head lowered itself. With nowhere to go, all she could do was out wait the system. She could see a speck of aquatic light blur her vision, then complete darkness took over.


“Good morning foal!” A robotic voice chimed, peeking its head over the crib. It was a new body for the A.I, an allusion it used to simulate a pony’s body. It didn’t really ‘exist’, but it looked like to anyone in the nursery.

“Huh?” Sweetie Belle questioned, lifting her head up from the bear’s chest. It was obviously morning to her, not that it really mattered. Actually was it really morning, it was really hard to tell.

She sat up and slowly wiggled herself off of the bear’s tummy. Looking up, she noticed a robotic looking metallic face staring at her quite excitingly. In fact. She’d never seen such an eager expression. “You’re just the creepy A.I aren’t you; I assume the body is just a robot?”

“Affirmative!” The A.I said, reaching the child up and cradling her close to her chest as she flew back down to the ground. Her body was solid white with a long straight pink main and tail. The cutie mark on its flank was a generic pink heart. Giving the child another perky smile, it stated, “From now on you can me Auntie.”

Looking over the robot’s shoulder, the filly noticed the wings and looking up she noticed the horn. “Are you an alicorn?” She asked as she was gently pressed up against the A.I Pony’s chest again.

“Affirmative, although the robot suit I’m using is just a decoy. I’m still the same SpARC program you saw earlier in the day. I’m just using this hard shell pony apprentice as a way to formularize myself with foals. Under most circumstances, I’d never take the suit off. But seeing as this is the Alpha stage in this projects development, it’s allowed that I brake character in order to perform my routine functions.” The A.I said, flying up and setting the girl in a white wooden seat, similar to the same material the room’s crib was made out of.

Sweetie Belle watched in horror as the seat raised her several feet above the ground. Her diapered tushie and lack of surface tension due to the footie pajamas made it hard for her to sit still. “Hurry, I don’t want to fall…” She said, gripping the armrest.

“Don’t worry. I’m in full control of every magical particle in this room. Anything going on in or around this room, I can intrude in. Please, don’t take the liberality in doing risky things.” The pony said, using it’s magic to drop the tray down, then using the straps to restrain Sweetie’s chest. “After a quick breakfast, I’ll take you down from there and you can have a pleasant session of drinking lactic fluid.”

The filly’s eyebrows puckered as she tried to figure out what was even happening anymore. She’d been in the dim room for who knows how long and she hasn’t had a single moment to herself. How was she supposed to think straight when there was some pony watching over her 24/7.

“Alright…” The A.I Said, walking over to a mini fridge and pulling out two small jars of mush, “I’ve got apple or grape to choose from. My scans on your body also indicate that you’re able to chew dry cereal. I’ll give you a moment to decide. You know, most foals don’t get a chance to choice their food, you’re such a smart foal!” it complimented, giving the child a smile.

Sweetie Belle frowned, wiggling her legs in their separate holes. She looked around at the now decently lit nursery. The beige carpet, the pastel pink walls, the colorful stickers, the color toys, the colorful play mat in the playpen, and the horrifying white wood design that engrossed most of the furniture in the room. It was like a nursery school for one, and she was unfortunately that one.

“Time is over, apple it is.” Auntie said, sending the jar of grape jelly unto the fridge top before turning back towards Sweetie Belle.

Author's Note:

In case you were curious, no this story doesn't have anything to do with the famous Beatles album 'Magical Mystery Tour', I chose it because the name fit well. :twilightsheepish:

As for the editing and the other attributes of the story itself, no I haven't found an editor, yes I have the story planned out to be a few chapters long, and yes I plan on updating it on a regular (7-14) day cycle as always.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! ~Oliver-England :twilightsmile: