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Quiet nights in an empty house has made the timid pony Fluttershy feel a bit vulnerable. With nopony around during the nightly hours, sleeping at home has become a bit frightening. Cadance helps the pegasus out by offering a little bit of pampering to calm the pony down.

(Do not continue reading if you do not approve of diapers or diaper usage. If you do not like it or are under legal age, please do not keep reading.)

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A nice, sweet, and fluffy fanfic. Full of feels. Good job my friend. :twilightsmile:

This is a nice clean a story, compared to your other ones, I would not mind more stories like this, maybe a series where each of the mane 6 is foalsat?

Fluttershy has to be my favorite pony, and i'd say that this story does well to her more... delicate side. The diaper wetting may have been a bit much though. Good job!

I appreciated the hesitancy with which Fluttershy accepted the pampering and her gradual acceptance as the story progressed. While I'm a fan of diaper and age regression fantasies, I find they're mostly all the same and too often emotionally lukewarm due to neglected character motives, so I don't indulge often. This story fits these stereotypes unfortunately.

What made me decide to read anyway was it's decently short length and the pairing you chose (for which I have a soft spot). I was pleased with Fluttershy's voice in this, but, while I came to accept it in the end, I had a little difficulty at first hearing Cadence's tone properly.

There was a lot of focus on Fluttershy's feelings which I found enjoyable, if a little unoriginal. It would have been nice to know what Cadence felt throughout too and why both of them seem to like this type of activity (without adding too much length to the story ideally).

Lastly, you'd do well to get an editor in light of misspellings and grammar errors. A few of your word choices could be improved as well, but overall I say the mistakes are tolerable at the story's current length.

Thanks for the sweet fic. :yay:

4103610 Wow, I must say I really appreciate your critique! You do it quite well and balance out the pros and cons of the story. You also did it in a pleasant manner when talking about the issues you had with the story, remembering that there's a human being who wrote it. I know I'm kind of just critiquing your critique, but a lot of people in the age of the internet think just bluntly pointing out flaws or 'white knighting' is the way to judge these things. So when someone takes the time to make a CONSTRUCTIVE critique, it stands out to me and it's greatly appreciated by me.

Thank you for putting thought and time into your comment and the points you've made have been noted!

4104832 Aww shucks. Well it's just as rare that somebody takes what I feel is one of my harsher critiques so well. We're all here to enjoy ourselves and there's no need to be rude of course but anonymity can unfortunately make jerks out of author and reviewer alike I think, even me sometimes. :twilightblush:

You're a remarkably humble author and have shown you genuinely care about your audience. For that, I'm now eager to read your other stories and I'm encouraged to continue offering my honest opinions to authors across the site with even more consideration for their feelings.

4105385 I'm very aware of the tolls anonymity has on writers and reviewers. Some are convinced that THEY need to point out problems otherwise no one will see them. Others just have a tough time realizing that if you bluntly insult the writer, they won't really take your words into consideration.

What really stood out in your critiquing is that you didn't just point out issues you had with the story, but also what you would have LIKED to see. People seem to forget that last part and just say all the things they hated about something (which in my honest opinion is too easy and too boring.)

Thank you for the words!

4105488 I'm really glad I could be of assistance! My best to you in your future story writing!

I wonder what happened here:

Fluttershy somehow knew Cadance would bring up that night. What started as a simple dinner with just the girls, ended with Fluttershy in diapers and admitting to Cadance that she liked it. She felt like she could trust the alicorn. Trust her enough to tell her one of her deeper secrets.

I really like this little storys. They seem not to much because of the "few" words. But you get them detailed and its exciting to read them. I cant wait to see what you will write next time... maybe something about Rarity? There are not much Storys about her in this situations.

4133216 Thank you kindly for the compliments. They're very much appreciated!

I think Rarity diaper stories are such a...Rarity (ell oh ell) because it's creatively difficult to get such a prim and proper pony to pamper up. At least that's the difficult oxer I need to jump over.

Fluttershy is quiet and can fall under the "still waters run deep" scenario where she can be into just about anything in private. So she's rather easy to write into diapers.

Personally, I find it a bit difficult to conjure up a situation where Rarity ends up in diapers.


True, Rarity will the most difficult pony to write a Diaper Story about.

I have one or two ideas... If you are OK with it, I would send you the ideas via PM.

4133499 I encourage any ideas people have to be sent my way. I can't guarantee that they'll be turned into stories, but ideas can spawn ideas, so you never know.

i'll give this a read. it sounds cute

love a good sweet Fluttershy story. :fluttershysad::heart:

There aren't nearly enough stories about Fluttershy and Cadance, let alone ABDL-related fics. This was all kinds of adorable!

4662027 What's so funny? I'm curious as to what has you laughing.

5080630 Do I Have to tell you why I Find this funny.

5082038 Yes, if you don't mind that is.

Im kinda new to these types of fan fiction.but I found It adorable and very well written.good job /)

I read this a while back, I don't know if its the story or just me that's begging for a sequel or prequel. As a very big fan of regression stories, this one is done perferfectly. :heart:

im 15 still gona read and i like ponies in diapers

Scribe Feather, I challenge you. I want you to write a padded-pony story and I'll write one. We'll both upload them and see who's gets more likes in one month.
Hoof-bump if you want to.
Anypony else can, message me if you want to join the challenge.
Scribe Feather, I'm challenging you because I love this story. I think you'd be good at writing one against me.

6491732 well I'm flattered to hear my story's still sparking an interest, but sadly I will have to turn down your challenge.

It would be interesting to see who could write the story that attracts the most traffic, but unfortunately you caught me at a rather busy time. Most of my writing time will be taken up by commissions, which I always try to keep at top priority. After those, I'm afraid I won't have much motivation left to put forth a good enough effort to challenge your writings. If I were to write a story for this, it would be over a much longer amount of time.

So I thank you for the offer. Your timing was just a bit ill placed. I'll have to consider your challenge when my schedule is not as filled as it is now.

6497893 Well, pm me w=if you get the time to accept my challenge, or, anypony/griffin/hippogriff (Silver Quill, I'm looking at you!)/ human who might see this reply if you accept it.
I'm still gonna write an AB/DL themed story, eventually. I do have a whole list of things that I do, like play clarinet, do science and schtuff. Keep up a social life or other shenanigans, not to mention work on a secret project based on mlp that'll probably come out next year that's based around my OC and a few other things *cough* *cough* an epic pmv of different songs remixed that'll be like twenty minutes long and glorious :raritywink:*cough* *cough*
But really, even if it's not about the weird but kindda' cool AB/DL community/ theme, pm me, I'll be more than happy to do a battle of the typing and posting. *cracks knuckles* any challenge accepted *loads steampunk'ed .44 magnum*.

Aaaaaawwww cutieshy cutie+Fluttershy .

I am rather curious to the back story to this. Meaning the story of how Cadance found out about Flutters. and How she (Cadance) decided to Foalsit Flutters

this is so pure ♡

Comment posted by Frasse deleted Dec 10th, 2019

Hello, I am the ABDL of Chinese cartoon fan MLP. I like this story very much. Please allow me to translate it into Chinese and reprint it to the following website

You probably do not need to ask permission. The author is literally dead (no, I did not use the word “literally” wrongly).

Are you sure?Why did he commit suicide

If I am going to be honest, I am not sure whether he is truly dead. That suicide note he left could have been fake and he could have only become inactive, but that is unlikely. If you like to, you can read his update here: https://www.furaffinity.net/journals/scribe-feather/

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