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This story is a sequel to π

After Twilight Sparkle made her biggest secret public much earlier than she'd originally planned, the lives of the Element-Bearers and their closest friends somehow managed to become even more complicated than they already were. Yet despite the flurry of all of the added activity this brings, Princess Celestia decides to undertake a particularly ambitious project: the reformation of Discord. She delegates the task to Penumbra Noctis, who, more than anypony else, can empathize with the draconequus' situation, and who is therefore best suited to showing Discord the magic of friendship. On the surface, it's a very reasonable plan.

Unfortunately, Discord has never had much patience for reason.

This is the fifth and final story in The Petriculture Cycle. Reading the first four stories, which begin here, is highly recommended.

Artwork by Page Turner. TV Tropes page by an unknown number of anonymous persons on the internet.

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This story looks lonely. I'm going to "like" it.

and now, the fun REALLY begins.

Aaahh! It's here!
Discord seems a lot more bitter than in the show, it's a nice touch to see a seed of villainous in a character which I'm now used to reading as Chaotic Neutral.
Also, I'm intrigued as hell to find out just what you have planned for Trixie
Thumb'd, Fav'd and waiting :raritywink:

Five bits that Discord tries to force laughter on her first, only to be shouted down by Applejack.
Also, this.

What a rebel! Starting with chapter 10 instead of chapter 1. :rainbowlaugh:

Counting down the chapters instead of up, perhaps? Still, very nice and followed.

He delights in turning reason on its head.

Meh. So Do I.

Your Discord is quite insightful. And incisive. You make your villains a bit more competent and hardcore than you'd find in the actual show, but it fits your tone.

And now we have Trixie entering the cave of wonders. I wonder how she'll play into all this... Is there a magic lamp with a wish-granting djinn inside?

As if Discord wasn't going to be enough of a problem, Trixie's unearthed something...
Can't wait for chapter 9 :pinkiehappy:

I hope this involves changelings. I immediately thought of changelings when you mentioned the Badlands.
Now I want a changeling emoticon...

Kwakerjak strikes again!
Great first part, definitely on par with you other stuff.

and possibly one of my favorite authors on this site adds another story to one of the est series I have ever read in a fan fiction.

On a more constructive note than before (2611795), I think the start of the first chapter has too much recapping. It's probably fair to assume that a lot of readers wouldn't have read the prequels, but even given that, I think you go into too much depth regarding what happened previously. I would recommend editing that part to make it shorter.

aaaand featured!

Kudos, Kwakerjak. :moustache:

The final story of the Petriculture Cycle.


I can't help but wonder if the next chapter will be number nine, eleven, or fish...

In any case, this looks much more promising than "Keep Calm and Flutter On." Though Penumbra's challenge seems a bit too easy for someone proven capable of complete mental domination. I suppose her own imaginary nature would offer some resistance, though...
Also, Trixie's clearly stumbled upon something everyone is going to wish she hadn't, especially her. I look forward to seeing precisely what.

Eagerly looking forward to more, especially how Discord makes the grumpiest grump to ever grump laugh.

Great beginning chapter!:pinkiehappy: I like how you address all the flaws that the plan of the show had. Seriously? Become Discord's friend? That was the master plan to reform Discord. A being who's name "literally" means conflict and strife between people (ponies).:facehoof:

I'm left wondering exactly how Penumbra's plan to make her smile would work. Perhaps something that has to do with the process to make her laugh? Also wondering on what's happening with Trixie. I have a hypothesis but let's see what happens next chapter before I commit.

Can't wait to see the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

I say reverse reverse psychology down to one, which is exactly where it begins.

Excuse me while I sit here and squeal like an exited schoolgirl for a few minutes :heart:

(like'd fav'd etc.)

Chapter 10? How confusing.

Anyway, It is awesome to see the Petriculture series continued!

Dang, Discord sure isn't pulling any conversational punches.

Sure, the draconequus was much bigger and more powerful than he was, but if standing up to bullies wasn’t part of the Noble Dragon Code, then he was going to write up a new index card and add it as soon as he got home.

Noble Dragon Spike is so great. As much as that episode was mostly meh, it did have some good points.

Nice thinking Pinkie, but that's really to be expected with this rendition of her.

Oh Trixie, just what are you up to?

Considering that Penumbra is such a stoic figure, even Discord is going to be taxed to his limits trying to make her laugh.

Though, I notice that Discord didn't mention exactly who Penumbra used to be. Did Celestia not tell him? If so, it'll make things more interesting when he finds out.

The start of another epic tale begins. Or ends. Maybe both. Yeah, I'll go with that. :pinkiehappy:

Apart from a few minor errors (mostly dropped words), this looks to be a worthy edition to the cycle.

I wonder how long it will take before Discord tries a feather to the barrel. I'm guessing that's considered cheating, though. :rainbowlaugh:

It seems that The Great and Powerful Trixie will be playing an important role. Is Chrysalis getting a new advisor, perhaps?

"...and something tells me he’d like nothing more than to find out which one of us is actually more powerful.”

Guilty as charged. :twilightsheepish: Oh, wait, Pinkie was talking about Discord, wasn't she? :derpytongue2:

I think I speak for all of us when I say that the one person who disliked this can go fornicate himself with an iron stick.

I've been waiting for this...

2616933 dude that's cold :ajbemused: they should do it with a hot iron stick instead:pinkiehappy:

It's the final countdown!
I look forward to what antics Discord will get up to trying to get Pennyto laugh.

I add my voice to the cacophany of encouragement.

The... final story? :raritycry:

Since you're kind of paralleling it with events from S3 right now, what about S4? You might want to keep the possibility in mind.

...or is this going to be "final" like Know Your Mare is "complete"? :rainbowlaugh:

2618213 - It's the last one that I intend to write, but I do plan on assisting and encouraging others who want to continue it. In fact, it's being written with those persons in mind.

Just caught up on the whole series and I'm enjoying this so far. Your Discord is spot on and hilarious. I gotta admit though after I read Perticulture this is not how I expected the series to go but it's been fantastic so far.

Welp, can't wait till the bombshell gets dropped and Discord finds out he's dealing with lil' ol Nightmare Moon.

2620199 - He already knows about that.

“Actually,” Discord said as he slithered through the air around the cloudsmith, “she didn’t even try to hide it. She told me that I’d be able to relate to you, since you’re a reformed imaginary jerk, too.”

2619171 - Trust me, this isn't how I expected things to go after I finished Petriculture either.

New Petriculture cycle? Favourite button? Yes Please!

Comment posted by Harwick deleted May 24th, 2013

I'm just going to say that I saw this coming, not that I'm upset or anything. I'm actually excited. I await the next chapter.

...I, for one, am VERY interested to see how this turns out. For one, Penumbra laugh is gunna be interesting...not to mention how Discord will have to dig REAL deep to make that happen. I mean, seriously, for a long time now it's been HIMSELF he's been amusing, understanding and bringing joy to others, released in a laugh, of all things, will take a metric TON of character development to do...and that's if he even gets a laugh from that method. In all honesty, I can see the Laugh from Penumbra being equally contemptible in terms of laughter, technically a victory for Discord, but something that shows he's failed his task in the spirit it was intended. Something, I'd bet, would rankle the guy to no end!

And then there is Trixie...I REALLY want to see where this is going. Plus, I've always had a soft spot for the showmare. I'd love to see this bring some much needed growth in her character.

Indeed, only a few months ago, she had been a little too much like them for her own good, as she had begun her existence not as a foal, but as Princess Luna’s paranoid vision of a power-mad Celestia who had manifested into the real world by some still-unknown means. In this new form, she’d corrupted Luna into becoming Nightmare Moon, and a little over a thousand years later, she nearly repeated the feat with Twilight Sparkle. Fortunately for all involved, Pinkie Pie (who was a being of similar nature to Penumbra, having once been Twilight’s imaginary friend) had not only put an end to this insanity, she had found a means to rehabilitate the Nightmare by taking on most of her earth pony magic and giving Twilight most of her unicorn magic.

Exposition dump, much? That's a pretty impressive summary.

How come I only see chapter 10??

2629640 - Because it's the only one I've written so far.

Well ...make sence! Your not pinkie:flutterrage:

This is a story centered around Discord.

Think about it. :raritywink:

Comment posted by TheGreatEater deleted May 30th, 2013
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