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Changed my name cus, I found out that I love ravens. And I got a new main OC

The reson why I have followers

Welcome to my page

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FanFiction: RavenFire2908

DeviantArt: GreenFire2908

I am a lot on FanFiction now, and I am starting New stories there. I will also upload stories there from here and maybe I finish them there. You should check it out if you want to read more of my stuff.


You noticed, I know it! · 1:42pm Sep 19th, 2015

Many of you probably noticed, that I haven't been here for a while. Yeah, I have been literally been out of ideas. I tried to update a story, but I can't. I have been on FanFiction(Same name: GreenFire2908) to get out another story that has been on my mind. I will probably be over there more often, but I am trying to update the stories here.

I also have been having a hard time, I started on art school. Yay! I have been busy testing my drawing skills.

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Applejack is best pony! :heart:

1940771 If you want to edit so, have I already found two to help...

Eep.... What's the password word for your new latest story?:raritywink:

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