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As Nightmare Moon is defeated Twilight Sparkle gains an unexpected surprise, a foal! Just who is the second parent(s) to the foal and how will she adjust to being an unexpected mother? And just how will this effect the others.

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About to read

I expect a original story not nyx

3711348 I assure you, this is NOT a Nyx story.

why everyone make nightmare moon fillies before me?

3714903 Don't know, it just happens I guess.

not bad, not bad at all

interesting turn of events here

3719226 I'm glad your liking the story so far. The next chapter may take me a while as it's a very long chapter to get done and published.:facehoof:

this is very VERY eerile similar to a story i read and follow

A large portion of this chapter is almost word for word the same as ( Mothers, by KnightMysterio ). To the point of looking like a cut and paste with name changes. Anything to say about that?

Interesting. I see a lot of similarities to a story that I've written.

Including some direct rips.

You've changed a few details, but the latter part of this story is essentially Mothers. Which I wrote.

Any comments?

i am glad that Scootaloo has a family now and i got a question who Scootaloo second caretaker since Rainbow Dash is her Mother now

Haiku fu review:

Her spirit renew
Rising to the heaven’s view
Kiss the sun’s bright bloom


I would delete this chapter and rewrite it compleatly. This is basically word for word a story I've read. I thing this story is good so I won't report you today, but if you have not changed it by tomarrow I will.

I can't see the new chapter :(

What happened? What story? :rainbowhuh:

i forgive you and ok

3767512 There was an issue with Ch. 6. I'm trying hard to correct that now.

Has it been said that if one put enough chimpanzees in front of typewriters, they would reproduce the works of Shakespeare? I figure a few ways things happen. Pure serendipity is one, then there is reading a piece and then forgetting it except in the unconscious where it bubbles up under the guise of original thought. Both of these are somewhat innocent of malice and should receive tolerant badinage with a dose of "meh". ☺ Then there are the baldfaced thieves and plagiarizers who deserve punishment. The great question is, how to tell the difference.

☺☺☺☺☺☺Well. Your text leads me to think that it was unintentional and I say "Go ahead and rewrite, but, keep writing and "Damn the torpedoes"". ☺☺☺☺☺☺

i like this story, but i do find it hard to believe you wrote it all on your own. It was, i would estimate 95% word for word from the story "mothers" the plot, the wording, even the sequence of events.

3768222 I am trying to rewrite the story as best I can and sadly, I have no torpedoes to damn.:ajsleepy: I did however have typewriting monkeys but Fluttershy took them away. Something about needing a good talking to.

3768349 :fluttercry: Okay ouch, 95%, that's a bit harsh but... insightful. As i stated before I am working on a rewrite of this chapter and hope it to be better than the chapter it was.

3768328 3767560 Thank you both for forgiving me, it greatly renewed my spirits to know there are good people out there that can be as kind as Fluttershy in the world. This chapter will be rewritten and reposed along with another chapter once I am done.

3773957 Your welcome :pinkiehappy: and ok

3773957 I may be willing to edit this story, as I am not related to you as a friend (just yet) I can give a pretty good Nazi insight... But I am writing a fimfic of my own, as well and I have yet to enjoy the pleasure of reading this story. I will read this tomorrow and message you my decision if that is ok.

3783401 That's perfectly fine. Thank you and good luck on your story.

3783521 and I say that because im in need of an editor as well tehehe

3783543 :facehoof: Finding editors does seem to be a problem... sometimes.:twilightsmile:

was that a reference to friendship is witchcraft i saw?

I really hate to do this but the Rarity/Fluttershy section is copied word for word from another story I have read. I think its called Green. You should fix this

After a few tense moments Fluttershy finally sipped her tea, nervously, but it was a good sign, she hoped. “Well… yes, I… I am, I’m part dragon. My…my father is a dragon.
watch from 8:40

3786979 I'll double check this. I don't believe so but if so I will correct this immediately.

Edit: Okay I can see similarities, but I can assure you that no they are not word for word from the story Green. However I will have my editors double check this for me.

3787239 just thought id let you know before someone else did

Comment posted by PrincessDashie deleted Jan 14th, 2014
Comment posted by Alicornian deleted Jan 14th, 2014
Comment posted by PrincessDashie deleted Jan 14th, 2014

Well that escalated quickly...

let me get the info straight from this chapter:
1. Firefly is actually Celestia (if i read that right)
2. Rainbow may be Celestia's kid (again if I read that right)
3. If 1 and 2 are correct then Twi's foal is not only the granddaughter of Celestia but also her niece seeing as Luna is a co-parent
4. if 3 is correct then that is some fucked up shit there

3809751 you confuse me i think i must read to understand you

Im still confused but i guess it is some messed up stuff but you gotta admit it explains why dashies main is the same color as celestiqas only much much richer and darker

i didn't expect twi would get pregnant with moon. i thought she'd just find a foal moon on a return visit to the castle or just laying on her bed when she got home from the summer sun party

I'm surprised no one else has commented on this chapter yet

i liked this. i was well paced in my opinion and twilight's not understanding was rather humorous.

the fact that the other five of the mane six were involved in her being pregnant was a surprise though. i knew Luna sort of had a role because of nightmare moon, but the others took me by surprise.

i liked this a lot, though the sudden turn into mac's past threw me off a little. i assume it had a really important purpose.

that was nice and very well done... but those last few words worry me:fluttershysad:

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