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Just your average british lad. I write things for a living. It’s the strangest living you’ll ever find, second only to my inability to take myself off of the grid.


Applebloom and the CMC have absolutely had it up to here with DT and SS. So after reaching breaking point, the 3 fillies decide to do something about this madness once and for all. So they go all out on Diamond Tiara and she gets the blame and the demotion, whilst Silver's true, kind nature is revealed. But the next day, to everpony's surprise. DT and SS have been turned into foals, and their caretaker? Applebloom. God knows how this is going to end.

WARNING!!!! THIS MESSAGE COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE!!!!: This story does contain Age-Regression, Breastfeeding, Diapers and other Foalish things. If this disturbs you in any physical and/or mental way, abort this page now!!! Please do not try to immitate any of the events you read in this fic at home. You have been warned.

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"Of course, Silver. It doesn't matter what ya did to us before, as long as yer blank and have apologized, you're more than welcome to join the crusaders."

ah ha the truth comes out. "As long as your BLANK." now we know why :twistnerd: was excluded from AB's circle of friends.

well it's not clear who is speaking, accept the accent. I gotta say I nearly puked cause Silver's exchange and forgiveness with the CMC was so abrupt and saccharine :pinkiesick:

but this is an ultra ubber cute foal SS and DT fic so I'll let that horrible rushed reconciliation slide.

so is AB a mare now then? Looking forward to more. I ship DT and SS as lovers but sisters sounds really adorable!:yay:


Is AB going to be the one breastfeeding? :rainbowderp:

Please do not try to immitate any of the events you read in this fic at home. You have been warned

Oh god I'd love to see someone actually try this. :twilightoops: Also, you forgot the period at the end of that last sentence.

Not bad but you need an editor, and Apple Bloom should've gotten into trouble for fighting. This is intresting, and has potential, so I'll follow it. Hope you won't disappoint. :eeyup:

>Story synopsis

Please feel free to come back when you can English better.


I'm not an artist unfortunately.

And by the way, Night--Mist had a fic called A Miscalculation Gone Cute and he got the pic later and from someone else i might add.

still a very sweet masterpieces with my prefer pony, I'll follow. I hope Babs is coming,


Seems kind of weird that a filly like Apple Bloom could breast feed. :twilightoops:

3692251 Just remember that this is an alternate reality AR fic.

Much similar to Sisters Of Magic by Night--Mist.

So expect the unexpected (Besides age differences of course)

3693352 True, but still, Apple Bloom's not a fully grown pony so her being able to breastfeed implies something.

So it seems that all of the CMC are somehow aged up. As if by magic. Something smells fishy. :trixieshiftright:

That was just toooooo cute! AB is a good moma.:twilightsmile:

makes me wonder. do you have to mark it as mature if just breast feeding? Some ponies can be such babies about that sort of thing.:duck:

"Batponies. Myth? Or Reality?"

I think we know the answer to that by now.:raritywink:

"It wasn't because of my youthful state. It was the fact that little Diamond and Silver over there were about my age and making wise-cracking comments on my childhood form being unable to use magic."

"Oh, THAT nightmare." Applebloom said as she wrapped her hoof around Sweetie's shoulder to give her some comfort, "Don't worry about it, we've all had that nightmare before at least once."

Uh I pretty sure only Louis Griffon has dreams that her kid is out to get her.:applecry:

Glad the story unfolds, it is great and babs and inside is cool. :pinkiehappy::heart:

But one thing I do not understand, what's the "Marefia" mafia of Equestria? :rainbowhuh:

Thank you to light my lantern :scootangel:

Babs might just end up staying in Ponyville with what's happened. Apple Bloom certainly can't raise Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon on her own. :pinkiegasp:

Wow you've been making alot of regression stories lately I'm liking it and I'm liking this story, keep working hard my friend.:pinkiehappy:

Hah take that Diamond revenge is a dish best served cute.:trixieshiftleft: (I should use that line in my story)

Now that Babs is part of happy family the adorableness is just going to get better and better. :rainbowkiss:

when will the next chapter come out?

"Howsefeathews." Diamond said as Applebloom came closer to them both.

I can just picture the little piglet sitting on her flank, crossing her fore hooves and pouting daaaaaaw!:duck:

Scootaloo saw another picnic once she arrived at the top of the hill and returned the pink pony to its owner.

Owner is so not the word to describe a parent or guardian to a foal.:facehoof:

"Then that means." Applebloom hung her head, "The burden of Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon is on my hooves now. Since Big Mac never leaves his post until satisfied."

Hold up! I thought AB was the adopted mother. So all that is changed is she will have to manage both her foals and the farm some how.:facehoof:

"Breastfeeding? I thought you needed to have a womb for that sorta thing." Babs said, looking a little confused.

Oh my, what is Babs a tranny? No i think you mean something like "I thought youse needed to have a foal, for that sorta thing." as in be pregnant. Babs has a womb (I assume, her being a mare) she just isn't using the space currently.:twilightsheepish:

She was kept sucking until she fell asleep. Diamond quickly followed suit and the two of them were next to each other, sucking on their hooves at they napped on the floor.


"Aww, weawwy?" Diamond said as Applebloom tucked them in.
"Ah'm afraid so, girls. but don't be sad just because one day is over." Applebloom reassured them,

this is really confusing. AB seems to have directly answered Diamond but according to you they can't understand the foals. I mean we can understand all the baby talk you put so much effort into, so what do Babs and AB hear? Baby Talk, or nonsensical gibberish that is just noises?

Also real smart Babs. The Mob is after you so what do you do? You put your cousin and her foals in danger by hiding out with them. Real smooth. You should have hid out with Braeburn and Mac in Appaloosa.:facehoof:

I hope this move doesn't come back to bite her in the flank.:twilightsheepish:

Also I can't help but worry for Filthy Rich and Silver's parents, or their daughters' total disregard for them. Do they not even remember they have birth parents?:fluttercry:

Sorry if i am a downer but it is something that needs to be considered:unsuresweetie:. I am writing a similar fic in which Silver Spoon dies after her cutcinera and is apparently reincarnated in the body of a dog in another universe of anthro ponies. She constantly thinks about her mother Fleur Dis Lee and Diamond Tiara whom she just started a romantic relationship with.

When dealing with an AU fic like this, you have to address the memory of those the subjects left behind.:pinkiesad2:

3766455 I don't want to make Babs seem like a full on Brooklynite.

That's how Joey Wheeler's character got ruined in Yu-Gi-Oh.

No comment there. Lets just say not a fan of pineapple head and his rock of destiny :trixieshiftright:

However you are right about the accent. i think I made her WAY to heavy in my "taste of victory" fic. But in my defense I hate canon Babs Seed. Traitor, bully, hypocrite, thug. I have no respect for a person who betrays family, torments that family and then turns on the two people she hung out with and called friends for two or three weeks and then when they come to see her off she threatens them and publicly humiates them.

in all honesty, for the way she kept flip flopping and how sure treated SS and DT in the end I wish the bitch did go over that cliff. Not like it would hurt her any more then it did the CMC.

and you can argue that being bullied made her afraid of DT and SS. up until she gained the upper hoof so to speak. she had nothing to fear and yet she turned on them viscously.

Who was the real villain there? She went above and beyond what Silver and Diamond had done and yet in the end my girls get pushed in the mud. Oh thats fair and just! :twilightangry2:

That is just being a street thug. i didn't even pay attention when she came back for the reunion.

now that said, i do like several fan works of Babs Seed so I don't hate on her whole character just… i think I'm tired.. rambling.:facehoof:

Time paradoxes? Oh-no, I've gone cross eyed. :derpyderp2:

wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff is going on here...but not as confusing as Doctor Who.:derpyderp1:

I honestly don't know how I feel about this chapter.:unsuresweetie:

it does showcase how pathetic their taunts really are.

It's like "The answer, is Blank Flank.. and if that don't work.. use MORE Blank Flank!"

It's like Flight To The Finish
Silver Spoon: "How are we going to stop them? We already called them Blank Flank.":facehoof:

In that moment Silver either demonstrated how-
A. her heart really isn't in the bullying.
B. She just has no imagination beyond what Diamond says (which would make her even more one dimensional):twilightsheepish:

yes it is cute as the other ones :pinkiehappy:

Babs is only making the cuteness even better. :rainbowkiss:

You caught my attention with the warning. The story so far has retained it. Impressive. :moustache:

Ah, how cute. But it might be nice to see Auntie Sweetie Belle and Auntie Scootaloo drop by on occassion for a visit, just to see how Diamond and Silver are doing. :rainbowkiss:

You monster...you spoiled the ending!!!

I love it and yay foalish things from now on

3795825 I'm going with A considering she broke away from Diamond Tiara in "Family Appreciation Day" and didn't approve of Diamond Tiara stealing her milkshake in 'Pinkie Pride". She's just afraid of losing the only friend she has.

Babs had bestowed upon them during the long break I took.

First person :facehoof:

Diamond perked up, "Why shouwd ouw wives be da same owd bwutaw ways odew and odew again?" She asked,

what is that word supposed to be?:twilightsheepish:

and chapter 7 was by far the cutest!:pinkiehappy:

3952268 in foalish English, all Rs and Ls are replaced Ws. That, and I was following Night--Mist's foalish English.

Cutest story ever... Of all time. :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

It's a good story but I would like it more if Silver Spoon was not age-regressed as well since she apologized. Also there is no mention of why Silver Spoon was regressed as well.

4012360 Most of my AR fics focus on multiple AR victims.

Also, I don't want to be lazy and make them both regressed separately.

Hate to admit it but its better then mine but its cute

So your gonna drop the nightmare plot thread that they had with their older selves?

4105606 I have fanfic powers, and as such, I can choose what happens when I write stories, maybe the nightmare will happen for realsies or then again, maybe it won't. My decision, for I AM GOD!

4105781 So it may not "be foalish things from now on"?

4105825 what are you talking about?

It's an AGE regression story, of course there's gonna be foalish things.

This was good.... my question... is there a plot? other than diamond and silver are losing thier memories?

4173454 how helpful... Btw my daughter thinks your stories are really funny. I read them to her(minus the inappropriate parts) she asks for more more more

3953318 its funny actually. You follow night mist, night mist follows super, I follow super, sky follows super, and crystal follows super.... Yet in generalities all writers follow the greatness of InsertAuthorHere. But the reason we all foallow super stallion: he created the foal-a-verse

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