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This story is a side prequel to Little Jewels. (Read that one first.)


When Twilight is given a new spell to practice, she asks her friends to bring some aged stuff for target practice. But when the spell gets out of hand, it turns all of the Mane 6 into foals. They still retain the ability to talk though. What else comes as a surprise is that their new Mamas are Celestia and Luna. I can see things looking up from here.

WARNING!!! THIS IS A FAIR WARNING THAT YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO THIS TIME!!!!! This fic contains Age Regression, Diapers, Breastfeeding, and a slew of other foalish things. Please consult a doctor before consuming this fanfic. Do not read if you cannot stand cuteness and baby ponies. Don't try to imitate the events of this fic at home.


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Pretty good start, but it does seem a bit too convient that Celestia would have a nursery for such an occassion. And unless I'm mistaken Fluttershy wet herself, and yet she was apparently still in her soaked diaper when she was put down for a nap. :twilightoops:

This story is a side prequel to Little Jewels. (Read that one first.)

A link would be nice :twilightoops:

"I'm afwaid not, girws." She hung her head, "I made de speww so powewfuw dat i can't cweate any magic auwa anymowe. I tink de onwy way to get back to ouw pwopew ages again is to stawt aww ovew as foaws again."

Seems like Twilight is giving up quite easily.. I'm good (I mean not the story for me. Reliving your past, and ruining six mares lives is a bit messed up, don't you think?). Thanks for writing though! Ironic that I give up reading it, I know but eh.

Oooh how r ponies in ponyville going to to react to this

Celesta said that only Twilight could counter the spell because she was the one who used the spell, so couldn't she be able to reverse it when she can use magic again or would she not be powerful enough to use it until she is an adult again? But by than would it would be any use to cast it anyway?

Oh my waaagh! This is gonna git so ooken crazy!
You knows, I think they would've taken it more seriously, like really! Krooken ooken mane 6 reverted to foals, but when the Princesses fail to revert them, they just tooken give up!

Blueblood...pretty sure he would find out.

I actually liked this story, it had quite an interesting storyline in my opinion.

The only thing I'd have to disagree with is near the start of the story where it says
' "Oh, is it my turn already?" Fluttershy (BEST PONY) said '
The reason I'd have to dislike that particular part was because of the random ' BEST PONY ' in that line. I'm not against the fact that you think she is the best or anything, it's just the fact that you decided to put it there.

But apart from that, I enjoyed it. I'll make sure to keep an eye on it :twilightsmile:

Good luck with your future chapters and other stories,

Gasp oh my god cuteness overload need DEFIB :pinkiesick: love this what a good idea you had keep this story roling for a long time it'll be a hit i bet you that:yay:

Handling six foals all once? Gotta hand to you Luna, that takes a lot of guts. :eeyup:

.....Blue-blood? I like the idea but i am 70 percent sure....as i have mentioned before....that he will find the mane six foals....

"Girws. Fluttershy said as she snuck out of her crib and moved over to a stuffed animal before hugging it, "Why mope about ouw new fowms? we couwd actuawwy be having foaw fun instead now."

No offense . . . but Isn't it supposed to be "Girws." Fluttershy said as she snuck out of her crib and moved over to a stuffed animal before hugging it.

(Love the story but i just had to point that out.)
Also this chapter gets 5/5 mustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

HNNNNHHG OOOOOH MMMMYYY GOOOOOD MMYYY HHHEEEAAARRRTTT CUTENESS OVERLOAD TIMES 'Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i want one no i need them all toot adorable:yay:

Oh my god....its finally happend....i-i cant believe after all this time writing regression stories like this i have finally crack, welp good night everybody.

(SS Pass out from cutness overload and dies.)

Kit: Nooooo! Who's going to do the next chap of foal adventures! :pinkiegasp:


'A sad foal Rainbow Dash said once her mouth was clear, "My wife is pwetty much ovew now." She hung her head before sneaking the pacifier back into her mouth.'

I thought Dash talks about her wife but then its actually her life...

Silly me..:rainbowlaugh:

"Don't worry yourself too much. The Writer knows what he's doing here, and it would break his heart to make the Foals Of Harmony cry whilst they sleep."

Did you honestly need to make Princess Celestia break the fourth wall? Yeah sure, Pinkie Pie or Discord works fine, but remember, they work on a different level. :facehoof:


Remember the two most important words in the grey box up there

Alternate Universe

3728332 Still that just doesn't seem like something Princess Celestia would say.

Da'awww (Cuiteness inflicts beeding damage on heavys) OW!:fluttershbad:-8 OOO! :fluttershyouch: -11 AAA!! *CRIT -23 MEDIC!!!!

damn only just back from hospital with a new heart and now need to ....go ...back HNNNG ow damn uuuuuuuuuuuugh my heart aaaaaaaagh :pinkiesick: 'yay':yay: so good and nice reference to luna's song there i love that song

I really like this chapter but why doesn't Rarity have dress up in her part of the room?? Its probably the most rarity like toy there is.:applejackunsure:

"It could even put my song, Children Of The Night, to shame."


"Don't worry yourself too much. The Writer knows what he's doing here, and it would break his heart to make the Foals Of Harmony cry whilst they sleep."

She knows! :derpyderp1:

"Tag, Fwuttewshy." She said ass she gently landed a tag on the yellow pegasus foal, not to hard though to make sure she didn't startle her too much.

Typos make me laugh... Anyways good story!

What's happening to Spike during this time?

"20 to 30 years. How long could that be?"

You just jinxed yourself Luna. :facehoof:

scootaloo grown up OW MY BRAIN:applejackconfused: the cutness has been doubled. i like dis:derpytongue2:

3754337 they're all foals again.

What do you think?

i like that fanfic too:pinkiehappy: oh and celestia CANNOT break the fourth wall

3776924 How many times do i need to say this?


Different things than regular Equestria.

sometimes only slightly, sometimes quite radically

As Stewie would say

Waite one sec shouldn't scootaooo have been most concerned about rd also shouldn't the princesses tell the cakes and spike they must be worried sick

3777161 I'll get to that later, right now i have to work with my other AR fics.

Discord wellcome here i thougt you were going to read something else but you took the perfect fic to as the say throw something into the mix

You did the same thing I did.:twilightsmile: age regression is fun also gender swapping.:trollestia:

Hey stallion, he also mentioned you and a crap load of other people.... Not too bad

Comment posted by DGGames deleted Jan 14th, 2014

Honestly, I didn't liked the new addition. I would hame VERY much preffered for the story to continue instead on this, I'm sorry but I have to say it, foolish waste of writing space. Seriously, Discord. Can't you READ THE SINGS AND STAY UOT OF A GOOD STORY INSTEAD OG GOING AHEAD AND RUINING A STORY?! Also, you said Celestia sent you. Yeah, right. Like tartarus, would Auntie Celeste trust YOU, the former, but still propense to, Chaos Lord, with the foal spirits of harmony. If Autnie Celeste ACTUALLY trusted YOU with THEM, then I'm FRIGGING ZEUS!!!

3788063 In all honesty. Something is very wrong here.

At least i'm safe in the comments section

3790231 OF COURSE THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG HERE!!! Discord taking care of the foal spirits of harmony?! Simply OUTRAGEOUS!!! I SWEAR BY CELESTIA AND LUNA, IF HE DOES SOMETHING TO THESE CUTE LITTLE FOALS, THE SO HELP ME GOD I'M GONNA KICK HIS ASS ALL OVER THE PLANET OF EQUS!!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

3791280 same here.

If he ruins my fic now. I swear to Kratos and Rorke. HE'S GONNA BURN IN HELL, WITH SUNSET'S DEMON ADDING INSULT TO INJURY!!!!!:flutterrage:

3791661 Hey. Have you read my OC's biography? Do so, please, and tell me what do you think. Also, if he ruins your story, let's just say that he will have a little "chat" with him, if you know what I mean.


cool the author is in this story now that make this story a lot more awesome :pinkiehappy:

Being transported to your own story. How lucky you are/ :rainbowkiss:

oooooooh i'm sooooooooooooo jealous DAMN YOU REALITY!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

I like it I think I'm gonna do that for my new fowl story I've been workin on :pinkiesmile:

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