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Since the dawn of Equestria (Season 1) There has always been a conflict raging through the land, the conflict of cowpony against higher class.

Somethings about this silly little feud cannot be said, but more so written down on paper.

But not today!

After taking enough abuse from Diamond Tiara, Applebloom gets a very interesting idea going in her little head. A challenge to see who wears the other's style better.

After some encouragement from Silver, Diamond reluctantly accepts said challenge, and gets a new perspective on life. But only for a short time.

The pic comes from Drawfriend Stuff #1162 on Equestria Daily. I had to scroll past a lot of badass Tirek pictures to find this.

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Oh GOD! Someone really has made a Story to this Picture! AWESOME! I have to read it.

Alright, I read it and must say, It's not so bad... but I was a bit hoping, it would more like the idea from the original.

Here is the Original

But I still like it and will read it.

Okay so... first impressions. I'm thoroughly impressed with this premise. And it works to the writer's favor that I know nothing of role reversal stories. My only gripe is, shouldn't Apple Bloom and Diamond's family know about this? For that matter, wouldn't the idea fall onto the guardians to get the fillies out of their comfort zone?

Nah, I'm taking this too seriously. Great start! Can't say I'm gonna follow it due to having a clogged up library of unfinished reads. I will keep it in the read later folder

I wonder how the school will react to this dare...

It seems to me Diamond is much better at the Apple life, while Applebloom seems to be better at the posh life. I'm calling that Applebloom's gonna get her Cutie Mark in being polite and eating octopus.

Aside from Spoon getting a little too close to Apple Bloom seeing stuff repeatedly about new favorite classmate/new best friend, this story is pretty darn good.

Far as the Silver thing goes, it's hints of it here and there. Nothing too distracting.

This story seems pretty solid, I've actually been looking forward to seeing what happens in chapter 3.

Keep it up! Again, super nice work here. A pleasant surprise reading this one, always wanted to read a story based on that picture. I guess I can say you're delivering it quite well. :twilightsmile:

4429586 if you want to, you could give me the Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon Seal Of Approval.

... Is anyone else getting a distinctly creepy vibe from the fact that the Silver family uses memory editors on their kids as a matter of course?

Liking the story so far! Only, do ponies really eat seafood? I don't eat seafood myself, (Not allergic, I just like the taste, smell, look, etc.) but I always thought that it was like meat in a way. :unsuresweetie:

Comment posted by Thi Fernandes deleted May 24th, 2014

Why am I creeped out over the fact that the Silvers use memory erasing technology as refinement sessions? For that matter, why an I mortified over the fact Apple Bloom of all ponies was grinning through her teeth of Diamond Tiara being removed from Silver's memory bank? :pinkiecrazy:

Unless... unless it's a conspiracy by Apple Bloom to overthrow Diamond's role. :pinkiegasp: I mean, think about it! Apple Bloom stated the dare to last a week, if only to win Silver over and make her forget about Diamond with her incredible acting. By learning of the machine however, it sped up the process. Not only that, but she could exploit the machine against her and Diamond's family to forget their names, but keep the memories of a daughter and a young sister. F:yay:k!

The conspiracy' s flawed, but I just wanted to mess with some heads. :rainbowlaugh: That and I'm just...

Taking this too seriously.

"Oh, and ah see ya'll brought somepony ta help ya. Well, it's always a pleasure ta have new faces helpin' out on the farm. Especially since Applebloom spends most of her time off with them there Cutie Mark Crusaders and all."


The refinement session was my favorite part, I could go for a negativity removal session every now and then. :twilightsmile:

"Diamond, I hate to say this, but she has a point here." Silver began as Applebloom stopped issuing a taunt. "If you're not willing to accept a challenge, no doubt she'll tell everypony in class about your cowardice. It's a massive sign of weakness if you don't decide to accept."

"But Silver, I don't think it'd look good on me. Furthermore, everypony would see me walking around in those cowpony clothes, and then, I am finished, done. My reign of manipulation is over, OVER I tell you!" Diamond said as she envisioned the entire thing in her head.

"Then you have a tough decision here, Diamond." Silver sighed deeply as she walked over to Applebloom and Sweetie. "Accept the deal and retain your pride, or refuse and watch as your classmates eat you alive in school tomorrow."

Diamond thought it over in her head. If she accepted, there was a risk of everypony laughing at her in class and ruining her reputation, besides a definite job working on Applebloom's orchard. But if she refused. It would give the Cutie Mark Crusaders the chance to finally put an end to her reign as the princess of the class once and for all. And she sure as hell was not going to give up her pride. Not now, not ever!

Well played Applebloom. Well. PLAYED. And again, i LOVE it when Diamond Troll gets hers.

Haha! The bubbles sound like fun!

Interesting, i look forward to seeing where this goes.

4450059 yeah. Don't know why applejack suddenly started talking about the cmc as if sweetie wasn't there. That was odd.

I was a little shocked to read them eating seafood. I wasn't sure if they do that, it's why I've avoided it in my own fics.

Also, that thing silver's siblings are going through worries me:unsuresweetie:

Well, the refinement session took me off guard... Also, did those butlers just erase diamond from silver's memory? Harsh!

Sweetie then took notice of the time after she shut the door. "Jeez, look at the time. I should be in bed by now."

I think you meant,

Silver then took notice of the time after she shut the door. "Jeez, look at the time. I should be in bed by now."

I look forward to the next chapter. I can't wait to see the other fillies and colts' reactions when they see diamond and apple bloom. That's gonna be hysterical:rainbowlaugh:

Please, please, clean up Applebloom's accent. It's painful to read, and it's the one thing standing in the way of me enjoying this fic.

Diamond and Apple bloom will have so much fun getting teased about their new appearances.:rainbowwild:

4702967 Probably Tirek and Nightmare Moon. They must've been ticked off when they saw how they were insulted. :derpytongue2:

UPDATE! MORE! FREQUENTLY! Hehehehee:pinkiecrazy:

keep this series going i love it!!!:pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh::raritystarry::twilightsmile::yay::scootangel::derpytongue2::ajsmug::trollestia::moustache:

"I'm sure it should be no problem to run the group without you." jeez, scootaloo, that sounded pretty harsh. apple bloom could've been really hurt by that.

this was a good chapter, the only thing i'll nitpick is the numbers in place of letters. sometimes numbers can be put in a story and it fits, but other times it throws things off. i learned that the hard way with We Belong Together, where i constantly used 1 in place of the word one.

Awesome story!!!! The only bad thing is the lack of Scootaloo! lol! :twilightsmile:

I honestly don't like the idea of Diamond joining in the gang, I feel that Silver could end a good friend. Because she is used by Diamond and maybe she secretly want to be friends with the crusaders. But to me Diamond will always be a evil little rich brat! But this story is reaaaallllllyyyy good!!! I can't wait for more! :twilightsmile:


I had the same idea! I picture Sliver Spoon to have a good heart that's block by Diamond Tiara and she WAS the first to clap for Granny Smith anyways so :rainbowhuh:





Memory erasing in it's base form (modification, too) flips me the f:yay:k out. Taking out those memories, even the negative ones, negates any lesson that could have been (or was) learned, resulting in a direct change to the psyche of the individual. In other words, Silver Spoon goes in, Silver Spoon Knockoff comes out.

DT Just Needs Refining and she'd be nice right?

Okay, banish this story to Tartarus. You turned a perfectly good "Diamond Tiara and Applebloom see things through each others eyes and become friends because of it" story and turned it into some twisted sci-fi evil George Orwell 1984 story. We had a nice plot going on with Diamond Tiara doing physical labor and Applebloom seeing what it's like to life high-class. But then you mindrape Silver Spoon and destroy the whole thing.

4906620 if you don't like it, then that's YOUR problem, not mine.

Comment posted by Black-Briar Memery deleted Sep 14th, 2014

Okay everything is great so far. I love the interactions between these 4.

just one small problem. A bet has stakes. Just like breaking character comes with consequences dished out by Silver and Sweetie there should be some reward or punishment for the winner and looser of the bet. And it is also not clearly defined how the bet is won unless one pony just gives up.:facehoof:

"Oh, and if your friend is staying over tonight, would you kindly tell her the rules?" Stardust asked Silver as he kneeled down to her neck. "You wouldn't want to see one of your little friends have a little... Accident, now wouldn't you?"

that should be "Oh, and if your friend is staying over tonight, would you kindly tell her the rules?" Stardust asked Silver as he kneeled down to her neck. "You wouldn't want to see one of your little friends have a little... Accident, now would you?"

and OMG I actually have the head canon for my blog Silver Spoon that she is the daughter of a mob boss from Manehatten. And right now Stardust sounds VERY old school gangster!:pinkiegasp:

Nopony has told Filthy Rich about this, have they?:twilightsheepish:

I love seeing how DT and AB are getting along with their new friends and new lives. i mean REALLY getting along! It's almost too perfect!:yay:

He then tapped on the classmates folder, selected Diamond Tiara, and dragged it over to the bin-shaped icon. The picture disappeared from sight once he let his hoof return. Then he tapped the bin again to empty it, and thus remove Diamond from Silver's memory.

okay that was cruel and kinna ludicrous. Like when Trixie Deleted Pinkie's mouth.:pinkiegasp:

4906620 while i don't feel so strongly about the overall concept of the "refinement sessions" I do agree the the "mind rape" of Silver was WAY too much.:pinkiesad2:

To remove some of the bad traits she picked up from DT is one thing but to remove all memory of her is neither humane nor practical. Diamond isn't just going to disappear. It is just going to confuse the hell out of both Spoon and DT and maybe even Cheerilee.

Only AppleButt will know the truth.:twilightangry2:

4866250 she already has refined herself quite a great deal if you ask me:twilightsmile:

"Hang on. No offense, but shouldn't the Refinement Session have made you forget about Diamond?" Applebloom asked.
"It's meant to remove negative feelings and bad memories." Silver finally gave a full explanation. It means that all I remember about Diamond now is good memories, such as her sleeping over here and seeing what there was to see."

my bad.. please carry on. I'll just shut my face again.:twilightsheepish:

"I'm happy too." Applebloom said as the two walked back upstairs to the corridor to get some time back in the mansion. "We should do this again some other time."
Sweetie then took notice of the time after she shut the door. "Jeez, look at the time. I should be in bed by now."
"You sleep at 9:30 as well?" Applebloom said as she too saw the time on the clock. It clearly read 9:30 PM. "What a coincidence."

I think you mean "SILVER then took notice of the time after she shut the door. "Jeez, look at the time. I should be in bed by now." "

"Nah, that's usually where Diamond would sleep." Silver said as she trotted over and smelled the bed. "Yep, Diamond's musk is still there, she'd go mad if she found out you slept in her territory."

UH I just had a very hilarious :rainbowlaugh: yet unpleasant vision of Diamond marking her territory:twilightsheepish:

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! CAN IT, YOU INSIGNIFICANT IDIOTS!!!" Silver whipped her head up violently and roared at the class at the top of her voice. The fury in her voice was undeniable, Silver was angry at the class for taunting her client. "YOU'VE HAD YOUR LAUGHS FOR TODAY, BUT NOW THE TIME FOR JOKING IS OVER!!!"

GO SILVER Mother Bucking SPOON!:rainbowdetermined2:

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