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Role Reversal - Shadowmane PX-41

After taking enough crap from Diamond Tiara, Applebloom issues a very... Interesting challenge.

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Refinement Session/Payday

Applebloom and Silver finished their lunch and washed it down with a nice glass of water. For some reason, this water tasted a little better than the water that Applebloom was acclimated to, but she didn't notice or mind for that matter. She downed the drink at a reasonable pace and wiped her mouth with the napkin again.

"Thank you, Mother." Silver said as she excused herself from the table and bowed to her mother. "Hopefully you'll extend our gratitude to the butlers."

"Of course, my darling Silver." Lining said as she nuzzled Silver gently and kindly, letting out a motherly chuckle as she did. "Oh, and if Applebloom is staying tonight, show her to her bed."

"Very well. Come on, Applebloom." Silver saw Applebloom getting up from the table, making sure not to mess anything on the table up in any way.

"On the way, can we meet your brother and sister?" Applebloom asked as she and Silver began to walk out of the dining hall. "I'm one for meeting new faces."

Silver looked at the clock on the wall. It read 1:25. "Sure, they've got another 35 minutes until their next Refinement Session, so I guess we could spare some time." Silver looked at Applebloom with a smile.

Silver lead Applebloom out of the dining hall and down a few corridors. A few of the doors were marked but the rest weren't. So Applebloom left the directions all down to Silver.

"This should be it." Silver said as she stopped outside of a special door. It was had a silver door frame and had double doors. The door was a little weird as well, as it had some childish stickers on it. Some of them for colts to view, and the others designed for fillies to enjoy. "Don't mind the stickers, it's a mild side effect of the Refinement Sessions."

Silver then knocked on the doors and then walked through them. Applebloom was once again surprised once she saw the room inside, it was no doubt designed for teenagers by the look of it. There were two beds, one pink, and the other gray.

There were also two other ponies inside the room, no doubt in their teen years. One of them was a unicorn who was playing a game on a TV. From the looks of it, it was shooting aliens until they dropped dead. He had a headset on so that it wasn't blaring. The pony himself had spiky white hair and a Cutie Mark with three silver coins on it.

The other pony, who was a pegasus, was no doubt a female as she was painting the tips of her hooves with a special kind of hoof polish. She two had headphones on, only these ones were connected to a tiny piece of metal. No doubt playing music in her ears. Her hair was poofy and magenta-coloured. Her Cutie Mark had a pony's silhouette in a kind of spotlight, no doubt singing something.

"Applebloom, Meet Silver Coin and Silver Spotlight." Silver said as she pointed the two ponies out. "No doubt Spotlight will see you first, since hoof polishing is shorter than playing a round of Call of Pony Ghosts: Extinction." Silver's logic came into play here. "It usually takes Coin at least an hour to even survive the thing."

"DAMN SEEDERS!!!" Coin yelled into the headset as his character got blitzed by aliens with big yellow sacs on its' back. "Why don't you just take your damn turrets and get out of here!"

"Yeah, he does that a lot. All teenage colts do." Silver said quickly, so that Applebloom wouldn't be intimidated by Coin.

"Oh, Silver. Who's your friend?" Spotlight said as she finished up her last hoof and took of the headphones to talk to her.

"Oh yes." Silver got Applebloom's attention by tapping her shoulder gently. "Applebloom, I want you to meet my big sister, Silver Spotlight."

"Nice to meet you, Silver Spotlight." Applebloom shook hooves with her. "I am Applebloom, one of Silver's acquaintances."

"So, you're gonna be Diamond's replacement?" Spotlight asked.

"Yeah, only for the week though." Applebloom said, reflecting on the time period she announced this morning. Ah should have made it this MONTH. She thought to herself. Oh well, live and learn as they say.

"I see, I just hope you're kinder and more understanding then her." Spotlight said as she threw herself back into her bed. "Diamond Tiara is such a bossy little brat most of the time. I'm surprised Spoony here hasn't broken up with her yet."

"Sis. You know how embarrassed I get when you call me that when company's around." Silver blushed again as Spotlight pulled her into a tight hug.

"DAMNIT!!!" Coin threw his controller into the ground and pulled off his headset. From the looks of it, his character and his allies had been K.I.A. For the umpteenth time. "That's the 3rd time today that's happened! Damn Cryptids!!!"

"What is it about Diamond Tiara that makes you hate her so much?" Applebloom asked the two teens once Coin had calmed down a little and walked over to his sisters.

"Well, she thinks she's the higher power because her father is a little more wealthier than ours." Coin began to explain. "All rich ponies are equal in our eyes, besides Diamond Tiara. She's let the power go to her head in our opinion."

"She claims that her family is the only one that should be rich at all." Spotlight decided to continue now. "That would be so unfair, just to have one family bring in all the bits, leaving the others deep into the dirt, scrounging for jobs and scraps."

"And, the last time Diamond Tiara came over, she cut the power as I was about to win, JUST TO CALL US DOWN FOR DINNER!!!!!" Coin's rage returned as he remembered the filly's evil glare as she fiddled with the power box. "Diamond shouldn't even have a family in my opinion."

"Strange as it would sound from my calm behaviour, I agree with you both." Applebloom said, making sure not to lose her act here. "For some reason, she usually targets me, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. Even though we never did anything to her."

"Interesting." Coin said as he brought a hoof to his chin and sat up on Spotlight's bed. "Can you give us a few examples of Diamond's cruelty? We wanna know what Diamond's been up to away from us."

"Where do I begin?" And with those words, Applebloom began to list every single time that Diamond was a pain in the flank for them. and by every single time, she really meant EVERY single time in the history of her time with her.

"My my, Sweetie. Ya really gave those trees a run fer their apples." Diamond said as she looked at all the barren trees they had bucked together. "How da ya feel?"

"I feel like I bucked the entire orchard." Sweetie was gasping for breath now as she was struggling to lift herself off of the grass after her bucking spree.

"Ta be exact, Sweetie. We bucked HALF a' the orchard." Diamond bucked two more trees with her legs, dropping more and more apples. "Make that a half and two trees."

"That's a lot of trees, I'm not gonna lie." Sweetie said as Applejack and Big Mac finally caught up with the two fillies.

"It sure is, Sweetie." Applejack, who looked like she ran a marathon, was picking up the last of the felled apples. "Ya'll must be pretty hungry after that lil' buckfest. Head on back ta the barn, and we'll see what we can do fer yer hungry bellies."

"Sure, we might as well clock out anyway." Sweetie looked at her children's watch. "It's 2:30 anyways."

"Oh yeah, by the way, don't we get paid fer buckin apples lahke this?" Diamond asked as she followed her company back to the barn.

"Eeyup." Came from Big Mac, instantly and quickly answering Diamond's question.

"But first, ya'll look like ya need a bite ta eat." Applejack said as the company walked through another cluster of trees.

"Sweetie, are ya okay?" Diamond decided to ask. "It looks lahke someone pounded yer legs over and over again with a hammer.

"I'll be fine." Sweetie's hooves were bruised, but she still managed to walk if off, with little winces of pain here and there. "I'm sure Twilight or Zecora can fix me up."

Diamond saw Sweetie starting to struggle with a hill, and time and time again, she saw Sweetie tumbling down to the bottom due to the pain she felt in her hooves. "Ya need some help now?"

"Sure." Sweetie said in a pained voice as Diamond picked her up and placed Sweetie on her back. "Doesn't this hurt, or at least feel heavy to you?"

"Nah, ah deal with heavy lifts all the tahme, all Earth Ponies do." Diamond carried Sweetie all the way back to the farm.

"We're here." Applejack said to the two fillies as she stopped at the barn again and opened the doors. "Just head on inside and we'd be happy ta get ya something ta eat. On the house for all family members and/or hard workers."

"Thanks, Applejack." Diamond said as she walked in, and helped Sweetie to her hooves, making sure to let her down gently, so as not to agitate the bruise again.

Diamond's a lot more caring now. Sweetie Belle thought to herself as Diamond took her seat. And she seems to like it so far. I guess all farmponies feel this way when surrounded by company.

I'm not sure how it did it, but it did. Working on an apple farm is actually... Fun. Diamond thought to herself now, as Sweetie took her seat and let the apples whip up an apple-based feast. I'm still not sure why Applebloom doesn't farm as much. Oh well, it's a mystery for another day, I guess.

"Oh wow." Spotlight and Coin sympathized for Applebloom after she finally finished her list. "Who knew one filly could be pure evil if you gave it a wealthy family?"

"Well, it all happened, and I remember it all like it was yesterday." Applebloom now remembered it all by picturing it in her head. "We were minding our own business, just trying our best with our things, then all of a sudden, Diamond comes in and has to either wreck our fun, pressurize us, or just decide to challenge."

"Well, I'm sure my darling Spoony would never sink that low, right Spoony?" Spotlight asked her little sister with wide eyes.

"To tell you the truth, Diamond has been forcing me into aiding her for months now." Silver hung her head. "But all the times I try to break up with her, she always cuts me off or the Cutie Mark Crusaders come round."

"Oh, Spoony. I can't believe you would even be associated with someone that cruel." Spotlight frowned at her with a really disappointed tone in her voice. "I think it's time for Silver to get a little break from the riches."

"And I know just how to do it." Coin said with a smile on his face as he carried Silver through the air with his magic. "Silver, I think it's high time you started your Refinement Sessions now." He opened a door with his hoof and levitated Silver through it, Spotlight and Applebloom walked through the door behind Coin and his little sister.

"I heard Silver saying something about that earlier, but I never got an explanation." Applebloom said to the two teens as they carried Silver over to a nearby door next to Coin's TV. "What is a Refinement Session?"

"It's basically a special method that Mum and Dad came up with, after they got a special machine from a very generous pony." Coin said as he set Silver down on a mat and turned back to Applebloom.

"We'll actually show you our Refinement Session, seeing as there is a viewing platform above it." Spotlight said as she showed a staircase next to a row of tight together, multi-coloured streamers.

"But I warn you, you may or may not like what you see, but you will be surprised by it." Coin decided to warn Applebloom before she climbed up the stairs. "We'll see you in an hour, Applebloom. Come on, Silver Spoon."

Applebloom climbed the stairs after the three Silvers went through the streamers. First, Coin, followed by Spotlight, and then followed by Spoon.

"I myself have never actually seen a Refinement Session." Silver said to her brother and sister once she stopped in place on a weirdly coloured spot. "I'm actually a little nervous by this."

"Trust me, Silver. If Diamond has given you ideas, this should clear you up a little." Spotlight said as she took her space on another spot that was similar to Silver's. "And who knows, maybe you'll want to keep coming back after it's done."

"Now, Spoon, when the machine starts up, close your eyes and let go of yourself." Coin took the final spot. "It's for your own safety, and to make sure to memory eraser isn't permanent."

"Memory eraser?" Silver said to herself. "What is this machine capable o-" Silver was cut off by a blinding light and the spots beginning to glow.

"Here it comes, Spoony! Get ready!" Spotlight gave Silver the heads-up as a powerful humming sound started up and was getting louder and louder.

"What is this thing?" Silver asked as her eyes were shut.

"It's a little hard to explain, especially at this phase of the process. Just let go of reality and envision yourself as a newborn foal, the machine will take care of the rest." Coin said as he and Spotlight were lifted off of the ground by a powerful electromagnetic force.

Silver decided not to question her teenage brother and sister, they had done this countless times and knew what they were talking about. She let her mind become clouded by foalish thoughts and desires. Sure enough, she too was lifted off of the ground by the same electromagnetic force.

Suddenly, there was a deafening noise, kind of like an explosion. Then, Silver, Spotlight, and Coin were enveloped in a powerful magical field, the magic digging into their flesh and minds like a hailstorm of daggers. While Coin and Spotlight felt content by this, Silver felt like someone was ripping her to shreds. She held her screams back and kept on thinking about foaldom.

Then, all of a sudden, Silver, Coin and Spotlight were thrown upwards by the same force, climbing into a rainbow light, their hair flapping all over the place. Silver let out a light scream before it was silenced by the roaring of the light. The light blinded the three of them, even with their eyes shut. Their heads became light-headed as they turned into digital pixels, pixels which then got assimilated into a computerized glow.

Applebloom was watching the whole thing on a monitor, she saw what was happening to the three Silvers. Then they went pixel and the screen changed. As the screen switched from the light to something else, three giant scientific tubes, filled with a clear blue liquid appeared behind her, each one housing one of the Silvers.

Coin was on the left, Spotlight was on the right, and in the middle of the two tubes, was Silver herself. They were all hooked up by some scientific apparatus, which Applebloom assumed was a life support machine. "This is a Refinement Session?" Applebloom thought to herself, "Doesn't look very fun when you witness it first hand."

Suddenly, Applebloom turned her head and saw a very strange sight. On the TV's screen, was Silver, Coin and Spotlight. From the looks of the screen, the process had turned them into foals. Applebloom was quite confused even more by this. "How are they doing that?" She asked one of the butlers.

"Ah, you see, Mrs Lining purchased a very high-tech machine from a Japonese vendor." The butler gladly explained. "It's the only one of its' kind, as far as we know. It allows ponies to leave their physical bodies and experience foaldom for an hour at a time." He pointed to a massive digital clock which read 1:00:00 and was starting to count down.

"It also enables us to clean through their physical brains and painlessly remove any negative thoughts and bad influences from their minds and memories." Another butler continued with their explanation as she tapped a few buttons on the consoles of the tubes, causing some scientific data to appear. "Once they wake up, their bad intentions and negative influences will be long gone."

"So, does that mean, Silver Spoon is gonna forget about Diamond Tiara?" Applebloom asked, with a little bit of concern in her head.

"Who?" the male butler clearly hadn't met Diamond.

"Miss Diamond Dazzle Tiara, the younger daughter of Mr Rich, one of Master Stardust's business partners." The female butler explained to the male.

"Oh, THAT Diamond Tiara." He said in a realizing tone. "If that is the cause of Miss Spoon's negativity, we'd be more than happy to remove it for her." The male butler tapped the screen on Silver's console a few times, opening up a folder bank. He then tapped on the classmates folder, selected Diamond Tiara, and dragged it over to the bin-shaped icon. The picture disappeared from sight once he let his hoof return. Then he tapped the bin again to empty it, and thus remove Diamond from Silver's memory.

Goodbye, Diamond Tiara. Applebloom thought in her head in a very malicious tone. She then turned her attention to the screen where the three Silvers were playing with Silver Lining, who shared a smile as she did. "If I could ask you something?"

"Sure, go ahead." The female butler replied to Applebloom. "What do you want to ask?"

"Are they really foals?" Applebloom was concerned, and was beginning to wonder if that was a cloning device for the three ponies.

"No, their minds are wandering a digital dimension. What you see on the screen isn't real, but to their minds, it is." The male butler decided to explain this time. "Everything you are seeing, besides Master Coin, Madam Spotlight, and Miss Spoon, is all a digital mirage."

"So, they believe they really are foals playing in a nursery, with a kind mother to care for them?" Applebloom needed final confirmation that it was the truth.

"Exactly, but in actuality, they're lost in a computer world, their grown-up minds locked away in their physical bodies, and given foal minds as a temporary replacement." The female butler finally finished up the explanation.

"You now have three choices to make." Said the male as he walked proceeded with the other consoles, removing bad influences and negativity. "A, you can join them yourselves. B, you can sit on the side and watch them playing. C, you can roam around the manor a little more, see what there is to see."

"Thank you for your time, uhhmmm... Help me out here would you?" Applebloom wanted their names now.

"I'm Crystalline." The female said. "Crystalline Shard."

"And I am Master Right." The male said now. "Master Right Hoof to be precise."

"Well, Crystalline, Right. It was nice to meet you, but I guess I should get my bearing on the mansion a little more." Applebloom walked back down the stairs, out of the teenagers room, and back into the manor. Where she was a free-roaming filly who could do whatever she wanted for the next hour.

"Now then, after mathematical calculations, number of apples over tahme it took. Ah reckon that's a good ten bits each fer yer troubles." Granny Smith hoofed Diamond and Sweetie the money they had earned. "Don't spend it all on candy ya hear?"

"We'll take good care of the money, Granny Smith." Sweetie Belle said as she took her fair share of the bits. "It was nice to work with the Apples.

"A pleasure ta have ya onboard fer the day." Applejack said as she placed some apple fritters into paper bags and hoofed them to Diamond and Sweetie. "Take these as well, just in case ya get hungry on yer way ta Rarity's."

"Thanks, Applejack. Ah look forward ta stuffing mah face full of these here things." Diamond said as she and Sweetie began to walk to Rarity's shop for the night. Never thought I'd be saying that in my life.

Diamond and Sweetie then walked back to Carousel Boutique for the night. All the while sharing stories that interested the other.

"And then Button screamed as I leapt out at him right from under his nose. It was hilarious." Sweetie said to Diamond, sharing a story about Button Mash no doubt. "He's so cute when he gets surprised."

"So, how often do ya like ta ambush Button?" Diamond asked as she walked through the grass, not even caring about the cleanness of her hooves anymore.

"I usually try to find him on the maps, but he's good at hiding away like the mole he is." Sweetie explained as she took a seat on the nearby bench. "It's like he's played those games forever."

"Don't get me wrong on this, but ah think Button's Cutie Mark is gonna be related ta video games in some way." Diamond predicted to Sweetie. "He spends most a' his time on the durn things."

"Yeah." Sweetie Belle hung her head a little. "I just wish he'd come out of his shell and meet the other ponies in Ponyville a little more."

"So. Sweetie, ya ever wonder why work is so fun?" Diamond decided to ask. "Ah mean, ah know ya work fer yer sister, Rarity, but why?"

"Let me let you into a secret of mine." Sweetie Belle said to Diamond as she leapt back down and placed a hoof around Diamond's shoulder. "I usually hate working for Rarity."

"Really?" Diamond was surprised, she always used to think that little sisters took after their big sisters, but until today, she didn't know that wasn't the cast in the slightest. "Then why do you choose to work for her anyways?"

"When I usually have to do unbearable work, I usually make a fun little game out of it." Sweetie explained to Diamond as they neared the boutique. "It not only makes me excited, but it makes me really focused on the task at hand."

"Okay, Sweetie. Ah get what yer trying ta say now." Diamond said as she knocked on the door of Carousel Boutique. "Making games out of anything makes it fun AND bearable."

"Yep, that's the general gist of it." The door opened and Rarity greeted the two fillies and lead them inside.

"So, how was your day at Sweet Apple Acres?" Rarity decided to ask as she led Diamond up to Sweetie's room.

"It was a mighty fine applebucking day fer me." Diamond said as she looked back on Sweetie Belle. "But it took its' toll on poor Sweetie Belle here, ah thought she'd break her legs if she kept on bucking the trees."

"I know how you feel, Diamond. All unicorns and pegasi have problems with bucking with sheer force." Rarity sympathized as she examined Sweetie's bruises. "Usually they can levitate the apples down, or fly up to grab them. But after Applejack enforced that Bucking Only law, it's been harder for us to farm apples without feeling pain."

"Applejack really wants to do it the old-fashioned way, doesn't she?" Sweetie was let out of Rarity's hold and set back onto the ground.

"I know, right. It's like she wants to turn the town into brutishly strong ponies." Rarity spoke in a gossipy style to her younger sister. "Personally, Applejack thinks the ponies of Ponyville need a full workout every week."

"While ah am interested in all this gossipy stuff, ah really need ta see where ah'm sleeping fer the night." Diamond said as the three ponies stopped at the door.

"Right, personally, I'd never let fillies or colts sleep with me, so you'll be sleeping with Sweetie Belle for the week." Rarity opened the door to Sweetie's room. There was a bed, big enough for two ponies by the looks of it. It had a complete satin set, satin sheets, satin pillows, and for supreme softness, satin duvet.

"Welcome to Casa Del Sweetie Belle, oh I'm a poet and didn't know it." Sweetie Belle chuckled on the little rhyme she made then walked over to her bed. "I hope your stay here with me is an enjoyable one."

"I trust it will be." Rarity gave her feedback to Diamond in the hope that she would enjoy sleeping with Sweetie. "I'll leave you two alone now. Welcome to our house, Diamond. I hope you enjoy our company." Rarity then closed the door and walked downstairs, to let the fillies be themselves.

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