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Role Reversal - Shadowmane PX-41

After taking enough crap from Diamond Tiara, Applebloom issues a very... Interesting challenge.

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Settling Into New Territory

Silver and Sweetie parted their ways, taking their "Clients" with them. Silver walked Applebloom down the road to her house, and Sweetie took Diamond to do some volunteer work at Sweet Apple Acres.

"So, since it's gonna be a surprise to Applejack seeing you like this, you'll be sleeping with me for the week." Silver said as she walked through the town with Applebloom behind her. "And if Applejack does ask, tell her you're having a week-long sleepover with me and that you and I went out for a makeover. Okay?"

"Simple, another little charade is no burden for me." Applebloom said, in her most refined voice as she and Silver arrived at their destination.

Silver and Applebloom were at the front lawn of what looked like a three-storey tall mansion. You could tell it was a mansion because it was all done in bricks and had massive double doors. The grass was quite soft and green, something that Applebloom most appreciated. Finally, there were 3 doorsteps from the front door itself. Silver climbed up first, then helped Applebloom up the steps.

"Now, my parents aren't used to letting other fillies and colts stay with them, unless they know I invited them over for a sleepover." Silver said as she placed a hoof on the door handle.

"Oh, I'm sure it would be no problem at all for me to see your family." Applebloom said, keeping a level head and a posh accent, as usual.

"Oh, and if you get lost, don't worry, I have butlers and maps all over the place that would be glad to show you to where you want to go." Silver pushed the doors open with her hoof and led Applebloom inside...

Diamond and Sweetie were climbing the hill to Sweet Apple Acres, where Diamond would be working for the next week. The good news for her, was that she didn't have to sleep here, since Sweetie would be glad to accommodate her.

"Is this journey any farther, Sweetie? Ah think ah'm about ta give out!" Diamond said as she struggled to climb the last stretch.

"You're almost there, Diamond. Just a few inches more aaannnndddd.... We're here." Sweetie and Diamond were now overlooking the barn, the very thing that Sweet Apple Acres recognizable.

Diamond was lead by Sweetie Belle, to a convenient stall next to the front gate, where there was a sign-up sheet, a pen, and Applejack. It also said "Applebucking Volunteers Wanted!" And underneath the big words, in smaller text, it also said, "Will Pay Bits For Satisfactory Work."

"Howdy, Sweetie Belle, it's nice ta see ya came down to volunteer fer work." Applejack greeted Sweetie as she allowed Diamond to stand beside her. "Oh, and ah see ya'll brought somepony ta help ya. Well, it's always a pleasure ta have new faces helpin' out on the farm. Especially since Applebloom spends most of her time off with them there Cutie Mark Crusaders and all."

Applebloom doesn't farm that much? Diamond thought in her head, at least this was the only safe haven where she could speak herself. Interesting, I might have to remember that once this is over.

"Alright, Diamond, just sign your name on the sheet and I'll be glad to help out." Sweetie said as she took the pen and hoofed it to Diamond, who decided to follow her character and accept said pen.

"Wait, hold up a sec. Diamond, as in Diamond Tiara?" Applejack was taken by surprise, she almost didn't recognize Diamond until Sweetie Belle had given it away. "Well, ah honestly didn't expect this ta happen. Ah always thought ya'll were one of them higher-class ponies that think they're better than everyone else."

"Well, ah've had ta change mah tone after yer sister Applebloom issued a dare on us." Diamond said, taking in the country accent and doing her best to copy Applejack's. "Ah admit it ain't very pleasant at the tahme fer me, but ah've had to keep this up, unless Applebloom decides ta overthrow mah position in class."

Applejack was deep in thought now. Applebloom issued a dare? Well, that could very well be one of the reasons why she hasn't come back ta the farm yet. Ah should try ta look fer her, but first things first. Business. Snapping out of her train of thought, Applejack saw Diamond was signing her name on the sheet, closely followed by Sweetie Belle.

"As much as ah'd lahke ta know a little more about yer dare, ya'll did sign up, so I guess I should get ya started on yer work." Applejack lead Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara to the nearest bunch of apple trees. "Come on, be sure ya don't dilly-dally."

And with those words, Diamond's first day of manual labour for money, begun.

Applebloom, meanwhile, was taking in the vastness of Silver Spoon's mansion. The floor and stairs were made out of marble, and the couch had a nice pattern sown on the ends. There were four doors beside the stairs, two on the left, and two on the right. The stairs up lead to a corridor, where more doors awaited, no doubt.

"I know, impressive isn't it?" Silver said as Applebloom was at a loss for words. She'd never been in a mansion this posh-looking, besides the whole Twilight Time issue. But seeing a mansion this nice, gave Applebloom a taste of wonder and excitement, she had the chance to live like this forever. And Silver would be happy to accept her, as long as she could keep her act going for the rest of her life.

"So, I'm sleeping here for the next week?" Applebloom said as she felt the texture of the marble underneath her hooves as she walked. "You have a really nice house here, Silver Spoon."

"I'm glad that you like it." Silver smiled as she lead Applebloom up the stairs and down the corridor, passing a multitude of butlers, all of them loyal to Silver and her family. "Dad usually hates intruders, so I want to make sure he acknowledges your stay here before we continue." They stopped at a door with a wooden everything, besides the handle, which was golden.

"Okay then. I shall try my best to appease your parents with my appearance." Applebloom said, pushing her hoof of her chin in a fancy movement.

Silver opened the door into what looked like a private study. Inside it, were two earth ponies with quite similarly coloured coats of grey. But with different hairstyles. One, who Applebloom assumed was the father, had a smooth black mane and was getting fitted into a tuxedo of sorts. The other, whom Applebloom assumed was Silver's mum had a flowing white mane which had been combed down straight, similar to Twilight's mane.

"Mother, Father." Silver greeted them, bowing in courtesy as she walked inside, as most upper-class ponies would. "I have brought someone over to stay for the week."

"Well, it's nice to see you having company around, my darling Silver. Just as long as they don't mess the place up." The father said as he examined his tux in the mirror, cracking a smile of content.

"Oh, don't be so hard on her, Stardust." The mum said as she stroked Silver's mane and got a good look at the poshly-dressed Applebloom. "Who's your friend, Silver?"

"Mother, this is Applebloom, only she's taken a walk on the posh side." Silver explained as Applebloom and Silver walked deeper into the study to see Silver's dad. "Applebloom, this is Silver Stardust, and Silver Lining." Silver pointed towards the stallion, and then to the mare.

"It is a pleasure to meet the both of you." Applebloom shook hooves with Stardust and then with Lining. "I hope we can get better acquainted over the week to come."

"Wow, Silver, I guess teaching you how to teach Elocution is working after all." Lining nuzzled Silver's neck, causing her to blush. "She's speaking fancy like she's been learning it forever."

"Let's not praise me too much, Mother. As much as I do enjoy praise from my parents, I do have my limits. As does everypony else." Silver said as she walked over to her Stardust. "Oh, Father, I apologize for my lack of attention, I never knew you were wearing a tuxedo for the evening. Going somewhere?"

"Why yes, Silver." He said, in a very refined voice. "I'm discussing some important business with the Riches over in Canterlot tonight, so I won't be making it back for dinner." He said as one of the butlers finished adjusting the tie. "I hope that does not displease you."

"Not in the slightest, Father." Silver bowed kindly as she allowed her dad to walk over to the door.

"Oh, and if your friend is staying over tonight, would you kindly tell her the rules?" Stardust asked Silver as he kneeled down to her neck. "You wouldn't want to see one of your little friends have a little... Accident, now would you?"

"Do not worry about her, Father. I will lead her in the right direction." Silver sounded very serious as she addressed her father.

"Good, now go off and enjoy yourselves. I shall have the butlers create an exquisite meal for you, Applebloom, and Silver Lining."

"But what about Coin and Spotlight?" Silver now started to grow a little concern. "Don't they get anything to eat?"

"Your brother and sister have already eaten, and are having their mandated refinement sessions as we speak." Stardust said as he looked at a watch the butlers had fitted to him. It read '12:39' on the digital face. "At 1 o' clock. Their minds will return to normal, and you can interact with them until their next session."

Silver has a sister and brother? Applebloom threw herself into another train of thought. Interesting. Ah might just have ta visit them after they come out of their, 'Refinement Session'

"Come with me, Silver. You too, Applebloom. We have much to discuss while the butlers make lunch. And I'm sure you two little rascals have so much to talk about." Lining said in a mother's tone. Even though she was an upper-class pony. That didn't stop her from being a kind and friendly mother figure.

"Don't worry about it, Applebloom, I knew this would happen, and as such, I've prepared some special topics for you to discuss to Mother and the butlers." Silver hoofed her a stack of flashcards, which Applebloom proceeded to place into her pocket for safekeeping.

"Well, I guess I could spare some time to talk before we eat." Applebloom said as she was lead by Silver and Lining to a room just outside of the dining room. It had a few couches and fancy knick-knacks, the usual things you would see in a posh pony's waiting room.

"Take a seat, and make yourselves at home." Lining said as Applebloom and Silver galloped over to the couch and took their seats. "We have so much to talk about..."

"Alright, Diamond. Since yer new to workin' on Sweet Apple Acres, ya'll are gonna get to buck the first tree ." Applejack said as she placed the buckets in the appropriate positions under the tree, so they would collect as many apples as possible once Diamond bucked them.

Diamond took a few steps toward the tree before freezing up a little. "Ah've never bucked a tree before." She calmly explained to Applejack before moving closer to the tree again. "And ah'm actually feeling a little nervous."

"If'n yer nervous, don't be. Ah'll show ya how to do it." Applejack got some free space, so she could demonstrate without taking down her own apples. "Just grab the ground with yer front hooves, kick yer back hooves up, and then put all yer strength into them as ya give a mighty applebuck."

"Ah think ah've got it now." Diamond said as she assumed the position, kicked her back hooves up, and smashed them into the tree behind them, causing it to rain apples into the baskets around the tree's base. "Lah'ke that?"

"Eeyup." Applejack said as she began to count the apples that fell in the baskets. "That should be at least one Bit fer yer trouble. But if ya want to, ya'll can buck more for more Bits."

"We'd be glad to, Applejack." Sweetie Belle said as Applejack went off to grab an apple cart, to collect the apples that Diamond had knocked down. "Come on, Diamond. The more trees you buck, the richer you'll get."

This got Diamond thinking. Who knew working on an apple farm could be so profitable? She actually cracked a smile as she walked over to the next buckable tree. Maybe the country style isn't that bad after all.

Sweetie Belle was next, she examined the trees and where the apples were and placed the buckets in the positions where they would collect the most apples. "This should get the most apples."

Sweetie then took up the applebucking stance, kicked up her back hooves, and then applied all the strength her hooves could muster. She had to do it harder to drop the apples, since she was a unicorn. But sure enough, the apples fell, with only a few apples falling onto the ground.

"Nice work, Sweetie." Diamond complimented as Sweetie began to count the apples that did make it into the buckets.

"Thanks, Diamond." Sweetie then turned her attention to the buckets full of apples. "Hmmm... I count at least 60 apples."

"That many?" Diamond's jaw had dropped, a sign of surprise. She knew that Sweet Apple Acres had a lot of apples, but she never expected that many per tree.

"Alright, Applejack can pick up this bunch, while we buck some more apples." Sweetie Belle said as she pointed towards even more apple trees.

"Hmmm, that's a heck of a lotta apple trees. Ya'll think ya can handle it?" Diamond asked as she examined all the trees in the distance.

"If we race each other, we could get down apples a lot faster, as well as have a little fun with it." Sweetie Belle suggested as she looked at all the trees again. "What do you say, Diamond? You wanna race?"

"Hmmm..... Yeah, let's give these trees a buckin' they'll never ferget!" Diamond now grinned, no longer faking excitement. She did like a good competition now and again, and Sweetie's Applebucking Race could give her some excitement during her hours of work..

"Alright then. We'll keep going until we finish at 2:30." Sweetie explained the rules, simple and sweet. "Whoever bucks the most trees and gets the most apples wins!"

"Okay then. Get ready, Sweetie. Three, two, one..." Diamond paused for effect, and to make it a little more exciting when they do go. "GO!!!!!"

As Applejack took the first apples, she saw Diamond and Sweetie racing around the field, bucking trees like no tomorrow, making sure that the buckets were in the right position. It was hard for her to make it out, but she saw the two fillies smiling, and eventually laughing excitedly.

"That Diamond Tiara makes a fantastic apple farmer." Applejack said as she moved the cart over to the second tree and picked all the apples in the buckets. "Ah might just have ta give her part-time job here once she gets a lil' older."

"Brunch is served, Mrs Lining." One of the butlers said as he walked through the far door from where Applebloom and Silver were talking. "Be sure to inform Applebloom and Silver as well."

"Don't worry, Topaz. We heard you the first time." Silver said as she turned to the butler at the door and addressed him politely.

"You know that guy?" Applebloom asked Silver the question in her posh accent.

"Why yes, Applebloom." Silver said nicely and calmly. "I have to know all of my butlers, so I can address and identify each and every one of them."

"Come now, Silver. Let's not keep your dinner waiting." Lining said as she made her way through the door, to a grand dining room, with Applebloom and Silver close behind her.

The dining room was just as magnificent as the rest of the house. A massive room with tall ceilings and lots of room for running around. In the room's center, was a long dining table, with chairs that had ridiculously high backs. There were at least 15 chairs, so if the Silvers had more company dining with them. Applebloom knew that Diamond would have had to have eaten in this dining room at least once.

"Come on, Applebloom. Pick your seat." Silver told her as she stretched her hoof out towards the many chairs situated around said table. Applebloom chose one of the middle chairs, Silver chose the end, one of her favourite spaces, and finally, Lining chose the other end, so she could keep an eye on the both of them.

"Trust me, Applebloom. You're going to love brunch with me and Mother." Silver said happily as the butlers came in with plates of food, the food itself was concealed with fancy silver tops with a handle on the top of each.

The butlers lifted the tops off at the same time, so that everypony didn't have to wait. Silver's dish had something that looked like spaghetti bolognese coated in cheese. Applebloom's dish look an awful lot like calamari, with a side of crab. And finally, Silver Lining had something that looked at lot like fried lobster.

"Silver, Might I ask why you're the only one who doesn't have seafood?" Applebloom asked as she saw Silver tucking into the spaghetti.

"Oh, I'm not that into seafood, to be honest." Silver said with a blush as she saw her mother ripping into the lobster and taking a bite out of the fleshy insides. "It just looks weird, in my opinion."

"Also, I tried getting her to eat seafood, but it turns out that she's allergic to it." Lining said to Applebloom in a gossipy way.

"Mum! You know how embarrassing it is to reveal my dietary needs to company!" Silver said, in a kind of scolding way that sounded very childish.

"Sorry, Silver. I just wanted to tell her." Lining looked at Applebloom as she took a bite of the fried tentacle. "I just hope that she's not allergic as well."

"Mmmmmm, this is great!" Applebloom cracked a smile as she chewed on the tentacle and swallowed the chunks. "Might I ask what's in this?"

"It's a very simple dish, calamari. It's roasted octopus." Lining happily explained as she continued to rip into her meal, as Silver did the same. "It's actually a lot more delicious that the ingredients make it out to be. Especially when you coat it in breadcrumbs."

Applebloom didn't even care that she was eating octopus, she was actually enjoying this. Who knew seafood tasted so delicious? Applebloom began to think again. If this is what the rich love ta eat, Ah might just end up living with Silver. Although, ah wonder, would Diamond find that alright?

She decided not to dwell on it, and instead decided to resume her brunch. Ripping into the crab now, cracking a smile as she chewed up the crab inside.

Applebloom is really making a convincing act. Silver thought as she continued devouring her spaghetti bolognese. Who knew how refined a pony could be under the initial appearance? She saw Applebloom wiping her mouth with a napkin in between bites. If she keeps this up, I'm gonna have a new best friend.

Diamond and Sweetie had bucked at least one quarter of the entire orchard once their race had concluded. And after taking a shot at one final tree, they fell to onto their backs, panting and gasping for breath. Once they got their breath back, they looked at each other and started to laugh.

"Who knew workin' on an apple farm could be so much fun?" Diamond said as she got to her hooves first, then helped Sweetie Belle up. "Ah never knew Applebloom had such a nice place ta call home."

"Yeah. It's such a sweet place she has here." Sweetie Belle said as she and Diamond looked down on the expansive fields full of trees. "And look. We bucked so many trees during that race, that Big Mac had to come in and help as well." Sweetie Belle pointed at Applejack and Big Mac picking up the apples that Sweetie and Diamond bucked during their race.

"Boy howdy, Diamond Tiara and Sweetie Belle did a mighty fine job dropping them apples." Applejack said as she scooped up another bucket and poured the apples into the cart. "Right, Big Mac?"

"Eeyup." Was all he could respond with as he took a multitude of buckets and emptied the contents into his applecart.

Diamond, while tired out, had a surprising urge to buck even more apple trees. She felt like she had so much more strength she wanted to let out. "Sweetie. ah don't really feel like stoppin' now." She said as she began galloping on the spot with enthusiasm. "Ya wanna buck a few more trees?"

Sweetie Belle wanted to say yes, but she felt like she was going to pass out. Applebucking to its' toll on unicorns and pegasi the most. "Sorry, Diamond. I just need a little rest is all. Just give me a few minutes."

"Alright then, you take a load off. Ah've got a heck of a lot more trees that ah wanna make mah mark on." Diamond galloped off happily, leaving a cloud of dust in her path.

"Man, Diamond's really having fun with this." Sweetie watched as Diamond bucked more and more trees, with an insatiable urge to buck them. "I guess Twilight was right, Don't knock something up until you try it."

Sweetie then got her strength back and rejoined Diamond. Together the two started bringing down apple after apple after apple. They knew that the more they bucked, the more Bits they would make. After they bucked ten trees, they were at another hill, which had even more trees at the bottom.

"Ya ready, Sweetie?" Diamond asked as she cracked a smile.

"Ready as I'll ever be, Diamond." Sweetie returned a smile.

The two fillies then looked down on the field of trees and let out their best war cries before galloping down to the field, where even more apple trees would be at their mercy.

Author's Note:

Interesting stuff here. I initially had problems thinking about making up a fictional family for Silver. Especially since most of the other good fics I read did such good family stories.

But I hope you like what I decided to choose for the Silvers, and I hope you enjoy the rest of this fic as well as the rest of your day.

Furthermore, there's some questions that have been raised here. Why does Diamond want nothing more than to Applebuck? And what is this specific 'Refinement Session' that Silver Coin and Silver Spotlight are having? All will be answered next time.

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