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How will cope our favorite group of ponies, when they suddenly are trapped, not in a cage, but in their younger, smaller, and certainly cuter forms??, and what will do a certain trio af not-so-little fillies to avoid any harm while being in this form?,
Time to find out.

a HUGE thank you to TheARAuthor for editing this monster of story.
Edit: [24/09/14] Provisional Cover Art, I don't know if I must cheer for this, but still

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Hm, not bad at all! Everypony is mostly in character, the story premise is somewhat original, and this story has caught my attention! The one major flaw, however, is that there are A LOT of errors. I understand that you already have a proofreader, but, to put it bluntly, he/she could be working harder. Fix it up, and this story will be great.
7.5 out of 10


Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle acted like diamond and silver spoon at the ending. :rainbowhuh::twilightsheepish:

"Well done, tattle-tell," Twilight whispered harshly, glaring at the fearful Fluttershy.
"Sooo not cool Flutters, I thought I could trust you!" Rainbow Dash frowned. The lavender and blue fillies continued their walk with their snouts held high, while the yellow Pegasus trudged alone, with only her tears to accompany her.

:twilightblush: you know? You should add one every Saturday or Sunday.

This is very amusing. :twilightsmile: I hope to see more soon. I LOVE IT!

4451987 :fluttercry: why me? crying. :pinkiehappy: just smile!

5051596 but I didn't say anything sad thoug :fluttercry:

5051945 still sad though I thought they knew she was sensitive. :fluttercry:

I would like to cooperate with u and help u edit your story too.please:pinkiehappy:

5053104 I'll be grateful, maybe you can PM me later so we can talk :pinkiehappy:

Aaah its so adorable. I like how you set up the entire scene with Fluttershy and RD and Twi. Its good to see those two saw the errors of their ways. Twi and RD are quite the trouble makers though which is quite funny. Love this story and if you need another editor don't be scared to ring me up. I love helping out writers. Seriously though this is pretty fantastic.

Chapter 1 Review - Its good, sadly it couldn't catch my attention, and i did find myself skipping parts of it, and having to force myself to go back. I hope the rest of the story wont be like this. The story premise interested me though. and although i feel as though ive read it, i also cringed, and not in a good way.
Chapter 1 Rating - 6/10

i really like this story hope to read more soon:twilightsmile:

5056604 iwas wondering if I could create a cover art for u it u want me to.

Well Diamond Tiara, this is another fine mess your bratiness has created.

Geez, that's incredibly irresponsible of Diamond Tiara to just abandon six fillies. Obviously the spell didn't teach her any sort of common sense. :ajbemused:

4451987 Yeah, that's just mean. They were the ones who thought it was funny to put hot sauce on a muffin. :flutterrage:

Twilight and Rainbow Dash landed in poison joke? They're in big trouble now. :pinkiegasp:

Ugh, I HATED it when my parents would do that to me! "What's the magic wooord?!" "Abracadabra! Now give me the F***ING food!"

5224360 That's where the inspiration comes from...

5224360 YOUR PRofile pic works perfectly with that comment

Poor Fluttershy, you two get back here!:flutterrage:

It was a warm and sunny day in Ponyville; the birds were singing, the sun was shining...

...and Rainbow 085 begin to write cliche beginnings. You know, the usual. :rainbowwild:

"Seriously Scoots... you’re worried about homework? Who are you and what did you do with the real Scootaloo?!"

A stereotypical tomcolt clone. And the writer is keeping the real one in his closet. :trollestia:

"We know that Scoots, it’s just that this will be the first time that you’ve ever actually done something for the school!" Sweetie Belle jibed with a giggle.

Because everypony knows she's not an egghead and has terrible gra...okay boss, are you sure these are jokes? They sound more like insults. No, I'm not implying you're a cynic. You're making me come off as a cynic. Comedy gold?! This is n... okay! Yea... hold on...

Hey Rainbow, you mind if i take this? It's my comedy trainee. Thanks.

You're supposed to be the exp...

I love this story. pleas continue it. ^_^

It was a warm and sunny day in Ponyville; the birds were singing, the sun was shining...

Good morning the sun is shining the tank is clean
That's what I thought when I read that sentence.
Don't judge

Honestly the whole thing between Twilight and Diamond, I kinda wanted to see a Tyler Durden and Lou stand off there:pinkiecrazy:

Tyler:I still don't get it

Lou: *kicks him hard*

Tyler: okay I get it! No wait I lost it.

Note: I do not own fight club or the rights to it, so don't quote me on that

Very, very cute. :raritystarry: I think my favorite aspect is the relationship you have going on between Twi and RD :twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh: Adorable. The fact that you included how much of a recluse Twilight was in Canterlot really ties in well. I hope you come back to this soon, even though I know you must be very busy. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

Good luck. :yay:

5717783 Finding nemo. That was my favorite movie when I was younger

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