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Everypony in Ponyville knows what's up with Scootaloo: why she can't fly, where she lives, why her parents are never seen. Sure, the theories may contradict one another, and some of them are way out there, but everypony knows the truth.

Don't they?

Written for the August 2014 writeoff, "Famous Last Words". Finished 36th out of 51 entries.

Reading by AShadowOfCygnus!

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is she unhappy or happy I'm not sure

36th out of 51 entries


So, basically her parents pissed off someone with access to a time loop spell?

Go, Scootaloo! :ajsmug: Take that, theories!

Wow. Scootaloo pours her heart out and gets the outer limits ending.

Such a sad and tragic tale...

:rainbowlaugh: I'mma go ahead and assume Pinkie is to blame. :pinkiecrazy:


I think you might be right! This could be the work of the mirror pool!

Kovy #9 · Sep 5th, 2014 · · 7 ·

But Fluttershy and bigmac tho

They both show signs that scootaloo might be there child.

• weak flyer

• orange colour

• blond and pink can sorta make lavender mane

Amazing how much difference the littlest things can make. Good to see this posted! :twilightsmile:

Author Interviewer

Glad you approve. :D

Wanderer D

... :pinkiecrazy: I like it.

Author Interviewer

I found this to be a unique story. I liked how you were able to intertwine so many different theories as to Scootaloo's family life and make it all condense into a well-written, intriguing story. Anyway, I enjoyed reading this. Keep up the good work! :twilightsmile:

That's consecutive nights that you've hit me in the feels. One more and I'm gonna have to look for the ref to call for the bell :/

In seriousness, loved it.

I realize your goal was to put down scootaorphan fics, but the ending of this story could be interpreted as Scootaloo having a mental breakdown. The images of her parents that she is seeing are all part of a construct her mind made when they disappeared, died, abandoned her, etc.

Still, a great story nonetheless.

It's interesting to think that no part here seems superfluous, and still the original minific, at the maximum size of 750 words, had less than half as many words. Goes to show how this story really needed some extra breathing space :twilightsmile:

I specially enjoyed the children's voices.

And Rod Serling steps out from behind a curtain and begins to monologue about the Twilight Zone.
Then gets jumped by Lyra.
I want to see this as a cartoon.:pinkiehappy:

Wow.....it's like Rod Serling meets Fairly Odd Parents.......

I have no idea what just happened here. Now I gotta read the whole thing.

I imagine Apple Bloom and Diamond get into fights almost daily. Those two love butting heads so much you'd think they had goat blood in them! :rainbowlaugh:

"What if Princess Celestia was her mother?"

I had a sad. Scootamom reference. :heart:
Don't care if it wasn't, it totally was. End of story. :pinkiesad2:
(It got a little weird with the Luna and Trixie side story. But overall it was much fun.)

Scoot's parents drowned in the Mirror Pool so now copies just continue to come out on their own every sunset.

Apple Bloom's parents are secret agents traveling the world to keep their enemies from knowing they had children.
Apple Bloom's parents died trying to save Diamond Tiara's mom, yet they all fell down the cliff during a freak mud slide.
Apple Bloom's dad is secretly Filthy Rich. AJ is the mom... Or was that AJ and Big Mac are really her parents? Time for a blood test!
Apple Bloom's parents are really Wonderbolts, those stars were actually them flying over the barn.
Apple Bloom's parents were eaten by Timberwolves.

Actually, Apple Bloom darn well nearly confirmed she lost her parents in this fic. I think Diamond really did just want to push her over the edge for the lols. That filly just gets a weird kick of having Apple Bloom chasing her whilst she pokes fun at her till she gets caught and the routine flying of hooves commences. Those two are hopeless. *sigh*

"Like, that's stupid." Diamond Tiara flipped her mane. "Who works more than one job, I mean really?"

That line made me smile.

"What a twist!" :twistnerd:

"The small orange pegasus with the purple hair does not know the pain of being an orphan, that's a fact. Rather, it is how hard the rumors contrast with the truth to the point that she wishes they were true. But instead, she is left surrounded by what others claim she doesn't have to the point excess. . .in the Twilight Zone. . ."

To be honest, when I read the ending. I was dead set on my theory that Scoots was bucking insane! But then again... Literally having that many parents is probably doing that to her. Poor Scootaloo...

"What if she's really a changeling and never had parents to begin with?" Sweetie Belle cheered, leaping up and down.

Goddammit, Sweetie Belle.

"Hey, who wants to guess about Apple Bloom's parents now?"

Somepony was going home with a black eye that afternoon.


Over-all, pretty decent. Didn't like the ending, though. Felt like the start of one of the weirder Doctor Who episodes.

Author Interviewer

If you look back through, there are hints that what's happening is not in Scootaloo's head.

It helps that it was over 1k words when I drafted it initially. :B It's bigger than that now, but still.

I'm glad you liked that DT line. :D

"Hey, who wants to guess about Apple Bloom's parents now?"
Somepony was going home with a black eye that afternoon.

And you thought it was just his color scheme.


.in the Twilight Zone. . ."

:rainbowhuh: "Why is everypony obsessed with Twilight's house these days?"

Scootaloo's like some kind of reverse Batman. 10/10 would read six seasons and a movie.

Time Loop Cascade Failure. Loop crash in 3..

I'm confused... Why are her parents constantly appear inside her house?

4961091 It's just the stress of the day piled up with al of those rumors. Makin her see things. Well, that's my guess at least

Someponies got into the mirror pool, I see.

I liked: the premise of taking the Scootaorphan shtick and putting it on its head. Also, some of the childish banter felt very genuine. And, dat intellectual Truffle Shuffle.

I disliked: not understanding why Scootaloo is so sad at the end.

I didn't understand: how NO ONE in town has seen her parents when there's apparently dozens of copies of them! They'd need to buy food and water, right? And have to make money to feed all those mouths? Was I supposed to just suspend all disbelief about the realities of the story the moment I found out there were a jillion Scootaparents and... oh. Random tag. You win this round...

Author Interviewer

Well played. :D

The why is not important.

No, it's really happening, look again.

Stop ruining things. D:

Then what is important?

Author Interviewer

The situation as it is, and Scootaloo's reaction to it.

Still trying to figure out the multiple parents though.

Author Interviewer

Just accept it. :)

The premise is a little similar. :pinkiesmile: I will read this one too... someday. :twilightblush:

This cleaned up nicely. In its new, longer version, you gave me enough at the end that I wasn't left grasping at straws or trying to figure out if it was all in Scoots' head--even without the A/N, I got it. Nice job building this one up a bit!

4960112 That would of made an awesome chapter. If this wasn't written already.

Actually, it could work. Like making a contract at a store to trade in your old parents for new ones or have more parents than anypony else so she can get more gifts!

I could see that backfiring so badly.

Well that was something...

Sorry can't really accept it.

Author Interviewer

Not every story works for every reader. Thanks for trying, though. :)

I understood the ending before the rewrite and the A/N.

Author Interviewer

OG surrealism hipster

I originally thought that Scootaloo was part of a commune, till I read that last part properly. Got me right in the gut.

I don't get it. Care to explain it to the idiot?

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