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The six Pillars of Equestria have finally returned from a thousand year imprisonment in limbo. So, naturally, the first thing you would do as a legendary hero from a thousand years ago would be to see what's become of the realm.

Knowing that everything might come as a bit of a shock to them, Twilight and her friends each partner up with their respective Pillars, in the hopes that they may ease them back into Equestria and its customs...

Chapters (13)
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Comments ( 85 )

Very good start. Can't wait to see what this will lead to :twilightsmile:

Excellent start, and I really look forward to seeing the many adventures that unfold. I hope you've got plans for Cattail at least, since we know he's one of Meadowbrook's descendants. I can imagine he'll be quite shocked to see his ancestor living and breathing. :pinkiesmile:

I'm guess they all will meet up at the Crystal Empire after their respective journeys with Spike since somepony forgot about him.

wait a sec...pillars...been banished for along time.... OH MY GOD ITS A JOJO REFERENCE!!!!

Interesting beginning, and I love how you used all the Mane Herds' quirks. Can't wait to see what mischief they get into, even if they try not to.


I know it's weird, but this particular possessive doesn't take an apostrophe.

Looking forward to seeing how this goes. :twilightsmile:

Interesting and a good start. Hope to read the nezt chapters

This is a good start. I'm really looking forward to what comes next.

I'm interested in seeing more.

"But you are right. We are lucky to be unicorns."

I hope she doesn't mean that the way it sounds... I guess we'll find out later.

This chapter hit every marker I can see Rarity and Mistmane having.

I can't decide whether or not Applejack and Rock Hoof, or Rainbow Dash and Flash Magnus will have a drink at a local pup. I mean, you know how the to mares like there Apple Cider, so it's hard to decide on that aspect.

But this is your story. You go with what you want. Can't wait to see what surprises you have in the upcoming chapters for all of us. Keep it up.

Nice and enjoyable chapter, I liked the names you made up for the Teas.

Though I wonder what you would call other names for teas?

I did find a tea online that seemed funny yet fitting for being made in respect towards Luna and Celestia, ‘Sun Moon Lake’ Tea Which is a tea made in Taiwan.

This was a great chapter but I'm curious of why you didn't include a part where Cat Tail tells Meadowbrook about being her descendant?

8610719 Cat Tail is revealed to be one of Meadowbrook's descendants. And in the comics, it's revealed that Meadowbrook never had foals before she disappeared, which is how the family legacy was eventually passed down to Cat Tail.

This might sound really bad of me, but I honestly don’t remember that. Was it in the show or was it in the comics or... what?

It was in both the show and the comic, actually.

Then I really need to watch those episodes again...

I'm glad someone pointed this out to you; I was just going to explain that

You've outrun dragons

I love that, coming from the one who scolded a dragon whose eye was bigger than her. :rainbowlaugh:

I just noticed that you didn't include that for some reason.
Or maybe I missed the part where you did.

Either way, I just thought it would add more interest to the chapter is all, it's good without it but still.
Just a thought.

you like egyptian stuff eh, so i bet you got the Assassin's Creed Orgins?

Also i wrote my own Somnambula story, mind checking it out and tell me what you think ?

I’m gonna try getting it for Christmas this year.

Well, I just hope the one with Twilight, Starlight, Sunburst, Starswirl, and Stygian also includes Spike.

I like Assassin's Creed Origins too; it took me off writing for a bit myself. Look forward to the rest.

'Bottoms up' really isn't how you drink tea. Especially not if you pride yourself of being sophisticated.


It's implied that there's still and Emperor in East Equestria, and now a pharaoh in the south? I'm not sure that there are regional rulers like that anymore under Celestia, and even if there are, I sincerely doubt Celestia would allow them to use torture chambers in any capacity.

Well, they're in different parts of Equestria. Not all of it is under Celestia's rule. What would be the fun in an entire continent being ruled by a sun-raising princess? Why not give emperors and pharaohs a chance?

8678708 Considering the ponies of Southern Equestria didn't get A. K. Yearling's books, I'm willing to bet they're not officially under Celestia's jursidiction, they're probably annexed territories like the Crystal Empire. Because technically, Cadence is ruler of the empire, she just happens to have a family connection to Celestia. We don't see a lot of crystal ponies in other parts of Equestria.

I wonder if Ember knows why ponies are living in Iron Ore Outpost now? :rainbowhuh:

Honest truth? Flash Magnus comes across as a touch too informal in his word choice.

Do know there's two Flashes: Flash Sentry and Flash Magnus.

Also still thinking about the Crystal Empire tour?

8707438 I have the headcanon that Flash Sentry is related to Flash Magnus, and that's how he got such a high ranking position in the royal guard at such a young age. At least one fanfic went with the idea that Flash Sentry is Flash Magnus' grandson (kind of think the over 1,000 year gap makes that impossible).

I kinda want to see a pairing with Rockhoof and Applejack together from all this.

I might like to see Flash Magnus meet Flash Sentry and explore the link between them.

I want to see Flash Magnus meet Torch again! How would THAT ancient meeting go a second time? Would Torch still be mad about the storm? XD

Or a chapter focused on just Starlight and Stygian. Two villains (ex villains) talking or exploring. Maybe they could visit Starlight's old village or Thorax for some more ex sorta evil talk.

I thought Clover the Clever was a mare.

So Mistmane becomes the first of the pillars to devulge to the common folk about limbo? Interesting. :eeyup:

Great start. =)

We got four pillar men and three pillar women.

Would Shadowlock, the descendant of Stygian from the comic books, be mentioned in this story?

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