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It's true that the Pillars saved Equestria from many dangerous threats back in their day. And going off of just a select few examples, it seems their routine was always the same: Find a foe, combat it, and banish it to another realm. But Meadowbrook will be the first to tell you that was not always how things panned out. She recalls one particular threat that she approached in a different way; a way that Starswirl didn't approve of at the time. But given what happened to Stygian, perhaps her method was superior after all...

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The story seems pretty good, even though it's a small snipit compared to what I'm used to reading and writing. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised from someone with 50 stories under their belt and a few hundred followers.

This was a good read. I really like the way you wrote Meadowbrook in this story, and her scene in the present with Cattail was handled well too.

Good little short story, and nice to see some insight into what the Pillars may have been like and some of the adventures they may have had in Old Equestria.

Doctors don't like to hurt people. Because they just make more work for themselves by doing that.

8665735 Unless they're the 'Angel of Death' doctors who like torturing and killing people, or the ones that over-prescribe medication to get big kickbacks, and there's the ones that charge for procedures they didn't perform.

People are people. No group is immune to corruption.

Oh they don't, do they? :trollestia:
(but I get the consept)

This is a nice little vignette, but it would be even better if you found a way to not write the majority of it in italics.

This is nice and I agree with Meadowbrook of course, after all swamp fever is a truly horrible disease.

A very nice story that covers a very interesting dilemma for battlefields medics.

Τhe story in general is well-written in my opinion,and that refrence to Catrina was awesomeXD,and...the title itself literally gives away a powerful message,good job...

👍🏻 Total awesomeness!

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