• Published 17th May 2014
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Role Reversal - Shadowmane PX-41

After taking enough crap from Diamond Tiara, Applebloom issues a very... Interesting challenge.

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Free Time/Sleepover

Since Silver wasn't here to keep a close eye on Applebloom, she took in a deep breath as she walked down the halls. "Man, that there posh accent can really start ta take it's toll on ya after a few hours."

Applebloom walked down the corridors to her destination, making sure that she kept up her act when she passed the butlers and Silver Lining.

"So, what ta do fer the next 55 minutes?" She pondered to herself for a while. "Maybe ah can get a massage from the family's spa. Or maybe go fer a dip in the pool out back."

Applebloom had so many options, she eventually had to whittle it down to a game of logic. "On one hoof, the Spa would keep me relaxed about all this. But on the other hoof, ah really need ta have a little fun before this thing ends."

"Actually, ah could use a little swim." She said as she suddenly noticed the heated temperatures taking its' toll on her. "The pool it is then."

Applebloom wandered the mansion in an attempt to find the pool, but all she seemed to do was wander around in circles. She tried a few doors and then gave up. She had to resort to asking a butler for directions in the end.

She was given the instructions to head back in the direction she had just come from, then take a left at the split at the end of the corridor. She quickly followed these instructions and found the sight she had been looking for.

A nice swimming pool with shining water. It was heated due to the underground water heating, and she could feel the nice water on her hoof as she dipped it into the water.

"Ah'm sure Silver won't mind me havin' a dip in the pool while she's being refined." Applebloom smiled and walked over to the nearby diving board. She stood on the edge, which lightly drooped towards the pool. She then leapt from the board, causing it to snap back up to its' original position, she landed into the pool with a splash and began to swim from there.

Diamond and Sweetie on the other hand were sharing some juicy stories with each other, all the while, laughing like the children they were. Since Diamond knew that Silver was going to be doing the same with Applebloom, she might as well let out her side of the secrets to Sweetie Belle.

"So, I heard from Featherweight, that Pipsqueak has to have mandated tea parties, prior to his family's traditions." Sweetie spoke the first story to Diamond. "Talk about embarrasing mixed with overkill."

"Oh, yeah. Ah just hope fer his sake he doesn't explode from all the girliness." this line caused both the fillies to chuckle some more. "I just hope he doesn't have to be forced into wearing..." She snickered a bit. "Pink!"

"Hahahahahahahahaha. Oh, Diamond, after getting some time with your other side, I see you're not a bad pony after all." Sweetie had every right to think Diamond was good now, they were just two innocent fillies engaged in filly gossip. "Pink, haha. That's classic."

"Yeah, but he's not the only pony in class that's hiding a secret." Diamond pulled Sweetie in so that she could whisper something into her ear.

Once Diamond had finished, Sweetie was left with a stunned expression. "No way! She really feels that way?"

"Oh yeah, at least from what Candy had ta tell me." She smirked a little before clearing her throat. "But don't make a big enough sence about it. The last time gossip like this got out, things didn't go so well fer all of us."

"Believe me, I know." Sweetie did not even want to think about the Gabbi Gums Fiasco ever again. "Let's just move on to something else, okay?"

"Sure, ah could use a break from running mah mouth." Diamond said as she and Sweetie Belle went downstairs to get something to eat and drink.

Back at Silver's house, Applebloom was just about to finish her session in the pool. She only had 5 minutes left until Silver came out of her Refinement Session, and she needed to make sure she looked like nothing happened.

She clambered out of the pool and used one of the many towels to wipe herself dry. She also did the same with her wet mane and tail, so that it didn't stick out like a sore thumb. After that was done, she restyled her mane how Silver did it to her, and made her way back to Silver once she was done.

Once the session was over, the television screen turned off, and some green lights inside the life support systems turned on. Once they did, the cables detached from Silver, Coin, and Spotlight, and the water quickly drained away as well. In seconds, the three were awake in empty pipes.

"Afternoon, Silver. Did you have a nice Refinement?" Applebloom asked once she saw the three Silver siblings walk back into the bedroom where they had entered the session room from.

"Yeah, although it did seem a little rough once it began, it quickly calmed down after a while." She said to explain it.

"Well, I thought it was lots of fun." Spotlight chuckled. "Once you spend two or more sessions as a digital foal, you start to have a lot of fun with it.

"She's right, you know, Spoony. You do get accustomed to it after a few sessions." Coin followed up on her sister's words of approval.

"So, what did you do whilst we were being refined?" Silver asked Applebloom with a curious look in her eyes. She could tell that Applebloom had done something, and she was intent on knowing what it was.

"Well, I got my bearing on the house a little more, grabbed a bite to eat, and had a friendly chat with your mom." Lied Applebloom, she didn't want to tell her that she'd been swimming.

"Applebloom, come on now. Anything done in this house is acceptable by the rules of the dare." Silver could tell Applebloom had been lying now, and so she told her to tell the truth. "Now come on, what did you actually do?"

"If you must know, I went swimming in your pool." Applebloom spilled the beans, she couldn't lie with Silver breathing down her neck either.

"Yeah, that's one way to kill time here." Silver smiled and walked Applebloom out of Coin and Spotlight's bedroom. "Hey, I know one other way to kill time here, you want to know?"

"Sure. I could use something to keep us occupied for a while." Applebloom walked behind Silver as she led her to the another room in the house.

"So, Silver. What do you have in store for us?" Applebloom asked as Silver stopped at a door she hadn't seen yet in Silver's house. This new door was grey and had bubbles dotted all over the door itself."

"This room was added a few months after Babs went back to Manehatten to expand the Cutie Mark Crusader's influence." Silver began to explain to Applebloom so that she knew when this place came into the house. "It took some time to get the machine in here fully operational."

"Wait, machine?" Applebloom was curious, she didn't know that the Silvers had yet another machine in their house. When Silver opened the door to see what was inside, Applebloom's jaw dropped.

The room inside was much deeper than the rest of the house, but it all seemed to be babyproofed for some reason. She then saw at the bottom of the room, was a giant ring dipping into a pool around a target area.

Once the ring dipped into the pool, it then went back up to where it was initially. A bubble appeared around the the area around the pool. It was a machine for ponies to fly and play in giant bubbles. So that's why the area was babyproofed, to make sure the bubble wouldn't pop in mid-flight, and even if it did, the impact would be absorbed by the crash mats dotted around the room.

"So, what do you think, Applebloom?" Silver waited for Applebloom's thoughts on this new room presented to her.

"I... I never thought a thing like this was possible." Applebloom was at a loss for words here. She nor any of the other Apples had ever seen a room like this before.

"That's exactly what most people say upon seeing this room." Silver led Applebloom down the winding stairs to make it to the pool and the area in the middle. "Funny story, when Diamond Tiara stayed around last time, she said exactly the same thing."

"Hang on. No offense, but shouldn't the Refinement Session have made you forget about Diamond?" Applebloom asked.

"It's meant to remove negative feelings and bad memories." Silver finally gave a full explanation. "It means that all I remember about Diamond now is good memories, such as her sleeping over here and seeing what there was to see."

"Oh, okay." Applebloom quickly pieced the logical explanation in her mind. The machine is meant to remove evil memories and bad experiences. Logically, this now meant that Silver had no memory that Diamond was a cold-hearted jerk-ette before this happened.

"So, Applebloom. You want to go together? Or in two separate bubbles?" Silver popped the question for her.

"I'm thinking separately this time." Applebloom said. She wanted to play it safe and avoid any pain with Silver, should the two collide in the same bubble. "We could go together another time."

"Alright then." Silver stood on the platform in the middle of the pool of bubble suds, and watched as the ring dipped into the pool and then rose again, encasing Silver in a giant bubble. She was lifted up into the air and started sliding around the slippery bubble once she was elevated. "Come on up, Applebloom, it's fun."

"Alright then, I'm coming." Applebloom too stood on the platform, and she was lifted up by another bubble. She tried her best to stand up inside once she was airborne, but the inside of a bubble was much more slippery than she had anticipated, and she found herself sliding all around the bubble instead of standing up for a few seconds at a time. "I'll say one thing, Silver. It's hard to stay up in this bubble."

"Don't worry, Applebloom. Nopony's been able to stand up perfectly inside a bubble without slipping and sliding all over the place, not even Diamond could keep up for at least a second." Silver got Applebloom's hopes up so that failing to stand up wouldn't embarrass her. "Don't let it get you down. Now let's play!"

"But how do I play INSIDE a bubble?" Applebloom asked.

"Simple, just push it around with whatever momentum you can muster." Silver demonstrated as she moved her bubble towards hers, causing the two to bump, but not burst.

"Oh, okay." Applebloom said as she pushed the bubble around, laughing as she fell over multiple times over. "This should be a lot of fun."

"Tag!" Silver said as she bumped bubbles with Applebloom again. "Come on, Applebloom. Try and catch me!" She giggled.

"Oh, alright, Silver. I hope you know how to fly." She too laughed as she began to give chase to Silver, falling over and giggling all the while. She wasn't bothered by falling over again and again anymore. As long as she was happy, it didn't matter anymore. "Tag!"

"So, Sweetie. How are you and Diamond here coming along?" Rarity decided to ask as she brought up some filly snacks for them.

"Oh, we're doing fine up here, sis!" She said as the two were having their hooves shined by each other. "Diamond's a really hospitable guest once you get underneath the thick skin."

"Well, that's good to know." Rarity set down the snacks on a nearby table for the two fillies to fill their faces. "I'll be downstairs if you need anything, girls." She said as she closed the door and walked back downstairs to attend to some more dress orders.

"So, how often does yer sister make you wear her newest dresses?" Diamond decided to ask as she leaned in towards Sweetie.

"Honestly, since Rarity is usually out saving Equestria with her friends, I'm usually free from her grip most of the time." Sweetie Belle explained clearly. "The only times Rarity asks me to wear some of her new dresses is when it's of DIRE importance." She said, mocking Rarity's accent at the end of it.

"Ya'll said something about Rarity savin' Equestria a while back." Diamond was interested to know more by this. "What has she done ta save us?"

"It's not just her." Sweetie responded. "It's all of her friends. Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, even Princess Twilight. It's as if those 6 were chosen by fate or something."

"So, what incredible feats have the 6 o' them pulled off together?" Diamond asked.

"Well, there was the whole Nightmare Moon incident when Twilight moved here." Sweetie listed out one of them.

"What that that crazy madmare who was intent on bringin' eternal darkness ta all o' Ponyville?"

"Oh yeah, that's her."

"Interesting..." Diamond did in fact remember that day (or should I say night?) very well indeed. She'd never have guessed that Twilight and her friends would have stopped that. "Any other events she and her friends did ta save us?"

"Remember when Discord was released?"

"Oh, him." Diamond grimaced at the thought of Discord's reign in Ponyville. "I just remember him laying a finger on me, then the rest was all black and fuzzy. The next thing ah knew, my tongue had tasted mud fer some reason."

"It took Twilight some real thinking to break her friends out of Discord's influence in the end." Sweetie Belle said, following up the first half of their story.

"Ah definitely remember the events going down at Cadence's wedding." Diamond then said. "There were these weird black bugs that showed up during the I Do segment."

"Those were Changelings." Sweetie said. "Honestly, once they started invading, me, Applebloom and Scootaloo just decided to take shelter underground. We barely survived being attacked under there as well."

"What about the Crystal Empire? Did Twilight save the ponies there as well?" Diamond asked.

"Yes and no." Sweetie said. "From what Rarity told me, Twilight got ensnared in one of Sombra's traps, leaving Spike to deliver the crippling blow to him in the end."

"Anything more recent?" Diamond asked. "Oops, ah think ah just answered mah own question there."

"If you're talking about Lord Tirek, you'd be right in every way." Sweetie was piecing together the events well. "There were massive tremors during the fight between him and Twilight. They nearly took down my house, it was that intense."

"So, he had the power ta take anypony's Cutie Mark as well?" Diamond asked in a concerned voice.

"That's true. He'd have drained everything from everypony in his path, reducing them to nothing more than dead weight blank flanks." Sweetie said. "You'd have been faint with lifelessness if he'd found you. Silver Spoon would also have suffered the same fate if her had found her on that day."

"Let's just change the subject for now." Diamond said, in a feared tone now. "I want to be happy when I go to sleep, the past is in the past now."

"Good idea." Sweetie Belle said as she thought of a new topic to talk about in her head. "How's your taste in hairclips?" She said as she pulled out an entire box of hairclips, each one a different design to the last.

"Applebloom. I've never had so much fun with you before tonight." Silver laughed as the two bubbles finally landed on the ground and popped, so that the two posh fillies were back on solid ground again. "I'm glad you brought up this dare."

"I'm happy too." Applebloom said as the two walked back upstairs to the corridor to get some time back in the mansion. "We should do this again some other time."

Silver then took notice of the time after she shut the door. "Jeez, look at the time. I should be in bed by now."

"You sleep at 9:30 as well?" Applebloom said as she too saw the time on the clock. It clearly read 9:30 PM. "What a coincidence."

"Come on, Applebloom, let's both get some shuteye for the night." Silver lead Applebloom to her bedroom. "We've got a long day of school ahead of us tomorrow."

Silver eventually showed Applebloom to quite a big bedroom for a filly like Silver Spoon. There was enough room here for at least two extra ponies to sleep in here. "Excuse the expansive size of this room. Mum and Dad were hoping to get triplets when they were pregnant with me."

"It is quite an expansive room." Applebloom said as she looked around the rest of it. She saw that one area was still designed for a newborn foal. "And I can see that your parents haven't completely modified it to your tastes."

"Yeah, about that..." Silver blushed a little bit. "I actually quite like having it around. It helps me to reflect on my early days." She smiled a guilty smile. "That, and Mum's not going to modify that part until she does get another foal, which she might do soon. She's been a month pregnant since this dare started."

"So, I guess I'll sleep in this other bed tonight?" Applebloom pointed at the one other bed in Silver's room.

"Nah, that's usually where Diamond would sleep." Silver said as she trotted over and smelled the bed. "Yep, Diamond's musk is still there, she'd go mad if she found out you slept in her territory."

"So where do I sleep?" Applebloom was curious now, she wouldn't fit in the crib in the corner anymore, she knew that Diamond would go crazy if she slept in the other free bed, so what was she to do?"

"Don't worry, Applebloom. You can sleep with me for the week." Silver said as picked up the sheets and rolled over onto the far side of her bed. Applebloom laid down on the other side of the bed and Silver put the sheets down over the both of them. "I just hope you don't like me tossing and turning in my sleep."

"I'll be fine. I tossed and turned in bed anyways." Applebloom said as she snuggled into the bed. She yawned before she pulled the sheets over her, so that they were covering both the fillies. "I'll see you in the morning, Silver."

"You too, Applebloom." Silver yawned before closing her eyes and dozing off to sleep as well.

Silver Lining came into the bedroom ten minutes after the fillies were deep in their sleep. She smiled and flew over to the two sleeping fillies. She merely smiled and kissed their foreheads gently before flying back to the door and turned the light off. After the light was off, she shut the door gently, so as not to wake them. She then put a hanger on the door reading "Sleeping Like Foals, Do Not Disturb." before flying down the corridor to do the rest of her jobs for the night.

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