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Alucard and Me (Alicornian)

Hello Everyone I'm Alicornian (on the left) and this is Alucard (on the right). We are the Mage Knights, sworn to protect Equestria from all evil and help out the girls (the Mane 6) when ever they need it. Here's a bit about us.

I'm the adopted son of Princess Celestia and one of two ponies that can walk on two legs (unless you count Pinkie Pie) I'm no bigger than any of the girls when trotting around as a normal pony but when push comes to shove I can stand on my two legs and really give somepony a fight. My main form of combat is with my solar steel blade gauntlets however I can use magic but sadly it wears me out really fast if I use it too much. Also well... I can't stay upright on my two legs without my grieves. With out them I fall over so I always got to wear them. I'm a pretty nice guy once you get to know me but well I can be kind of like Fluttershy around girls I haven't met. Though I may be adopted by the Princess of the Sun, Ponyville will always be my home and Bonbon and Lyra will always be my family.

I am Lady Alucard, Dark Mage Knight to Lady Luna. Unlike other ponies I am a Unicorn Vampony but I didn't really start out as such. I was once a earth pony under the care of my beloved Lady Dracula who sacrificed her life for mine. I have also fought and sadly killed a black dragon granting my dragon like strength and speed. However it came with other side effects such as hands and the ability to stand upright on two legs. I wield the Dragoon Sword made from the fangs of the dragon I slew as well as black dragon armor which is as hard as diamond and resistant to magic. I am also skilled in fighting necromancers and other dark creatures of evil yet I will never put duty before another ponies life. I can cast many ancient and forgotten spells yet should I ever use a spell ending in MA I could possibly become victim to Magic exhaustion. I prefer my privacy yet the company of dear friends is dear to me as well.

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:heart:I wish you all a Happy Hearths Warming and hope for a better New Year than the last.:twilightsmile::heart:


Update and minor rant · 6:12am Dec 29th, 2013

Hey everyone it's time for another update and well to give off a bit of a rant so let's get the bad stuff out of the way first.

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Fan Fiction Progress Report!

For those wanting to know what I'm working on take a look! Right now this is what's on the old to do list.

Hayseed: The Origin of the Dark Mage Knight Alucard
Finally at Pegasus
Hayseed: Mother of Magic and Illusion

Works in Progress
Hayseed: Cherished memories Ch. 1
Trixie Lulamoon, Daughter of Nightmare Moon
Apple Bloom's Mistake Prolog
My sister DJ PON-3 Prolog
The Mage Knight Alicornian Prolog
The Flames of Equestria Prolog

In Editing
The Legacy Saga Part 1(On Hiatus)
Trixie Lulamoon, Daughter of Nightmare Moon

Possible Upcoming stories
Alicornian: A background/origin story about well me as my ponysona.
Forever Unicorn: A Spike becomes a Pony Story.
Love thy self: A Twidash of sorts.

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Well.... Ish sad to see you've been banned..... For what is my question? It makes me sad, you had a good story going there with mommy? Even if you may have taken part of the story... It was in fact still a better reveal and backstory than most others

Ill follow you if you follow me ;)

Thank you very much for the Fave of Immature. I'm glad that you could ponder what would happen to Spike in such a relationship.:pinkiesmile:

787267 Hmm give me a day to watch all the episodes of MLP: FiM and I might have the answer for you. Who do you have as son of mine?

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