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Moon Glow

“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings


After saving Cadence from the Changelings, Twilight was thrown into another world where she is human. She marries a human and has a daughter named Aurora.

Twelve years passed and the portal to Equestria opens again.

However, Twilight is kidnapped by the fabled Glizani Court and Aurora is alone.

Now under the care of the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony, can Aurora adjust to her new life and new body while waiting for her mother's return? And will those who were present at the wedding rehearsal twelve years ago overcome their guilt for Twilight?

This story was inspired by the concept of Survivor's Guilt after playing American McGee's Alice.

Image's base belongs to Shadow-Bases on Deviantart.

Update: I've added the "Gore" tag due to nightmares and possible future battles.

Chapters (16)
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Comments ( 287 )

THAT, that is the best story I ever read yet! More soon please!

5560981 There are three more chapters, but I'm having a bit of trouble thinking how to incorporate a song for this site. A friend of mine said it would be a problem if I put in an already-written song on this site. I do have a playlist, but I need to think up a form of Cue Mark so that the reader can listen to the song while they read.

Well, welcome to the big leagues! Well, fimfiction anyway. Word of advice, my friend: you might want to upload each chapter daily. That way, the stories will stay in the public eye longer. Anyways, feel free to check out some of my fics! There's some exclusives in there.

5561148 I'll try. I can only update as much as I can what with College and all.

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Nice so far, only thing; Twilight never mentioned cutie marks to her? What did she explain the one on her thigh as? Tattoo from her wild teenage phase?

Is the Crusade still on for the Crusaders, or did they finally find their marks?

5562259 Aurora has no Cutie Mark, if that's what you are asking. If you're talking about Twilight, I would have to look back on "The Scarlet Letter." All throughout Pearl's life, Hester Prynne never removed the red "A" she was "branded" with. To Pearl, it was a normal thing. Same thing with Aurora. Perhaps she had seen her mother's Cutie Mark and thought nothing of it other than a birthmark or a tattoo and never really questioned it.

5562277 That I'm still in debate about. What do you think? Should the Crusaders continue crusading or should I give them their Cutie Marks? It will help me along with the next chapter concerning Apple Bloom.

5562316 Honestly, I don't see them giving up Crusading even if they find their marks. Shift from 'trying everything to get the mark' to 'trying everything to apply the mark'. Chaos must go on. Unless it's like that theory in that r63 verse story I read with the cutie marks of chaos, mayhem and bedlam that are invisible so the crusade never ends.

5562326 If they are done crusading, then who is to stop them from helping other from getting their Cutie Marks? I think you've helped me with a sub-plot. The Crusaders, despite Aurora being convinced that she may never get a Cutie Mark, attempt to help her obtain one despite her protests.

What do you think of that?

5562513 Poor Girl... Luna have mercy on her. And she's going to be living with one of them...
The CMC has the workings for a good youth group though. Like the scouts. They have scout uniforms in the comics anyway. Still, poor Aurora...

It would appear I missed a bit of drama. Precisely why has my comment been deleted?

5562844 Mistake on my part. I was going to reply when I clicked the wrong button.

5562858 Ah, I see. Well, accidents happen sometimes. :pinkiecrazy:

5562858 You admitted to your mistake, all is well...

Chaser, are you trying to be all "wise sage" here?


And yet you're the youngest of us... If anything Shadow should be the one to go all "old sage".

He's off slaughtering some deer right now.


He's shadow hopping to right beneath the deer! That's not hunting, it a massacre!

5564098 Welcome to our conversations with ourselves! :pinkiecrazy:

5565905 I'm StarChaser, a pegasus
I'm StarRunner, a chakat
I'm Ember, a humanoid dragon
I'm Flame, a 'feral' dragon
I'm Paladin, a winged human, and not an angel! I get mistaken for one ALL THE TIME!!!
I̲̞͙͈̦'̠̪͎m S̫̤͓̮̳̯h̵̜͖̺̜ͅa͍͓d̸̥͓̹͔̜͚̞o̶̬͔̣̙͙̼ͅw̘͉͙͉͔̭͉͟, ̧͓̠̳͉̥͉̳a̡ ̢̠̞̮̣̜̤sh̢͈͖̤̦̬̭̯a͕͡d̴̤̜̤o̥̜̟w͕̱͖̻̫-͍͚̙h̡͉͉͉o͉͕̖̫̦͢p̩͉̰̮p̮̱̺̬͎̘i҉n͎͔̞̣͉̥̩͢g̰̟̘̰̱͎͡ ͓̻̣b̗͈͎̞̲͈͕ļ̞̗̮̯a̸̪̝͓̫͉̬̰c̪͓̪ḵ̳͇͙̩͝ ̩͈̯w͍̮̼̟̘̞̠ǫ̭͖̬̪͎͍l̼̀f̗͍̹̳.̷͖͇͉͙ ͓̭̙̠̫̹A̩n̴̪̭d̛̦͙̦͕͙̫ ͙̤̲̺̣͕͝I̘͕'̹̪͈̹v̟̦̞̹͍̘́e̝̲̱͖ ̘n̳͎̠͡e̻̱͎̭̬̫v͎͙͇͓͙̫͞e͙r̶͙̣̞͈ ̬̟̠̺͇͡s͟ee͕̘̰̠̥͖n̫͖̪̟͉̝̣͢ ̭̯͍̮P̟̭͓̳ͅą̩̗̬̟͍̱ͅl̯a̯d̫̥͙͕̥ͅi̳̠̝̲̳͈̻n̴͈̠ ̞̟̱̘̼́g̶͔̱e̝̞̻̭̹t̲͙̮̯̙͜ ͕͔͉̻̞̻͝ͅa͏̬̙̭̞͕̺̺n̹g̢̫̗͓̯͓r̴̙̜͉̖ͅy̩̬̲̗̜̖͝ ̧̣̙̬͓͙b͚̤̲e̵̞̠̰̹͇̮͓f̺͎o̝͚̥͚͈̻̖͟re̲̗̭̬͔͖ ̜͍̠n̼̦̥̱̼ͅo̷͚w̖͕̪͘..̣̹͕̝.͉̯

5566618 Well, when I'm into MLP, I become a violet and pink dragoness.

Other times, I can be a Raccoon theif, an elf, and most often a vampire (not the sparkly kind. :pinkiesick: The actual bad*** kind (think Legacy of Kain.)

It all depends on how my Media Mood Swings strike.

Right now, I'm split in two between my dragoness form and my new form: a Marsupilami. :pinkiehappy:

Hooba! :heart:

5568633 It's from a popular PlayStation 1 game called "The Legend of Dragoon." They are humanoid with great magic power, platinum hair, and they fly on wings of light.

This video is walktrhough footage of a section in the game where the party discovers one of their own is a Wingly.

As for the game itself, think of it as a different version of Final Fantasy. It's really good and I highly recommend it.

5568660 OH! Now I wish I would have continued watching that let's play... Batman9502 is currently doing a let's play of that game.

Let's correct this most grievous of errors. Also, no my wings aren't made of light... they have feathers...

5572290 It's very fun.

Paladin: If you're not an Angel or a Wingly, what are you?

5572324 Just a winged human... Shadow isn't a pre-existing thing as far as we know, and why limit ourselves to what has already been created? Sure most of us are... but just because the restrictions aren't there, doesn't mean that we HAVE to be outside them...

5572342 I think you caused my brain to blow a fuse.

Hooba! :heart:

5572408 That's why we use circuit breakers! Much easier to reset!:pinkiehappy:

That so cool but am sad that the dad die:fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry

5596411 He may be gone in body, but who's to say the spirit is too?

You had me intrigued at chapter 3, hooked at 4 and 5, wanting more at 6, and now at 7... hoping this story doesn't get canceled. Now I want more... well more chapters and food but mainly chapters. And although I myself am not much into centaurs (more into satyrs), this is definitely a story I want to see more of.

P.S. Twilight would definitely make best and most terrifying mother. Terrifying cause you wouldn't want to mess with her.

5743387 Especially if she goes crazy like in Lesson Zero.

Well this was a great little surprise find. Definately hooked so far and can't wait for more. :pinkiehappy:

Been a little while since a story had me in 'just one more chapter' mode until 3 am :derpyderp2:

love the new chapter it is a true work of art.
I think this hole story is just different enough to make it really good.
as to the song yep it still brings a tear to my eye, it is one of the songs from the show that just really hits me a vary nice touch and it shows how Aurora is feeling or should I say how much Aurora is missing her family.

now for the big question how long before a new chapter???

Harts Fire

5744131 That'll depend on the circumstances. Life and all.

I am all to fermuller with life and how it is a pain in the flank.

Definitely worth tracking. I was a bit sceptical at the start but you truly surprised me and I'm thankful for it. Please continue this.

For some reason I can't stop thinking about what would happen if this crossed over with one of my stories. :applejackconfused:

I love the chapter. I only have one criticism, stop trying to go over board on the color names. I didn't recognize the crusaders until you said there names. Just stick with orange and purple, or rose and light grey. It felt to forced and was just confusing. Other than that it was great.

6034835 Sorry about that. I was trying too hard to be accurate.

*Gasp* An update! *Reads*

love the chapter glade to see you back Dream Dragoness.
if pinkie is this excited will Aurora survive her first party??
Harts Fire

6035470 That's going to be a long time. When the story started (for Aurora), it was the beginning of summer vacation (or June if you want a month.) So it will be another 11 months before the party can come into place.

even better it will be a super duper pinkie party.
who knows maybe weird al yankovic will show up.?
Harts Fire

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