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An alternate version of "Newbie Dash" where Rainbow Dash leaves the Wonderbolts instead of messing up the Air Show. Upon finding Rainbow's resignation letter and discarded Wonderbolt uniform with jacket by Soarin, Spitfire goes and confronts the AWOL Rainbow Dash.

Author's Note: I know Rainbow's not a quitter. But she came in close in episodes like "Testing 1,2,3) and (Rarity Investigates).

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You know, I would not have minded this as the ending of the ep.

Comment posted by RNBW deleted May 20th, 2017
Valsion #3 · May 12th, 2016 · · 1 ·

The one thing about this episode that bothered me was how easy everything would have been resolved with just one talk. Maybe Spitfire explaining beforehand that they all get horrible nicknames or Rainbow Dash coming out with how much the name Rainbow Crash is really bothering her here.

You solution that they will use another nickname, one not used by previous bullies, is pretty satisfying in my opinion. I don't think Rainbow Dash would mind a friendly nickname, even if it's horrible, but I don't think she would really accept one that was used in a non-friendly way so often before.

Comment posted by Samey90 deleted May 12th, 2016

7210129 Me neither. I'd rather have had RD explain why she hated - and I say hated because there is no other word that can describe what she felt about - the nickname she was given, and have the Wonderbolts pick out a different name rather than have her stick with it. I kept imagining RD (while watching the episode) eventually blowing up at Spitfire and the others, and the mild ending of the episode, without whole bullying explanation, really disappointed me.

Comment posted by deadpansnarker deleted Dec 10th, 2016

7210178 Welcome to life. Where many (not all) simple problems could be solved so much easier if people sat down with each other and talked.

7210201 I never meant to come off as narcissistic. The comment I posted had been getting a lot of comments both positive and negative and I just felt like it should've been pointed out.

7210280 well, with the wonderbolts I now see they have a dynamic that me and some of my friends have, a sort of, we are dicks to each other, but push comes to shove, we got each other's back. (Note this is not an excuse for Rainbow Falls)

Maybe not mind-readers, but at least the tiniest bit of perceptiveness would've been nice. It wasn't like Rainbow didn't project her dislike for the nickname at all, she just got mocked for it even more.

Rainbow Dash: [growls] My name's not Crash!
Surprise: Huh, could've fooled me.

7210381 Indeed. That bothered me about this episode initially, but the more I thought about it, the more the thing that actually bothered me was how somehow RD had never heard of this tradition, despite idolizing the Wonderbolts and despite the fact that those names are represented on jackets that they wear in public. Anyone remember if the older guy from Rarity Investigates had such a patch?

7210178 I think when Spitfire explained about the jackets she thought she WAS explaining things. It's a common communication problem: assuming a basis of common facts that does not, in fact, exist.

Comment posted by pootdispencer deleted May 12th, 2016

7210456 Again, all Rainbow had to do was say how badly it affected her due to an incident in her fillyhood, and it all could have been over. Her reluctance to accept her new nickname meant nothing, I'm sure other Wonderbolts were just as annoyed at being insulted during their initiation, as well. How was any other pony suppose to know there was a deeper reason behind Dash's irritation?

Well, I'm not completely disagreeing with you there. Rainbow could've said something to explain her problem with that particular nickname. But I can't fully let the 'Bolts off the hook either, you know? This, plus the last three times are not a exactly a wonderful track record.

Comment posted by Pause deleted Dec 10th, 2016

ok first I must say this story is exultantly written and I am hoping that I can finally watch that episode with out wanting to throw things this is the first show I can say I hated.
thank you DD for the different look.

7210553 True, and I'll never forget their less-than-impressive performance while trying to defend Ponyville from a gigantic Spike.

But I'm not talking about those times... This specific occasion, when all Rainbow had to do was air her grievances early and it all could've been sorted out, was a situation where I fail to see that they did anything wrong. I tend to judge things on a case-by-case basis, not as a whole.

Either that, or ditch the whole concept of hazing anyway. I'm surprised it even exists actually, in such a friendship driven society as Equestria... :unsuresweetie:

Comment posted by Ellington deleted Dec 10th, 2016

That's one. Wonderbolts Academy and Rarity Investigates weren't flattering for them either.

I think hazing is a waste of time anyway. And again, yeah, Rainbow could've said something. I'm honestly surprised, though, how none of the Wonderbolts bothered to explain to her that their ribbing wasn't meant to be personal. Or, more accurately, I'm not surprised since the episode would've been over in like, three minutes.

Plus, there's the matter of how it was shown. There's only one time anypony else got called by their nickname. So of course it's going to look like they're singling out Rainbow Dash. Overall, it's one gigantic communication failure.

Comment posted by Pause deleted Dec 10th, 2016

I admit, I had to watch that episode in 5-6 minute spurts before taking a 10-15 minute breather between each segment. Not even surprised at how hard that episode hit me when my own eye-twitch-inducing memories growing up meshed in places with Dash's own experiences. Reading Rainbow's denouement here was cathartic for me, and for that I thank our author of this fanfic.

That's not something we can say for certain though, is it? It would've been easy for Surprise or anypony else to take Rainbow aside and tell her instead of making a big secret out of it. But they didn't.

Look, I never said Rainbow didn't share most of the blame, but the Wonderbolts repeatedly prove they're not a good team. Spitfire's particularly bad in that regard, and she's the leader. It might've been a good idea to ask Rainbow what's eating her at some point.

Good Grief. I've turned a one-shot fic into a debate club. :twilightoops::ajbemused::fluttershyouch::pinkiegasp::rainbowderp::raritydespair:

7210708 Welcome to Fimfiction.

That's just in the nature of contentious episodes. :twilightsmile:

She was told Soarin' had a nickname and what it was. She assumed what it meant.
She was told to her face everyone had a nickname. She never inquired or stood up for herself. She was focused on herself.

The Wonderbolts are not a bad team. Everyone takes what happens at Rainbow Falls to extremes and now it colors how everything the Wonderbolts do in an excessively negative light.


Eh, this is normal, at least for the good ones. Honestly, I loved this fic! Speaking as someone that was bullied as a kid, I can say with confidence any of the terms used to bully me, even said in jest, really DO have an impact on you. Granted, I'm FAR more blunt about such things to others, telling them point blank to quit it and why unless they want to loose some teeth.

Ultimately, this fic satisfies me, and shows RD wasn't willing to put the show at risk, even though her motives for doing so could be seen one part attempt, one part revenge. Either way, this was a better way, and I'm glad you wrote it out. Well done and thanks for the one-shot!

Nice story.

And about all this debate about Rainbow Trash and the Wonderbullies, I can only say one thing:

Potatoes :ajsmug:

She and the others meant well. So how come they didn’t consider how Rainbow Dash felt with the nickname?

Easy: When a group has given nicknames like those, especially when others react positively to them, for as long as the Wonderbolts did, it's quite easy to forget that not all ponies like certain names. However, there is one thing the Wonderbolts didn't do that makes them fail as a military group: Give a psyche exam to all potential members. If they had, then it's very likely Rainbow's childhood trauma would have come up.

it needs more cause this feels like a cliffhanger.

Dang this was worth reading.

That episode ended like a bad fan fiction. Rainbow Dash quitting was how I among others wanted the matter to resolve with until the Wonderbolts or her friends change her mind. This fic fulfilled those expectations. Well done.

Whenever I watch a favourite show of mine, the number 1 thing I never want to think when doing so is, "I could write this better". But that was the exact scenario with Newbie Dash.

Thanks for writing this, it's given me a huge feeling of relief after such a stinker (A Hearth's Warming Tale helped somewhat too).

Short and to the point, but in this case, exactly what's needed.
To quote a good friend of mine, "You're broken leg doesn't make my broken arm feel better." Newbie Dash's ending was cheap and flimsy. The other WB's nicknames were light jabs played for laughs, but it was established from Season 1 that Crash is a very sore spot for RD and it felt oddly played down at the last third of the episode.

7210708 Oh, you're not the only one who inadvertently starts a fire.

7228603 Besides, they could have said "Trash-Can". You know, because trash-can. She crashed into one. Didn't have to be the specific nickname.

7277320 They even lamp shaded it. "At least they didn't call you Rainbow Trash." I think she would've preferred that. Also, what are the actual chances of getting the same exact nickname you did as a kid?

This episode was painful to watch. Thank you for writing this.

7299502 I know your pain. I was venting with this fic. I even wondered if I could've made it into a SoarinXDash fic.

I really need to sit down and actually watch season six. I'm coming up against stories that I have no basis of reference to.

Then again, after all of that weak 'Talking Head' garbage they did with the Cutie Map, I'm not sure I've really missed all that much.

Not the writers' fault; I blame the Talking Heads at the top slots at Hasbro.


Yep, and that's because the studio [Hasbro] has gone out of its way to work cross-purposes with every new episode. The fact that they keep on marginalizing stuff from the first three seasons is why I've only watched about ten of the episodes for both season five and six.

Not perfect, I kinda feel Rainbow quitting is a tiny bit off for her, but still good.

I like that this is an ACTUAL Fix Fic, not an ACCUSATION FIC disguised as one.

Is there a 'character calls another out on a canon error' part? Yes, but here it's also clear Spitfire wasn't entirely in the wrong, she just had no way of KNOWING this and needed told about it.

Unlike other fics I've seen where Rainbow Dash chews the bolts out and quits or abandons them completely.

This is an example of an actual FIX FIC, which sadly there seems to be an annoyingly small number of that aren't accusation fics masquerading as one.

Well, they're going to need ANOTHER humiliating nickname to call Rainbow Dash, it's TRADITION for each member to have a nickname that is after an incident that keeps them from getting a swelled head.

7337953 I can't tell if I should be insulted or not. :ajbemused:

7338155 From ME that's a compliment because my definition of 'fix fic' is 'addresses a problem with the episode in a way the show might ACTUALLY DO'.

Most people, however, seem to have the definition of 'verbally assault the character or characters I personally blame for this issue I have with the show', which is by my definition an Accusation Fic rather than a Fix Fic..

This my definition of a Fix Fic because it addresses an issue with the show in a way I could actually see happen, so to me, that's a good thing.

I could see this ACTUALLY HAPPENING in the show and it doesn't feel like it's so purpose for existing is to beat up the Wonderbolts.

I do feel Rainbow just quitting may be a little out of character, but it's not enough to ruin it for me, and overall this is much better than a lot of so called 'fix fics' about this episode that consist of 'several pages of the Wonderbolts being put through a verbal wringer and being handed the 'I'm the bad guy' hat for the duration'.

Sorry if that wasn't clear, this was meant as a sincere compliment.

7338169 Oh. OK. I'm still new to this site other than writing fics and blogs. But I often find myself at thinking up Fix Fics in my head. "Newbie Dash" is the only Fix Fic I have ever written. ("Daughter of Magic" I have just figured is an Accusation Fic. I hate "Canterlot Wedding" with the fury of a thousand suns.)

7338191 Ah, gotcha.

At least you're able to CALL it an accusation fic, and the plot, from the summary at least, seems to be a fairly unique premise.

That's more than a lot of writers.

My advice when writing Fix Fics is to remember that people don't make mistakes JUST to make mistakes, even if they're wrong or their logic is flawed, good people who make mistakes do have their reasons.

Comment posted by King of Kings deleted Sep 11th, 2016

felt as though i just read a leaked alt ending for the episode (its very good)

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