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Moon Glow

“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings


Inspired by stories such as Daughter of Discord.

Ebony and Ivory Wolfe were the teenage twin daughters of a witch. Ebony is a talented loner. Ivory is popular and charismatic. Both are opposites and yet possess similarities.

Chief among them: neither knew their birth father.

But when Ivory performs a spell that their mother had been preparing for years, the sisters wind up in Equestria. In the form of Draconequai. Having no choice but to adapt, the twins shortly discovered that there were only half-human.

And their father is none other than the Lord of Chaos himself: Discord.

Can Discord handle being a father? Especially to twin Draconequai? Hopefully, with the help of the Mane 6, he can be the father Ebony and Ivory need.

Chapters (6)
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Comment posted by Starla Sparkle deleted May 1st, 2015
Comment posted by Moon Glow deleted May 1st, 2015
Comment posted by Starla Sparkle deleted May 1st, 2015
Comment posted by Moon Glow deleted May 1st, 2015

four deleted comments? doesn´t look very good.

The story seems to be interessting.

5931257 Thanks.

The four comments was that I was being harassed by a troll.

5932177 hhhmmmm okay i understand. some people are just mean, and not really helpfull.
I hope i can see Discords face rather soon, i honestly don´t know if their mother can still get there, or if Fluttershy is acting like a second mother, but if it is possible without the Fluttershy X Discord shipping.

There were some fanfictions where i liked that,, but normally i think they don´t fit to each other, i get the feeling this is just a shipping, because Fluttershy reformed Discord, something like this is often enough a reason for others to let them be in love with each other.

5932580 Actually, this is NOT a Fluttercord fic. There's some backstory to why later on.

Fluttershy will be more like an aunt than a mother-figure to the twins.

Are the twins witches from the "kikis delivery service" universe by any chance?

6106649 Nope. It is NOT a crossover. But the concept of witches going alone is visible in this.

Making sense is never fun. It's like if you punch a turtle in the face and he shits pancakes at you, not fun.

6128460 LOL! Now think about trying to make sense being the child of the Lord of Chaos.

6128474 yes bieng the child of chaos = less fun from making sense. 'cause chaos is awesome.

6128489 Yes kinda maybe maybe maaaaaaybe, most definitely.

6128501 Then that means the Royal Family of Chaos is doing a bang-up job. :pinkiehappy:

You picture the chaos lord quite well.
I am happy this is still alive and it was worth the wait.
If taking your time makes good quality such as this then I pray it comes quicker and keeps the same standards. Other than that, jolly well done.

6129363 The secret is Time. I try not to rush it, so the chapters come out great.

Ignoring Pinkie, Twilight was about to speak as Fluttershy was about to sit on her throne. However, the princess' words were cut when the Cutie Marks over their thrones began to glow and the familiar image of a marker of the same images appeared on the map. Like with the events with Starlight Glimmer, the marker placed itself at a specific location on the map. This time, it was in the Everfree Forest.

Don´t really like it, that the map is calling them like Batman, or anything else all the time, but at least the show doesn´t use it to much, like if someone can´t open a bottle.
Honestly, it isn´t really a chase for the map is it? I don´t like the map in the show till now, not only because of the calling.

It is not your fault, but i would actually like it really much, if we could get the chapters a little bit faster, becaus i have way to much storys in my (tracking list?) traking list, and only four, or five are really getting any updates.
I searched for many storys to have something to read in the meantime, but some storys get their update that late, that i don´t even know some important details.

I think the time between the last chapter and this one, isn´t too long, but if you can do it withink three, or four weeks it would not be to bad, i don´t want you to rush anything, but at the same time i don´t want to forget anything important if the story get´s to long, and every 1 1/2 month there is a new chapter.

It is only the first time, and it isn´t really because of your story, but because i had it so many times, that some other storys take to long, your chapter just came at the wrong time? Otherwise i would write exaclty this in another story.

The 5,525 give the chapter a nice lenght, and i can´t deny that it feels a bit like there could be more .....content?, in this chapter, but it was actualy quite nice.

Ebony was a bit more intelligent, or more mature right? I would not mind it, if she would have to be more like a bit sister to Ivory, or if she could be the one, that is more serious in a certain way.
How can i describe what i think of them....
I think Ebony would cast her magic like (controled Chaos), and Ivory would probably cast some flowers, and cast her magic more like Discor, but in a honest fun, and cute way.
Not sure if you wanted to make them like that, but i actually start to be a fan of Ebony here.

6129991 Actually, I have issues with the map, too. It was getting close to dinner when I was finishing this up and I forgot to take it out.

I am trying to update faster, but it's difficult when you have 41 fics to update. (A good chunk of them are on Fanfiction.net.) In addition, there are somethings outside the internet that prevent me from making regular updates, such as life.

I was running out of gas for one chapter, but there were some things I wanted to add, but left out because I couldn't fit it in. Personally, I wish Discord's interaction with Ebony wasn't limited to the cotton candy/chocolate milk prank.

Ebony is indeed the more serious twin as well as the elder twin, to remind you. While Ivory is taking things in stride, Ebony's got a lot on her plate to worry about.

Spoiler Alert!

Actually, Ebony will discover that she has limited manipulation of her Chaos magic. Ivory, however, is a natural unlike with her mother's brand of magic. Since Ebony was always the best of the two when it came to their mother's magic, it's a shock that she's doing so horribly with her father's magic. This, of course, will cause Ebony to become bitter and jealous about her sister surpassing her. Tending to Ebony's envy will be one of Discord's personal tests as a father.

Comment posted by Texus deleted Jun 24th, 2015

Since Ebony was always the best of the two when it came to their mother's magic, it's a shock that she's doing so horribly with her father's magic. This, of course, will cause Ebony to become bitter and jealous about her sister surpassing her. Tending to Ebony's envy will be one of Discord's personal tests as a father-Well...i hope she can do something special with her Mothers Magic, it is a bit sad that it is my favourite Twin that seems to be the weak one, but i don´t know hat she can do with her mothers magic.

i only managed to put an - between your, and my comment, somehow it didn´t worked otherwise.

6130408 Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. And the twins are no exception. Besides. it's a great way for Discord to learn on how to be a father of two.

I'd suggest if you wanna continue our conversation, let's do it in the PM section.

more please! hehe, hes a daddy discord. no matter how many times i say it, it still causes me to chuckle.

Yay you're back! :pinkiehappy:

And also discord as a dad is funny for me all the time

"Because they are your daughters! I know you may not know a thing about raising foals, but perhaps meeting them has awakened your paternal instincts. The question is 'who do you trust with the care and welfare of your own daughters?' Twilight, or me?"

This sounds almost threatening, like she dares him to say the right thing! A hidden 'You know who to vote for! Or else!' message! :rainbowlaugh:

So... their names are Ivory and Ebony?

... Keepin it stylish, I see...

6962259 Not to mention ironic when you think about it.

6965448 I've been battling colds and school.

6966571 And recovering from a cold. :pinkiehappy:

6967282 zombies and Frankenstein's don't get colds, if they did they would update more while out of life's hard things

6967727 Unless they had to go to Zombie School or the "Job of Frankenstein." What may be the worse is the lack of volts/brains that causes inspiration to run out.

6967758 they would die...........again

6970343 Zombies never die. They just keep coming like a bad itch.

6970358 unless you rip all their heads off

6970630 they would notice till they were a pool of mush

6972930 How did we get from talking about "Twin Chaos" to a debate about zombies?

6967727 I was going over the comments when a thought struck me. Isn't Frankenstein's monster technically a zombie?

7116101 no, he's in all technicality, a golem, just made different than most golems we see in fiction. Also, we should talk about vampires or werewolves now that we've talked about zombies.

7124049 Let's go to the PM to talk.

Will there be more?

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