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Just a normal guy who got hooked on the new My Little Pony show.


Some Quick Questions for my Readers · 5:44am Apr 18th, 2012

Hello, everyone. I'm sure that you are all eagerly awaiting my next chapter, and rest assured that I am working on it. But while I'm doing that, I would like to get a little feedback from you. "Return to Equestria" is supposed to be a mentally stimulating story, and one in which my readers are expected to be asking themselves questions and speculate about what will happen next. So my questions for you are these:

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Shadowmane...we miss you bro, (No homo) where are you man, if you abandon the website, can we at least get a goodbye? :pinkiesad2: You were one of the writers that I liked the most...come back please....:fluttercry:

damn I was hopeing read more becoz its was good story

713363 Why don't you start a group about it and message all the people who enjoyed his first two stories and invite them over, then you can have a discussion about it and some progress will be done.

I mean, he is obviously around (last login 4 weeks 'n 4 days ago), but he's still too much of an asshole to give people an answer, so you might as well do it. Just a thought.

Don't get me wrong; dude has all the right to just pack up and leave without giving any explanation. But he hasn't left and is purposefully ignoring people.

it's been quite a while shadowmane. bye bro.
wish you said the same to us.

713208 I actually probably would've by now, if I had at least some semblance of how he wanted it to end. In particular, I have no idea what the next two riddles mean. Some direction helps, and I don't quite know where he wanted to go. Not to mention that I ship to Basic Combat Training in a couple days, so I don't have the time right now. But I may if I can at least come up with something that makes sense.

  • Viewing 28 - 32 of 32
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