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“Moonlight drowns out all but the brightest stars.” ~ J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings


I had a weird idea for a story. · 10:13pm August 11th

While I was trying to figure out how to continue my stories, I came up with another new one.

Set in an alternate reality, the ancestors of the Mane 6 were taken prisoner and sold into slavery between the dragons and the griffons. In the present the Mane 6 are sold as slaves to different households of both factions. While they expected to be treated terribly like their previous masters, these new ones show them something they never experienced before: kindness.

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Will this still fly? · 1:03am Nov 16th, 2019

I've been trying to get back into the writing mood and my brain keeps going to an old story idea of mine and I want to run it by you guys.

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My Little Pony Dungeons & Dragons Fan Fiction idea · 7:10pm Sep 1st, 2018

At work today, I got thinking about creating a crossover fic between MLP and the 1980s Dungeons & Dragons tv show. It'll be a parody of the show with MLP characters. Celestia would be Dungeon Master, Nightmare Moon would be Venger (Tiamat I'll leave alone for now), and the Mane Six as humans/anthros who are looking for a way to get home. (See intro below.) Spike will take the place of Uni.

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New Story Idea with Character Profiles · 3:03am May 4th, 2017

Once again, I've been bitten by the "New Fic Bug." I had only just put my new "Descendents: Fire and Ice" fic up and now I have another new MLP story in the mix.

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The Mane Six and their Pokemon Starters. · 4:08pm Apr 21st, 2017

So in between writing for "Daughter of Magic" and my newer idea, "The Swan Pony," I was watching the new Pokemon Sun and Moon anime and I remembered the Pokemon/MLP fics I read. So with Sun & Moon out, I wondered what Pokemon Starters would the Mane Six get. Here are my thoughts and why.

Twilight Sparkle…Rowlet: Because Twilight is a bookworm with a pet owl. Not to mention Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, has an owl as her symbolic animal. Need I say more?

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Striking Similarities Between Daughter of Magic and The Land Before Time · 5:46pm Mar 7th, 2017

I was planning my next chapter for "Daughter of Magic" when I noticed something. I had been bitten by the Nostalgia Bug and got the urge to watch "The Land Before Time" franchise. As I was watching the movie I had, I realized my main characters in "Daughter of Magic" are similar to the main characters in "The Land Before Time"!

Allow me to elaborate.

Aurora's situation is similar to Littlefoot's, minus her mother dying. They are also the Leader Type.

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