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How many ponies can fit in a one horse town, anyway?


This is a short piece that fills in a few gaps, exploring and expanding upon what might have happened between some of the scenes in "Wonderbolt Academy." Specifically, it looks into events after the tornado incident, and Rainbow Dash quitting the academy. It is just a "what if?" Your interpretation may vary.

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I, noticed you took some liberties with the original script, and there are some formatting hiccups (no scene transitions). I also think you could've been more creative with the title. My final point of contention is that I don't think Spitfire would cry over something like this. More likely, she'd want to punch something. But that's just me. :trixieshiftright:

Otherwise, this is some pretty solid stuff. The way you had Spitfire tell off Lightning Dust was simply top-notch, as it was both powerful and in-character. This is going straight into my headcanon, and for that, I salute you. :moustache:

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Comment posted by kyrahmac deleted Dec 2nd, 2013
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