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How many ponies can fit in a one horse town, anyway?


The Golden Oak Library was destroyed in Twilight's battle with Tirek. But instead of digging up the remains to use as decoration, what if the earth ponies of Ponyville had come together to regrow it in honor of Princess Twilight?

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right now she's feelin' a might homesick for this here library.

I think you mean "a mite homesick."

The idea of earth pony rapid-growth magic is interesting, and helps fill in a bit of lore about why earth ponies are always depicted as so tied to the land. I enjoyed your descriptions of this ritual, as well as the added touch AJ and Pinks give the library's interior.

That said, while it was a good read for me, it lacked a certain... purpose, a deeper meaning behind the actions. I'm not saying every story needs that to be a good read, and it's easy to see why Twilight appreciated the gesture. But after reading it, I was left with a feeling of, "well, that happened." Good to read once, but not something I'd necessarily read again.

Perhaps if you took these ideas an expanded on them, it would strike more of a chord with me. Perhaps the process of how AJ and Pinks gathered the group or rediscovered the technique. As it is, I found it enjoyable, just not particularly deep, which isn't a criticism per se.

Keep up the writing! :pinkiehappy:

7467614 "Mite" or "Might?" I've seen it both ways, but I'm trying to go off of what I've seen in the show. In one episode, AJ said she was "a bit" something or other, but then corrected herself and said she was, "a might" something or other. In the context of what she said, I took that to mean that "a might" is greater than "a bit." And since I've always considered a "mite" to be something small, like a bug, or tiny amount of money, it didn't seem to fit with the way AJ was using it. Instead, I thought she was saying she was, "mighty" something or other, ("I'm mighty hungry!") which she changed to, "a might," ("I'm a might hungry!") It's not really slang that I use, though, so my interpretation could be way off.

As for expanding the story, I get what you're saying, but I felt like it would just complicate things, especially the ending, because then you just get into the whole matter of Twilight trying to live there instead of in her castle, and that's a subject for a whole other story. It definitely wasn't meant to be that deep. I was mostly interested in exploring the magic they used to get things done.

I didn't mention rounding up the ponies to regrow the tree because I figured AJ just had to ask, and they'd come. As far as knowing how to use that magic, I said it was rare, but not forgotten. I suppose I could add something about Granny Smith having passed it on, but that's probably as far as I'd go.

I'm glad you liked it overall, though.

Earth pony biomancy. That would have really done the trick. :ajsmug:

Just to let you know, there is a typo in your description where you put an instead of and.

Nice work, and it was a very heartwarming thing to see the Golden Oaks reborn.:twilightsmile: Go Applejack!:ajsmug: Hey, I have a question. Is it okay with you if I use this story as the reason why the Golden Oaks is still around in my story MLP: The Magic of... Music? which takes place after Rainbow Rocks?

7467865 Sure, you can use the concept. I don't see what harm that would do. I'm glad someone liked the idea.

It's a nice idea, but for some reason the gesture and story felt somewhat hollow. They regrow the tree, and Twilight is excited but it's not the same. It's barely furnished and doesn't even have any books in it, you can't call it a library anymore. Regrowing the tree is kinda awkward too, since she has the castle now. If there were a line mentioning how it would be passed on to other students or the next librarian that would be nice .

Also the line about the ritual alerting Celestia and Luna and everyone else all the way in Canterlot seems way too exaggerated for just bringing back a tree.

7467777 I'd really love to see them do something like that in the show. I mean, we've seen that AJ can grow a ginormous apple, and I'm pretty sure oak trees don't grow big enough to live in naturally, (ponies are small, but not that small,) so I figure it must be possible.

We've also seen AJ sprout plants by holding a clump of dirt on her hoof, as well as having saplings grow by walking next to the seeds.

7467873 Okay, I'll be sure to give you credit in the story's description.:raritywink: Thanks, by the way.:twilightsmile:

So, they literally stomped a tree out of the ground?

Nice idea, and the death to the classic building industrie.
(Earth pony master race!)

Honestly loved this story, and would love to see this actually happen, or something similar in the show. A bunch of ponies teaming up to rebuild something a stranger destroyed? Sounds like a good message to me.

Another good story about the return of th Golden Oaks library.. I think you got Twilghts emotions perfectly. Guessing the castle will be empty... another story that got me right in the feels and tears in my eyes

The changes done to the story are great - they certainly add some background and lore before they get to it.:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the read, and yeah - we all want the earth ponies to do something awesome too. :yay:

Probably the best and most lore-rich story about Golden Oaks I have ever read. Oh, how I wish this was an actual episode. Still, thank you for this read!

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