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How many ponies can fit in a one horse town, anyway?


This is a collection of small stories, song parodies, and other random writing that I've done which are often too small to qualify as complete stories by themselves, so they've been grouped together here. I'll add new chapters to this whenever I come up with anything new.

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...And to add insult to injury, the last thing Luna did was to spray Queen Chrysalis with insect repellent. :facehoof:

How are YOU able to publish parodies without a story?

I tried that with my Patriotic Hymn parodies, and it got sent back, saying "This is not a story!"

So... I had to wind a story around the songs to get them accepted. (And, well... you can see the thumbs-downs for yourself.)

You must have some pull I don't know about yet...

6307724 All of my song parodies, and everything else in the "Framwinkle's Random Writings" story, are all too short to be stories by themselves, (under 1000 words,) which is why they're grouped together. This "story" acts as a file folder for all the little bits, because collectively they're over 1000 words, which is why this is allowed. They mention doing this in their site's rules, which is where I got the idea.

Maybe if you do something similar with your parodies, and add them as chapters to a "My Song Parodies" story, or "My Random Stuff" story, they might accept them? It might also help if you have things other than parodies that get posted together first, because once the story is approved, I don't think they're as picky about individual chapters, if they see them at all. That way, if someone has a thing against approving parodies, they might not be as likely to see them because they'd be posted as new chapters to an existing story.

I think the main thing, though, is just having something over 1000 words. Most song parodies by themselves aren't going to come close.

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