Stephen of the Magneting fate hero must from piloting Six Elemental ponies throw deep into the Oatlantis to retrieve the Demon Lance and vomit out to witches Burning Angel before it destroys Equestria, and all verse ponies make great missionary position song to prevent terrifying blood death.

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I haven't read it yet but Oatlantis got me good.

dafuq? Did Floydien write this?

Prolly should've put that end Author's Note at the beginning. That would've resolved a lot of confusion.

I was about to ask how many times you ran this through auto-translate, then I saw the author's note. :facehoof:

After reading the summary, I predict that this can only turn out well.
Update: Halfway through the story
I'm either genuinely enjoying this, or SS&E has made me insane and that's why I'm understanding this.
Was that your plan?
Making us los our sanity to the point where this make sense?
Because if that is portent of manner of the writing causes that which results in higher praise.

I dont know what I'm getting myself into by reading this. ... really I don't, that description. .. i think short skirts has developed aphasia after his last story.

Ah ......

So, I have to say, after reading the author's note, I found this is a great way to troll a novel more enjoyable. As usual for you, skirt, action is pretty awesome, and the dialogue is ... ah, ah ...... interesting.

That is, the joke is a little tired after a while. I would do something like this on a shorter FIC. Yes, in the language of such a stupid way of messing with the concept works best in an epic story, but it's just too long. The joke overdue welcome it and become tired.

Still, a cute little thing, I'm sure, you write like twenty minutes, you damn machine.

Well done.

Also, you have a misspelling in the short synopsis. Vmoit in place of vomit. :ajsmug:


Ah, ha! I suspected the wonders of internet translation.
It was either that or a very faulty thesaurus.
Either way, this was enjoyable.
But enjoyable.

This is your brain on Skirts...




Luna looked at her. "What abounds, elk sister?"


Floydien is pleased, yes yes?

Also, I assume this is the canonical sequel to Background Pony.

What in the actual fuck, Skirts?



I concur, perpendicular.

...it's not even April yet...

Wasn't going to read this, until I figured out how to cheat

Ironically, that made it to the featured box while ¡DIVE! ¡DIVE! ¡DIVE! hasn't. Yet.

I do so love when you post the nonsensical which is assuredly wellwritten. effort takes it to Compile such poorness that is requiring of awe|

Also, I would enjoy seeing this in its' untranslated form as well, to see if the sporadic images my mind tried to form as I read were anywhere near accurate.

Skirts, are you sure THIS isn't the story about RD getting aphasia?

Ugh. Typical Gainaxupial. Blew the whole budget on the ending and had to scrape together the rest. Couldn't even pay for localization; it's like Neckbeardzord wrote the subtitles. I should've known better than to believe Shortskirtsandhideaki Anno when he said End of Background Pony would explain everything. Well, that's on me, I guess. At least it seems like he's back on some of his meds.

At least I didn't pay anything for this train wreck. Thank goodness for the Internet. Maybe I'll find someway to salvage it in a fanfic.

I don’t think you understand. This is the untranslated form. Other stories written by SS&E are translated.

I was so not expecting that...

Strangely enough, I could make a little sense out of it...

~Skeeter The Lurker

My heart panties...?

Until that line, I was reading with a straight face, if a bit confused.


Really, I had to stop reading because I was dying of laughter at this:

And it is through this, our secret weaponing, the Six Elements Pony test points to glory and the judicial fate of super bowls!

So it's their fault the Broncos were curbstomped by the Seahawks!

I'll have to finish this story later. It's really good, if difficult to take seriously.

And an host was given to it is that even in the form of, this tale is awful to say. The concept is very cute, but as a long time in the Red text is the story of real estate.

Makes sense. Or at least enough.


My gratitude to you good sir.

Ah, so this is where "Random Dash" came from.

The fuck, Skirts? I mean... the fuck? Your mind is a messed up place, man. It's like Evangelion written in the form of Finnegan's Wake by Anthony Burgess in the throes of a meth overdose. I can't remember the last time I was in the middle of reading of a story, and actually felt myself being consumed by despair.

That said, I can appreciate it, in its own way. The dialogue was actually sort of... oddly poetic in places, once you got used to it. And there were times when, through the cloud of opium smoke, it seemed almost thought provoking. Or maybe that was just the encroaching madness I felt while reading it. But then, I read it all the way through, didn't I? What does that say about me?

If nothing else, it made me laugh multiple times, so it wasn't just a test of my perseverance. For example:

"Knit my tits!"

I'm so gonna incorporate that into my daily life. I'm not even kidding.

Well that was... A thing that you did...!

I realised about halfway into what I managed to read (no offense, you were right, I think it was a bit too long to be funny all the way through) that you'd translated it in and out again, as the sheer randomness got too much for me to believe the mortal mind - even one as hilarious twisted as yours...! to make.

Even though I couldn't actually manage to read it all the way through, but I'm going to give yuo a like just for the sheer novelty of the experiment. But I will be reading the untranslated version kindly linked earlier, so I maybe get my head around what was actually happening (aside from the obvious.) On the other hand/hoof/claw attack, you made my skull hurt as much as the real Evangelion, but without the desire to pound someone's skull into bloody powder with my rocket launcher, because you at least had the decency to start crazy and incomprehensible!

Like you said - sometimes these things just have to be done!

Edit: No, actually, on second thought, I'm going to be reading both side-by-side, so I can fully grasp the extent of the madness...
*times passes*
Yeah, that makes much more sense and it makes it utterly hilarious. Some of the substitutions are on the "I don't even!" level of crazy funny.

This is the worst piece of garbash I ever read :pinkiesick:... and I love it. :heart:

I would love to read the untraslated story, but as an experiment this was so fun to read.

"I need mosquito time to orchestrate my fragile sides!"

Me too, Rarity.

It just occurred to me: The world would be a slightly more perfect place if someone did a dramatic reading of this.

Pure madness. I love it!
I must speak fluent shite translator because this wasn't terribly hard to read.
It probably helps that I've seen evangelion several times.
What? We all have guilty pleasures.

Is it at all normal that I understood every word of this?



Why did I let this sit in my read later pile so long? It was really good!

this is the last story! wohoo! I read all of your stories! (well, except for the collection post)

it also happens to be the craziest thing you have published on this site. other stories had weird plots or twists, but this is the only one where I had no idea what was happening for large portions of the story. and the language... I kind of feel like I could appreciate it more if I was a native speaker. cubicle sugar.

3976145 all the yes to this, somebody do it

⸘Is not inverted punctuation the best thing ever‽ ¿Do you like inverted punctuation? ¡I love inverted punctuation!

It all comes tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling dooown...

So the moral of the story that Skirts is trying to convey, is that the ocean is evil and it sucks.


Verily, I do believe the Emperor has a few words to say of the matter:
Or rather, this FIMfic. Anyhow, language barriers are indeed magnificent, and resulting in magnificent and hilarious. INTEGRITY AND HONOR!

Aye. I think a lot of fiction has made Zelda look somewhat negative for her rulings and part in the OoT debacle. Your story maintains the true fact that, what she did was totally in good will and through extreme effort on her part. Your perspectives are...well...inspiring! God bless

Well. Now I can scratch off the "Read a fanfic of Evangelion with ponies" entry on my bucket list.

Even though it wasn't there in the first place.

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