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How many ponies can fit in a one horse town, anyway?


A returnee arrives years after the event that transformed all humans into Equestrian ponies, and finds themselves in a body not their own, alone in a dead city, with few resources, and less hope. Set in the "Ponies After People" continuity.

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Did she die? I'm a little confused. The presence of the dark/sad/tragedy tags suggests she did, but the text is vague.

7456680 Yes, she did. That's why she was suddenly in the library, because that's where Archive seems to meet so many people who have passed on from before, and I presume also after, the event.

It's a short sad take. You get a 'like'.

I loved it so much, every aspect

I like the dark and realistic setting and the view of how an already burdened mind could quickly be pushed over the edge, faced with such desolation. Have a green thumb.

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