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WASS - Possible Spinoff · 3:46am Apr 19th, 2018

While Ben's adventure is barely begun, I am starting to think of a way to include some world-building info which might not fit into the main narrative: namely, the back story on Mule London's history after the Event. I have already conjured up a founding figure for the city (hence its name); and hope to figure out how they preserved a bit of civilization in a world overturned.

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Hello! Lucius Appaloosius here: a newcomer to this site, although a graybeard IRL.

I have been a secret fan of anthropomorphism and transformation since childhood: a chance encounter with a comic book left me with a fixation upon centaurs and other equine-based characters. It was not until I finally went on line that I became aware of the broader "furry" fandom. Well, I had found a niche. (I have examples of artwork up on Furaffinity and Deviantart under this username, should you care to examine them).

When MLP:FIM was announced, I was skeptical, having only heard of the show from its previous, saccharine incarnation: but once I dipped into the first season, my reservations were dissolved. I became a brony. I wish the show continued success. 7@=e (that's my "patented" equine emoticon)

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