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So I posted My first FIM story a couple days ago and the response has been surprisingly good. I was super nervous about posting anything but I'm glad I did:twilightsmile:

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And you head=cannoning that is fine. But I don't consider her autistic. And that influences my writing choices.
So maybe don't accuse me of being ableist for writing about a character that I am not writing as an autistic character in a way that delivers consequences for poor behavior eh?

I really do think pinkie is autistic or has adhd. i am not saying it should give her a pass i just think because shes disabled people shouldnt be mean to her because she doesnt act the way they want her too. she cant help it i like to think her bouncing around is her stimming.

Then read comedy fanficl. some of us find reality ensues fic to be fun. I enjoy it as a mental exercise. But don't go complaining that my reality ensues fic isn't a comedy fic. it wasn't meant to be.

Reality ensures basically. like how she almost got arrested in gift of the maud pie. She tried to break into a closed store just to get a gift for her sister. Pardon I always saw the what ifs as people demanding a character get consequences. I just like comedy I never really cared for the what ifs.

I don't even think anyone is necessarily offended. Fandom is the place to explore avenues that the show does not. Such as questions like "what would someones reactions to this behavior be if it was real life and not a kids cartoon playing up the comedy"

  • Viewing 13 - 17 of 17
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