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Hiya, everybody!


Twilight puts her hoof down when a diplomatic visit goes awry.

A short one-shot written in response to Season 5, Episode 11: Party Pooped. But you probably figured that out. Warning: ham to ham combat aplenty.

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Nice touch. Rutherford (Hayes) and Ulysses (Grant), two U.S. Presidents.

Just so you know what bugs me, other than the obvious, about that episode? Why would declaring war matter? Ponies can fly, have extreme strength and toughness, and magic, and that's not counting the Princesses. This makes a lot more sense than the actual episode, and honestly would have been a better lesson and funnier, so, great work:pinkiehappy:. My thought was, maybe the Princesses just don't want the hassle? Or the Yaks had some secret trump? I don't know.

Twilight: You declare war on us? How many yaks in Yakyakistan?

Rutherford: Over 20,000.

Twilight: You DO know that Equestria has over 30 million, right?

Rutherford: Um...uh...so what? We can take you ponies with ONE yak.

Twilight: We could just hurl a small piece of the sun on Yakyakistan and kill you all you know.


6156977 Yeah, but imagine them at war with us humans, we have nuclear missiles, RPG rockets, tanks, etc., we could wipe them out whether magic or not!

6236585 That depends on whether magic can repel mundane force like human weapons produce, for example, if magical shields can be sustained constantly, and they can withstand the force of an explosion, then bullets, bombs, and missiles become useless. As for nukes and tanks, one word...transformation. Not saying humans wouldn't have a chance, but the ponies have three serious advantages: Magic, that we do not understand magic, and less chances of internal comflict. Human advantages would be greater war experience, and more Intel on the enemy, and possibly better weapons, if the above is not true. Don't forget about the Princesses, since they control an entire celestial body each.

6236621 So basically you're saying if I fired an AK-47 at Twilight she could block the barrage of bullets with her magic?

6237326 It's possible, if Twilight put enough power into it. I speak out of having seen magic in other fictions do similar, plus the destructive power Twilight blocked when she was fighting Tirek, and we don't know the extent of Equestrian magic.

Comment posted by Paradise Oasis deleted Aug 11th, 2015

Interesting. I like it.:twilightsmile:

Awesome job. I've actually done a few of my own HISHE MLP:FIM fics as well that I've been planning to upload on here. Now while technically Rutherford had diplomatic to protect him while in Equestria, I really wished something like this would've happened. Amazing work here, you did great.

6156977 Twilight is new to being a princess. she doesn´t know much about war estrategy, she doesn´t know the ponies have the upper hand.
besides, she probably was like CELESTIA WOULD BE SO DISSAPOINTED! and I DON´T WANT PONIES AND YACKS TO HURT EACH OTHER! and stuff like that.

I like Ulysses already. maybe him and/or his wife would´ve been better for coming to Equestria.

7684737 True, which once again makes me wonder what the fizz they were thinking making Twilight a princess and letting her handle this, if she doesn't know the right information for in case things go bad:applejackconfused:

7684830 Celestia must have assumed she had second-hand knowledge from her brother and books. but she didn´t. sides, she´s the 6th in line, she won´t actually make big desicions for Equestria for a while.

Makes you wonder how the yak prince and later the yak King would've reacted had she said "I accept" to the war thing.

Makes you wonder how the yak prince and later the yak King would've reacted had she said "I accept" to the war thing

Seriously someone do this idea!!!!!



When Rutherford got home do you think his fathers first words to him were “YAK SMASH!”

Could it be?, Twilight thought. Could something actually be going right for once?

Yeah, not really Twi:applejackunsure:.

Spike finished the song and got up to address the audience. "Thank you! Thank you very much! Twilight told me to stall- I mean, entertain you, and I'm very glad you were all pleased with my performance-" His left claw shot out and accidentally hit the piano, knocking off the front cover and revealing the recording.

Of course not.

Eenope it is most certainly not:twilightoops:!!!

Prince Rutherford screamed, "THIS MUSIC IS A LIE!!! YAKS SMASH!!!" Spike's eyes shrunk into pinpricks as the three enraged yaks, for what seemed to be the umpteenth time today, leaped onto his impromptu stage and smashed the piano into pieces. But before he could try to stop them, a hoof struck out and smashed into his gut, sending him flying through 7 buildings and eventually causing him to crash into a tree head-first.

"SPIIIIIIKE!!!!" Twilight screamed. All of a sudden, the world around her became a blur. Sparks began coming out of her horn, mane, and tail, and her eye began twitching, all signs that something bad was about to happen.

Oh no, Spike:twilightoops:!!! Also, oh no, Twilight is about to snap:twilightoops:!!!

"ENOUGH STALLING! YAKS WANT PARTY NOW!" Prince Rutherford bellowed out in his baritone voice. The four remaining ponies on scene glanced at Twilight, and saw she was not going to be able to calm him down.

The only party you're getting as is Cupcake party if you don't knock it the buck off:twilightangry2:!!!

Rarity did some quick thinking, and decided that Prince Rutherford, who was now pounding the rest of the stage into dust and splinters, was the more immediate problem and needed to be taken care of first. She quickly whispered, "Spike will be fine. Rainbow Dash and I have seen him survive a belly flop into lava and come out unscathed!" The others nodded, and ran up to Prince Rutherford. "Now, then, I'm sure you're just as... antsy to get the traditional Yakyakistan party started as we are, but our party planner is currently in the middle of preparing the absolute best-"


Fluttershy squeaked, "Please, calm down... You'll only have to wait a little whi-"

"ENOUGH!!! YAKS MAD! YAKS GO HOME!" The four ponies promptly started protesting, but Prince Rutherford cut them all off with another loud roar. "YAKS NO BE FRIENDS! YAKS BE ENEMIES! YAKS DECLARE WAR ON EQUESTRIA!" The blood drained out of everypony's faces. All except one.

Hey don't you yell at Fluttershy:flutterrage:!!!

"...War?" Everypony and everyyak turned to Twilight, who was slowly turning to face Rutherford. Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Applejack took one look at her face, and promptly vacated the space between her and the yak delegation. "WAR?!" And with that, Twilight exploded. Her coat turned white, her eyes turned red, and her mane combusted into flame. The next thing anyone knew, she was right up in Rutherford's face. "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT AFTER EVERYTHING YOU'VE PULLED TODAY, YOU'RE GOING TO DECLARE WAR?!"

Yeah, I'm with you Twilight...this was just...just, ugh:ajbemused::facehoof:!!!



"OFFENDED?!" Twilight's tone softened, although nobody mistook the tranquil fury in her voice. "You have spat on every single effort to make you feel welcome here, caused hundreds of thousands of bits in property damage, and assaulted my friends, AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO SAY YOU'RE OFFENDED?!" By now, Rutherford and his companions' knees were shaking, and they were backing away in fear of what the enraged alicorn was going to do next. "I AM SICK AND TIRED OF YOU THROWING A TEMPER TANTRUM EVERY TIME SOMETHING DOESN'T GO YOUR WAY! SO WHY DON'T YOU TAKE YOUR LITTLE HANDMAIDENS AND GET OUT OF HERE BEFORE I BUCK YOU BACK TO YAKYAKISTAN MYSELF!!!" The three yaks promptly turned and fled in terror, screaming all the way. Twilight's appearance returned to normal, and she took off in the direction Spike went flying.

AND DON'T COME BACK:flutterrage:!!! Or else you'll be made into cupcakes...:pinkiecrazy:.

Applejack was the first to speak up. "...Whoa, Nelly."


King Ulysses has just arrived in Canterlot to personally apologize for his son's abominable behavior. He was hoping for Rutherford to gain some much-needed political experience, but obviously he has a lot to learn. His threat of war was just bluffing and bluster, and I'm proud of the way you handled yourself. Naturally, the expenses for the repairs to Ponyville will be coming out of Rutherford's pocket. (Not that the townsponies really care; they really have seen everything!) Take care of yourself, and make sure Spike gets plenty of rest.

Yeah, Spike really needs a break after all that:twilightsmile:.

If Fluttershy hadn’t saved those animals in time before they were crushed by the yaks. . .ugh.

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