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Twilight Sparkle figured having a drink wasn't bad, having another was even better, and even more would be even better. She went to sleep feeling awesome. Now she doesn't feel so good. Who the buck is in her bed, why does she smell fish everywhere, and why does everypony say she looks dashing?

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A shadow darkened her vision. She looked up to see Sunset Shimmer Glaring at her. "There you are, Twilight. We need to talk. Now! And what's that on your face?"

....does this mean there's to be more?

Neece #2 · Dec 2nd, 2018 · · 1 ·

I kinda expected all the half references to be red herrings of a big prank, so I'm kinda disappointed. Also appalled at the apparent lack of hygiene they possess. So you get only a meh, even if it's somewhat funny.

But Twilight, the stuff that actually controls the portal is on the Equestrian end...

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