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Twilight Sparkle is always delighted when her mentor Princess Celestia invites her to Canterlot to talk, and all the more now since she's the designated heir to the Equestrian throne. Celestia even got her this neat new shortwave radio!

A Random Comedy-type Crossover one-shot which is just one big Bioshock reference. A spiritual successor to Mi Amore Cadenz-Ur, a similar video game shitpost whose reception I was pleasantly surprised with.

EDIT: Heh, Non-mature featured 3/20/20. Heh.

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Very clever. Bioshock remains one of my favourite games, and this twist gets me each time with how clever it is.

Reply, would you kindly?

Which pony do you think is Dr. Suchong's waifu? :duck::rainbowhuh:

That's a very good question. Probably Twilight, given her scientific grounding and her potential for doing... "controversial" experiments (Lesson Zero comes to mind).

Of course, he'd probably try to glue Tirek into an Alpha Big Daddy suit...

"Princess Luna is scary son of bitch, but Princess Celestia is cheap son of bitch...you can no reuse big daddy suit! ...Celestia can go suck egg!"

Luna would be terrifying in a Bouncer suit.

You could also argue that the super forms of the ponies are the results of too many plasmids.

Oh dear, Spike is fake.

I love this. If you decide to do more, can you make one with vay hek from Warframe? I feel like him screaming every word would work perfectly for Luna and her royal voice.

I would pay to read such a story.

A few months later, a Dragon named Garble reawakens in Ponyville, and searches for his old Little "Filly", Ember
Make it happen :trollestia:

Someone has been playing too much bioshock

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