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Rest In Peace, CoffeeBean · 12:29am April 21st

This post was not easy to write. I have been flailing away at this screen for hours and days, trying to find some way to properly convey this. Poetry has always eluded me. I'll be short and succinct:

CoffeeBean is dead. My friend and comrade in ponies, writing, gun nuttery, and late night crazy talk died on April 5th. Fimfiction has lost one of its finest. He was a great man, and the world is worse without him.

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An Apology, Nights In Pink Velvet, and Merry Christmas · 11:29pm Dec 25th, 2018

Merry Christmas, ya'll!

It has been one hell of a year with you guys on fimfic. I want to thank you all who followed me in the past year. For those of you who've been following me longer, thank you all, too. It means so much that now 833 of you like my work enough to want to know when I post things.

And speaking of posting, I want to say I'm sorry for the famine of content. I've barely written anything since July and I'm sorry. I'm sorry that my latest offering was crummy.

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Mothers Day - Nights In Pink Velvet - Chapter 9 Teaser · 3:51am May 14th, 2018

Happy Mothers' Day! I hope ya'll had a great one. And speaking of mothers, Nights In Pink Velvet's ninth chapter is being written right now and will be out in a week. Here's a taste of what's to come.

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Attention Art Lovers · 8:08pm May 6th, 2018

Just a quick announcement: Like art? Know art? Got an eye for quality? Art For Fanfiction is looking for people like you to help with judging contests. If interested, contact Verbose Mode or Arctikfox

Thanks for taking the time to read. Your reward is a goodgirl.

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Soothing A Tempest Is DONE! · 9:33pm Mar 23rd, 2018

You thought it was over, did you? Well, surprise, muthafucka, there's an epilogue!

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Soothing A Tempest Chapter 5 Is Up! · 1:17am Feb 27th, 2018

After more than a week of waiting, the wait is over. Chapter 5 of Soothing A Tempest is up! Sorry about the delays. I will do my best to have this story finished by the end of this week. Enjoy!

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Nights In PInk Velvet - ART! · 6:03pm Feb 17th, 2018


Nights In Pink Velvet - Act 1 Complete! Some Announcements and a Teaser. · 9:48pm Feb 11th, 2018


Join The Wordsmith Workshop! · 1:35am Feb 4th, 2018

Come one, come all, to the exciting release of a brand new service group under the management of The Creators Guild, headed by ArctikFox. We have Art For Fanfiction, we have the Reviewers' Cafe, and now we have the Wordsmith Workshop!

‘What is the Wordsmith Workshop?’ you might wonder. Well, it is an editing and proofreading service group dedicated to the spreading of joy, knowledge, and a sense of accomplishment not just for story writers but anyone on any level in the creative process.

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С Днём ВДВ! Happy VDV / Paratroopers' Day! · 3:18am Aug 3rd, 2017

Сегодна, 2 Августа 1930г, советский союз создал первую группу ВДВ. И так, каждый 2 Августа посвященный десантикам ВДВ России! Слава им, ти настоящие мужики. Как говорят, <<Никто Кроме Нас>>!

Today, on the second of August, 1930, the Soviet Union created the first unit of the VDV. And so, every 2'nd of August is dedicated to the paratroopers of Russia's VDV! Let us honor them, those brave guys. As they say, "Nobody but us"!

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