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Basically gone but I still like you idiots.


Old Rage, Old Review · 5:57am Aug 25th, 2018

A long time ago I wanted to do Rage Reviews way back when. I found my old attempt to get into it.


I want to discover if I have that special place in my soul for shitty writing. Let's see if I calmly and snarkily make fun of this the whole way through, or if I snap like a dry twig and burn the whole thing down.

Rage Review:

The Six New Alicorns

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F*** THIS PROMPT (Shit ideas, meet good writers. The winners.)

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He’s a mean one...
Mr. Grinch!

Don't even start.

well... someone doesn't like fun

Ah, you....



I was interested in hearing feedback that wasn't exclusively positive. The readers who leave me comments seem to like it a lot, and you were the first to not like the pacing. For that alone, it was worth submission...The comments section needs a bit less "dick suckery" as my pre-reader liked to put it.

Anyone who can say that has my attention. Y’all are on the right track.

Hi there. Thanks for adding me to your watch list. Hopefully I'll be worth your attention. Please feel free to stop by my page or my story and leave a comment.

Why the hell are you here?

Yeah it was just getting a little to serious for a troll thread.

Derpibooru has no built-in system for that, and I don't really sell anything but commissions. You can print my stuff yourself if you like!

i noticed that the thread on that Anti-Fascist group is locked now.
and btw, does DerpiBooru allow artists to sell prints at all?

  • Viewing 65 - 74 of 74
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