• Published 14th Feb 2018
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Soothing a Tempest - kalash93

Tempest Shadow rediscovers what it is like to feel like a mare.

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(looks at synopsis) But, doesn't Tempest only have one scar?

.....so?......WHEN ARE WE GRTTING MORE!? I'm not freaking out! I just want more good reads!

Well. I did like the little epilouge.
And as I spy with my little eye you snuck in some german here. ... okay Brötchen was kinda hard to overlook. :rainbowlaugh:
Nevertheless a nice aftertouch to the story and a really good closure.



The story is over, bratan, but I have a ton more content where that's from. If you like this kind of plot with porn, odds are you'll love Nights In Pink Velvet, which I am just about to release the next chapter of. I'm glad you really like this story and it makes me smile wider than anything else as an author.


How could you miss the German and the Russian? LOL.

I just couldn't leave Tempest and Sought alone. What happens next is up to them. I wanted to give a brief look at the real guy behind the character and show maybe what he'd like and how his life is, as well as the impact his clients can have on him, what his hopes and dreams are, and so on. This fic walked a fine line between realism and romanticizing. I'd like to think that the ending, especially with him wanting to have a home love and to have sex outside of work would balance it out closer to the realistic end of what I intended to be a rather rose-tinted take on the healing power of emotional connection and physical intimacy. The most intimate part wasn't the sex, it was the crying afterwards.

I wanted to give some realistic closure to Tempest. She's doing better now and is at least going to try living. One good round in bed won't unfuck her for good, and nothing will, but being made to feel loved and valued as a person will do a lot to help her be more functional and perhaps happier. Maybe it'll work out with the guy who keeps hitting on her, maybe it won't. The point is she's going to give living a chance. I also wouldn't say that she and Sought would be shipped together. I don't see him ever really being comfortable with an admitted killer, and they really interact more like friends than lovers anyway

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. If you like plot with porn stories, I have another one ongoing called Nights In PInk Velvet that's due for an update in the next couple of days. I also would have to recommend An Escort's Journal by Diso Knight. I decided to end the story here, actually, partially becayse there's a similar ish thread running through that one, and he's a way better writer than I'll ever be.

Lastly, Mars Miner did some great art related to this fic. He did a commission showing what Sought Touch had to work with.

Wonderfully done, haven't seen the movie yet and already you have me falling for her.


Awwww, thanks. Just remember that Tempest is a psychological dumpster fire with a long history of violence and established antisocial tendencies and issues with emotional regulation. Be sure to come back an comment again once you've seen the movie, K?

You managed to write a porn story that's heartfelt, romantic, cute and deep as fuck. Bravo good sir, bravo! :moustache:

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