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A year after a child was born, Andrew Watkins, was having his first birthday. Things go bad after a while of being at home, and gets transported somewhere else, being saved by the horrible accident, by a young unicorn Twilight Sparkle. Who was working on a different type of magic. Equestrian teleportation magic. Who had accidentally brought Andrew to Equestria, but saving his life in the process. Now it is Twilight's responsibility to take care of him, and/or find a way to bring him back to wherever he came from.

Yes, I know this is my third human in Equestria story, but that should be all you expect from me. It's my favourite type, so don't expect and only pony stories. So I hope that you enjoy this story, its something that I've been thinking about for a while, so I'm not positive that it will be successful. So feel free to give me any tips!

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The fact that I went to school with a guy named Andrew Watkins made me want to immediately read this, good start btw hope to see more.

I suggest you continue this story, young chap. Open the envelope to see what I mean.

Is this a troll fic or a farce of HiE stories? Because the description's grammar is rather lacking, but in a manner which seems almost deliberate.

is there a reason twilight refers to andrew as a filly and not colt? otherwise i like the story :)

Enjoying this so far, please post more ASAP; I'm bored as hell.

So, I am to believe that Twilights parents are ok with their ten year old daughter raising an infant, of an unknown race? I like this story, but come on we need a little more info. How did Twilight convince her parents to let her keep andrew, how did they react when they first saw him, does Celestia know? Lot's of stuff that should be covered. Also, you called him a filly, but fillies are girls. Over all though, good story.:pinkiesmile: Oh, also is Spike older than Andrew, because he certainly acts older?

5250035 i would like to know all of that stuff too

Putting my work before my own filly

I think you mean "colt"

Thanks for all the info you guys. I will definitely change the whole "filly" thing thanks. But description wise I will be telling everything about when Twilight first found Andrew. So next chapter I will fill you in on that. My next chapter should be up tomorrow, but possibly tonight.

5254061 ok and i was wondering everything about when Twilight first found Andrew too i am glad that you are going to be filling us about that in the next chapter

Oh, and for the record, I would've had the chapter out a bit earlier but distraction wise you can thank my cat and Pewdiepie :P

Comment posted by dream1990 deleted Nov 11th, 2014

5255014 ok and i am sorry i delete my own comment

If this story runs parallel to canon, then you've got a couple points where you said princesses and royal sisters, when in fact, Luna's not here yet.

I wonder how the Fluttershy convo will go without Spike to break the ice

5255455 Thank you very much for pointing that out, I'd completely forgotten about that. I've fixed that now, but I will probably only go canon by the first episode. After that the story will carry on without episodes. Thanks again! :rainbowkiss:

If Fluttershy is expected to be excited to see Spike for the first time, imagine when she see's little Andrew:yay:

conTROLLER234 i got a question when will the next chapter come out for this story

5278801 Sorry that this is taking so long. Everything has just been really busy. I will try though.

no pony better hurt Andrew really bad if they do then they will regent it in the next chapter and i like this chapter

5280077 Don't worry, if we know the mane 6 well enough they wouldn't hurt him. Even if they tried, Spike, Twilight, and Fluttershy would all protect him.

Huh... I can get Pinkie running upstairs, and maybe AJ in an attempt to stop her, but other three? Meh..?

Fluttershy is sooooo gonna go gaga over the little kid XD What's rarer than a baby dragon? Andrew! ^^


*que music* CLIFFHANGER HANGING FOR A CLIFF. Can't hold on much longer.

conTROLLER234 the cliffhanger to find out what happen in the next chapter for this story is killing me (not for reals) please put the next chapter soon

i like it and nightmare moon better not hurt Andrew really bad for if she does then they will be a anger twilight sparkle for her to duel with

“Oh, and what are you going to do about it?”

And that was when Twilight learned to use her telekinesis to grab two fixed points at the same time, while using the good ol' 'Twist and Pull' action...

Nightmare Moon: ''What the...? Unhoof mine head you sun loving mare! What are you doing?! No, don't twist it like that! nonononoNO!''


You cruel tease, leaving us at another cliffhanger.

Is Nightmare Moon kill? Don't come between a mama bear and her cub.

5301624 lets hope not and yeah you are right don't come between a mama bear and her cub

Alternative Ending :
R.I.P Andrew //
Didnt understand why ''Mommy'' said no to leave the house.
Rest in ravioli
Forever in our Stomach Heart
[Also R.I.P Nightmare moon]

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