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Hi! I am TheFastSpark! I love making stories about Ponies adopting Drake! I need a cover artist of Drake Snuggling to Luna if it's ok! Please PM if you're interested.


When Luna thought that this night would be normal. She thought wrong for she finds a stranded and lost child infant in a box in Canterlot's many allyways. Now she must take it upon herself to raise him.

(Currently on Hiatus to cover editing!)

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Don't wanna be rude bro, but have you ever read basic Olde English? You've used a lot of the easiest words wrong. A quick google search shows that Thine is the archaic form of yours; the thing or things belonging to or associated with thee.
"his spirit will take courage from thine"
Seriously, until you get an editor, google is your friend.

Sorry! Thank you so much or this! I will edit more on the story tomorrow. I'm exhausted but.. I'll edit more on it.


What have you done? It's not that DRAKE.. I made up my own OC silly.. It's not Drake the rapper..

I know. It's just that image went through my mind when I saw your oc name.


I was kidding! It ok.. I've gotten many mistakes like that with Drake. I hope you are enjoying the story so far! It's really hard for me cus of Writers block and thinking of what to write. I'm trying my best with the story! Bear with me ^_^

I'll give it a read, but as >>Techno Babble pointed out. It's always good to have a editor, and proofreader to help you out with your errors.

This where you can find an editor.

I'm interested in the story, can't wait for the next chapter.

A truley sweet fic so far.

Thank you all! For supporting me so far! I love you all.. I really do.. I promise as soon as I get home.. I'll get 4-5 more chapters done.. For you all!!

I am literally wanting to cry of joy right now thank you. Oh! There will be a school scene so in taking up to 6-7 OC requests.. From ponies-griffions-Zebras- any creature!! Please send en while you can so you can get featured in

'Her child of the night'

I really like this Story.

But I must say, I dont like the "old" way Luna is speaking.You should think she learned the modern speak in ten years.

Otherwise It's a really lovely Story. You should try to write a bit longer Chapters.


Thank you.. But I've really gotten used to doing this voice.. Please.. I will add in the next chapter as a vote.. If Luna should stick to olde English or regular English..

Actually.. Maybe I will at least stick to Thy and Thou.. Those words Luna used.. There.. That will be at least better.

4207291 Yes you would think that she would have gotten used to the modern language. But isn't Luna loved for speaking the old way and isn't that what makes Luna... Luna? :trixieshiftright:

Thou / Thee - You
Thy - Your
Whom - Who
We - I (In Luna's way)
Us - Me (In Luna's way)
Thine - Yours
'Tis - It is
Hope this Helps :twilightsmile:

I'm happy that Drake is loving living her with me

should "her" be "here"

He shoudl've for touching my foal like that..

Is it suppose to be "He shouldn't of touched my foal like that"

Se gently hushed him to calm him down and comfort him

Se? you mean She

I just read the whole story so far and I have to say. I like it but the chapters are short. try and get them over 1000 words that's enough to make others happy. P.S ARGH! SO MUCH THINE ERRORS! ITS TO MUCH! :pinkiecrazy:


I appreciate you with the Olde English words but I have shit internet at school ok? I am also exhausted too.. Ok on my way home and I will fix the errors but.. I'm not being mean.. Don't tell me how to run my story.. I make errors and I will fix them.. Do you have any idea how long it takes me to think up at these while brainstorming. I try my HARDEST to keep people happy.. I do.. Cut me some slack. Please.. School exhausts me enough.

I hope luna and Celestia find Drakes real parents and sends them to the deepest pits of Tarterus.


I feel you.. His parents were abusive to him even as a newborn.. Though.. that is an IDEA. :pinkiecrazy:

4208700 Ok 1st off nothing was said to make you mad or feel let down, I'm not telling you how to run your story (as I also have a story to do aswell) they are tips to make your story get the best it can get. 2nd you seem to forget that more then half of the writers in this site are in schools, colleges/universitys or maybe doing jobs. So its understandable if its putting you away from making a story, But some say that's not an excuse.


I understand.. I have school to put first in the story and.. I haven't taken care of myself for this past month.. I look and feel like complete shit.. I'm exhausted..

its a reverse my little dashie genus :rainbowkiss:

4207460 :trixieshiftright: first like the story :pinkiesmile:second i see your making an ageing arc short until Drake grows up:pinkiehappy:


Sure am! It's easier for me and people will maybe find the Royal Night Diaries enjoyable to read.. I am editing up the Chapters so they are more longer and better to read..

i think that the Guard should tell where Drake because i don't want luna to be sad and so Drake dose not die or get hurt

4209646 why would you want that

4209668 both the guard and the Wolf king might get NMMed

4209689 ok and Drake still would be safe right

4209696 well NMM is his mom's alter ego so probably

Thank you two for debating about this.. Now to clear any info for those who are confused..

The Wolf king which I HAVEN'T decided on a name yet wants to Kidnap Drake for his own slave.. But.. I am curious if the Guard Should or should not tell the Wold king where Drake is..

Anything is possible. ^_^

So what's the decision? Say or not say?

'Ello everyone! A fine story, needs a bit of editing (I'll be working on that as I have been asked to be editor) and I love the support the author here is actually getting good to see support for new authors!

Wish I had this when I started...

Keep those quills scribbling everyone! ~Albionian

4209714 Your welcome and yes Guard Should should tell Wold king where Drake is


Oh thank you! I hope there isn't anything bad.. I know the chapters are short but.. School drains me out of creativity.. It's almost Friday and the most chapters will be coming this weekend.. And.. To be honest.. I NEVER thought this fanfic would get this far.. I never did.. But I guess I over judged myself.. I'll let the editor do his job and I'll see if I can get started on chapter 7. No worries! I'm doing my best to keep updating the story.. Just bear with me with boring school and such.. :ajbemused:

4209777 You certainly have a bit of a reading base, I can only encourage you to go on. Keep up the good work, and I'll do whatever I can.


Y-You have no idea how speechless I am right now.. HELL YEAH! CHAPTER 7 COMING UP EVERYPONY!! Then I gotta get off :L :pinkiehappy:

4209875 Glad I could make your day, I'll get back to work on editing and you can churn out a new chapter for everyone.

i am glad that Drake is safe now :pinkiehappy: and ok

Where the hell did that blizzard come from and what happened to Drake's hair?


Well.. In the third chapter.. It states that Luna gave him a magical necklace that lets him control the element of ice and frost.. Drake however wasn't in control of this situation.. The necklace reacted to being in danger.. Teleported Drake far from Serot so he could be safe.

4210206...something tells me he know has ice magic and a certian purple alicorn should teach him how to control it


That's probably a good idea.. I'll consider it!


It was just a name.. I didn't think it was THAT deep 0-0

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