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I used to love the idea of a human getting to visit Equestria. It sounded like a good way to set up so many shenanigans, except it's plagued with boring characters or really cliché ones or... the dreaded Sue.
I never expected it to happen. For real.
No, that's not real. What am I saying? Tom's... missing. Yes, and I will find him. He's not in the show... that's ridiculous. Don't say such things! My little brother can't be part of the show! It's just a coincidence that this little alicorn showed up, spoke with his voice, has the exact same personality and is based on his personal design for his alicorn OC!

What am I supposed to do now?

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A very interesting spin on the HiE concept. The first scenes made me feel a bit uneasy, maybe because I'm a big brother myself. It's nice that you show what happens to family and friends when someone jumps to another world.

Good job so far :pinkiesmile: I'll be following this.

Not bad. Gonna check this out. Nice twist from the generic HiE fics. :twilightsmile:

Okay, you hooked me. Now Im giddy with questions and ideas.

How will he get to his brother? Will his brother ruin the show of MLP? What will the ponies think of him?

I have to guess, but I bet the only way for him to follow his brother is for himself to create an OC and wish to go to where is brother is. Maybe. Sounds a little silly but it could be plausible. That's probably how he got there.

Why does it only have nine likes?

2249173 Haha, well, someone had to. Think of all the HiE that never bother adressing it. I guess that's why I see so many 'special orphans' all the time...
Also, glad to see it pulled at the right heartstrings. I'm a little brother myself, so I'm/was more the one doing the worrying stuff.

2250127 Thanks, I'll do my best to keep things interesting.

2250209 So many questions, so many time to answer. Let's see. Maybe, well... and how do you think?
Also, I like your guess. I can't tell you if it's close or not, but I like the sound of it.

2251964 :twilightblush: Thanks, but... to answer that rethorical question... well, I'm at most somewhat a little popular, and not with this kind of story, there's "Became" and "Alicorn" in the title, it's got a Human tag, I have no idea in what kind of groups this would fit in (Do you?) so it's in none so far and it's been up for a day. :trollestia:

Well this is going to be interesting. Though I bet he wont get anywhere by going the, talk to the makers of the show route.

“My name is Blade Darkblaze and I’m here to buck asses and eat cupcakes, and I’m not out of either of those things!”


That was freakin' brilliant! I need more!

I'm very curious to see what Hasbro has to say about all this.

2258151 Eh, who knows? Maybe this is all about a big conspiracy to send annoying bronies to Equestria that backfired oh so horribly? Oh, who am I kidding? though that does sound like a halfway decent plot

2259383 Thanks, I'll see if I can make sure Tom will continue to deliver.

2259681 Only good things, of course.


Nah I bet its going to be, he gets in contact with M.A. Larson, and all Larson does is laugh and then a vision of hell pops into Sam's head:

and so Sam has to fight in a martial arts tournament to save his bro.

2262941 Okay, you're good. I just spent three minutes with this expression locked on my face : :rainbowlaugh:

Oh god. Not YOUNG BOY BRONIES IN EQUESTRIA!!! :pinkiegasp: :applebloomcry:
I swear I'm wayyyy more reserved, ... for lack of a better word, softer, and mature as a teen than as a kid. Not kidding.

Damn it! Where's my popcorn?
The main character is very relatable to me in a lot of ways; excellent fic.

Gosh... this is on the end of the HiE spectrum that I've rarely seen stories before: the heartbroken family that the human has left behind.
Dang... :fluttercry: right in the feels.
It's like it's trying to make me feel hopeless... and it's working. :raritydespair:

Keeps getting more and more interesting. :pinkiesmile:

2269453 Appearances can be deceiving.

2269478 Thanks, and your popcorn is over there.:moustache:

2269527 Well, one can only read so many times about a HiE worrying about his family on Earth before you want to actually read about them. But, yeah, I aimed for the feels. Glad to see I hit true.

2270039 2271039 Thanks! :raritywink:

2272306 "Where?!" *looks around feverently*
*frustrated growl* :twilightangry2: "There is no popcorn, is there?"
*looks around yelling for Wise only to see he/she is long gone*

I'm starting to feel more and more for this dude.

Hope something goes right for him soon.

~When you wish upon a star...~
Why do I suddenly have an urge to strangle a cricket named Jiminy? :twilightangry2:

Crap, man! This sucks balls! While Tom is off playing "Super Alicorn", his older brother and folks are falling apart, worried sick about him! :fluttercry: Jesus, I hope Sam gets to Equestria in the next chapter already! :twilightangry2:

2276167 ...Define "soon"?

2278351 Beats me. *whistle* Okay, maybe I do have an idea... just strangle him. It'll be for the best.

2282020 Ermm... next chapter you say? ... errr... well... temporary title for the next chapter is "Failure"... Just saying... wait a few more

Soon as in, about 3 chapters or so.

2285741 Hum... sorta? There will be at least one great thing going right for Sam in that span and if not, then the fourth (depends on how the chapters write themselves...)

Whelp. So we know for sure its his bro. Heck at this point I would even try contacting a medium, or some other quack doctor.

Ohhhhhhh. Poor Sam. He's so, so angry, and I understand that; but if he could only use it a bit better... :fluttershysad: Use it as fuel to figure something out, or just get some sort of manual tool (axe, pick, shovel) and start just using them on the ground...:pinkiesmile:
Wait a second. :trixieshiftleft: Is this... urban New England? :trixieshiftright: With all dem tiny yards and all dem liberals? :applejackconfused: If it is, then they probably don't have axes or picks (Too dangerous! The liberals had to take them away for safety :ajsmug::ajbemused::moustache::raritywink:), or even yards big enough to dig holes! :eeyup:

Anyway, good to see Tom hasn't gone and detonated the whole foundation of FiM. :trollestia::eeyup:

And dose kiddie OCs. Looking back, didn't we all make our own OCs as kids WAAAYYY too powerful? We did.

Comment posted by MLPFanForever deleted Mar 19th, 2013

Holy shit! That was awesome! Need more! :flutterrage:

Poor Tom, still too young to know that with great powers comes great responsability. It seems he's going to learn it the hard way...

I love how fast you update!

2286479 Yup, but Sam doesn't believe in those things. Crazy, huh?

2286675 1) It's like a magnifying lense. Focus all your anger, Sam. Go to the dark side of the force. :moustache:
2) Hum... New England? I... I don't think so. Where did that come from? Come to think of it, I haven't really given their hometown's much thought. *shrugs* Oh well, let's say they're from around... Toronto? I have no idea...
3)Tom hasn't found the trigger yet. Give him time...
4)And yes, all my kiddies OCs were overpowered back then. Because I said so.

2286902 Well, thanks. But, just out of curiosity, why did you delete a comment?

2287398 That, or Sam will allude to Spider-Man and that will be that. :trollestia:*whistle*

2293486 Thanks, but don't hold your breath. There are no guarantees I will be able to keep this up. :twilightblush:

Dude, your brother got warped into a cartoon. I think your suspension of disbelief is in the ionosphere right now.

2295043 Actually, it's more of a case of "if Unicorn, then Aliens". Or, you know, just trying to do everything by himself. Or even him just holding out on a semblance of reality. Maybe an unholy mix of all three. You decide.

2294960 :twilightblush: I made a mistake. But instead of hitting the "edit" button, I clicked the "delete" button. :derpytongue2: My bad. :derpytongue2:

2294960 We all made OP OC's as kids... All of us. :eeyup:
DEM MARY SUES. :pinkiegasp::fluttercry:
New England came to mind because in New England, all the houses are tiny and cost exorbitant sums of cash for hardly any land. Like, $650,000 for a 3-story 1,250 sq. ft. house. :derpyderp1::eeyup:
Silly Yankees! :pinkiesmile: Just come buy a 1-story, 1,500 sq. ft. house in Texas for $190,000. :raritywink:

:pinkiegasp::rainbowderp: Oh, god. This will not end well.

Oh... Oh my... Someone on the interwebs from this story's universe got pissed off at Tom. This can of worms went from bad to worse in a heartbeat.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, shit. This is NOT going to end well at all.

I:m really hoping he finds a solution soon, or baring that, a way to get himself into Equestria.

Of course. The logical conclusion. :facehoof: This was bound to happen, why didn't I see it coming?

Poor Sam can't catch a break. :fluttershysad:

And yet this is, once again, a very good and interesting spin on the usual concept. A HiE story where the show actually changes due to the new character, and we see how people in the real world react to those changes. Very well done. I'm eager to see what other surprises you have reserved for us :pinkiesmile:

2305789 2305567 2305256 Indeed.

2305796 What would you suggest be a solution in this situation?

2306276 Because you came to see things from Sam's angle and he never would have imagined that happening, not in a million years?
Sam is not catching a break yet, but...

Ah, Ah, Ah. Not gonna fall for that bub.

You have a plan for this story I I know that. I'm just saying there only so much depressing stuff a guy like Sam can take before he just goes catatonic and gives up.

So throw the guy a bone or somethin. XD

2307224 Ah, foiled again. :ajsleepy:

Oh well, better follow your other suggestion. *lifts a dinosaur femur* "SAM! THINK FAST!" :flutterrage:


Sam is crushed under its weight.




FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Now we're getting somewhere!

Keep up this daily update schedule of yours dude!

Edit 2: Forgot to comment about the rest of the chapter as a whole.
I don't care how Mary-Sueish a character is written. No one deserves the Srgt. Sprinkles treatment. :twilightangry2: No one! Props to you, Sam! I didn't know you had it in you to tear that terrible author and his spin-offs a new one.

Edit: Spoiler alert.
Allow me to borrow a quote from ACRacebest when Twilight was swallowed by Chrysalis' fire into the floor:
:fluttershbad: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"

I feel as if that this story is going to end in tragedy.

The problem is not Tom, it's Sam. At the rate he's going, he's taking the wrong approach to finding Tom - destroying himself and his life in the process. He's alienating everyone and thinking that everyone blames him while in fact it isn't precisely his fault. Twisting the facts and people to go against himself and wanting revenge against them all. This is precisely the path of the dark side, and thus, becoming more violent and aggressive in the process. We can see it here with all the "shitstorms" he caused (and previously with the physical violence and arguing) and his murderous intent (with his line of "kill them all"). It's only time before the monster inside him grows enough to the point where he becomes an Omnicidal Maniac, and people/ponies gaining a reason to hate and/or blame him.

At the beginning half I was sympathetic to his plight. But now, I am quickly finding myself being rather unsympathetic to this dilemma. Remember, the ends never justify the means. If his down-spiral continues, he will have to be put down for a relatively happier ending to continue. Or a long path to redemption.

My my, great work on this fic! Definitely favorting this.

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