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Spoilers for Season 4 and LFS · 4:03pm Nov 23rd, 2013

Wow. I...

If you've seen the new episode, you saw something called the 'Tree of Harmony'.

If you follow Doctor Who, you've seen the TARDIS Architectural Configuration System;

They. Are. The. Same. Thing.

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Anything in the future for Least Faithful Student?
It's a great story btw.

Hey, for some reason I can't seem to get a message to send over fimfiction, so check your email.

And now to read your other stories. I don't care that it's past midnight.:pinkiecrazy:


No problem! I enjoyed reading it, a fave was the least I could do.

Thanks for the fave!

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Pony Ranking!

Idunno, I saw this on a couple pages and thought I'd do this.

Mane Six:

Top Tier:
Twilight and Dashie tie for first place. Please don't make me choose! I feel that I relate to both of them on a very fundamental level, but I can't tell which is my absolute favorite.

Middle Tier:
Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rarity are all great, relatable, accomplished mares. I don't enjoy seeing them quite as much as those first two, but they're pretty fun.

Bottom Tier:
Pinkie Pie. Go home Pinkie. You're drunk. Pinkie stahp.

Top Tier:
Luna! Long live the New Lunar Republic!
Middle Tier:
Celestia and Cadence. Not sure...
Bottom Tier:
At the end of season 2, Cadence lived down here, but season 3 seems to be repairing her character. We'll see.

Background Ponies:
Top Tier:
Derpy Hooves and Time Turner. A perfect pair of ponies, if you ask me.
Middle Tier:
Lyra and Bonbon.
Bottom Tier:
I can't think of any background ponies I dislike...

Top Tier:
Discord and Queen Chrysalis. These bad mother-buckers are fantastic. Good, strong, well-written villains who really push the envelope on how good a villain in a children's cartoon can be. Plus, their laughter is great. I can't help but giggle along with QC at the end of 'This Day Aria.'

Middle Tier:
NightMare Moon. At least from what we saw of her in canon, she was a bit trite, and far from the best villain I've ever seen. Not bad, though, and plenty of room for redemption in fanfiction.

Bottom Tier:
Ol' crystal-boy. He had some tough acts to follow, sure, but he didn't really handle it well. Evil grunting just isn't scary. Neither is saying, 'crystaaaaaals'.