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During a quarrel between the lone wanderer and his A.I program something goes horribly wrong and it affects many more than just the townsfolk of primm this time. Will the new editions to Equestria fit in peacefully or will they go out with a bang?

Fallout/FIM crossover

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Good job on the story!

how did the lone wanderer end up in primm shouldnt he or she be in dc and where is the courier? good story but kinda throws you off if you played both fonv and fo3

Good story, bad grammar. I would be glad to proof-read for you! :pinkiehappy:

So there's a snowglobe in the fountain of Primm.... interesting...

473849 Also has it ever occured to you that the Wanderer and the Courier are the same people?

473898 they could be but its highly unlikely i mean look at some of the dialog choices in fonv some of them wouldn't make sense in the context of the lone wanderer and the courier being the same personand its pretty much stated that the courier wasnt raised in a vault

474643Maybe it's just the lone wanderer and he happened to go west after the events of broken steel

475075 yes but why would he go west maybe its part of the story if it is i like where this is going even more:pinkiehappy:

475531idk, maybe he A) after destroying to brotherhood of steel compound, remembered hearing there were more out west and set off on a quest to completely wipe them out, or B) after destroying the enclave base and at eventually eradicating the super-mutants, he went west to help those other brotherhood of steel chaps that kind old Elder Lyons told him about

I originally wrote this to see if anypony would be interested... sooo ima rewrite the first chapter:ajsleepy:

>> Zilenan91
This is acctualy based off of that assumption. Nice job picking up on that, u earn all my sanity!:pinkiecrazy:
Also there is no snowglobe in prim...i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/126/055/lied.gif?1306191204

Im just finished adding more detail, however Dont expect a big change in grammar...
BTW: Please use constructive criticism, just keep in mind that im only 14.

475557 well i guess that would make sense considering that the brotherhood in the mojave chapter let the courier help them i guess at this point they wouldn't have an attitude like the outcasts towards wastelanders so they would probably be willing to accept the lone wanderer's help makes so much sense in that context cant wait for the next chapter

475738 u bastard :3

and yeah I never played Fallout 3 but I know enough about it to know abouti t ya know? So naturally I originally thought the first time I played Fallout New Vegas that the courier was the wanderer because he took things well because he has been kidnapped by a psychotic ex- brotherhood of steel chapter leader, saved a tribe of primitive men, gone to a place called the Divide and helped someone from his past he can't remember and maybe blew up California or Legion territory, and from what I remember I think that's it for the courier. Also further adding to my suspicion the Wanderer has been captured by aliens, that's all I know too though.

Might as well put this in but I know of a few good Fallout fics one being Courier Six and another being It Must Be Tueday. Very well written fics too if I might add.

I actually took the A.I styleing from It must be Tuesday

477288 oh alright nice.

help he is the wanderer damnit

27 million WHY

Help her. Also, she's like 5 years old. How would she know what a phallic shape represents?

look for food, My character was always a dick to everybody, except to megaton.

Lets be honest... do you want a answer:rainbowwild:

HAHAHA just messing with u:rainbowlaugh:
____━━____━┗|:::::::: |。◕‿‿◕。|

Save applebloom!!!!

Shoot her and eat her brains :pinkiecrazy:
I'm joking he should save her
Also is this based on fallout 3 or new vagas as you called the character the wanderer but you mentioned snow globes and th sneaky stealth suit mk2
Just wondering:scootangel:

>Nothing seemed safe, even the tree that looked kind of like a penis scared the living daylights out of her.

Help her and kill the monster that separated her from her friends at the same time (Just that much of a badass).

Also like any Fallout game Dogmeat will have to pop up out of nowhere and can join your character (In Equestria Dogmeat could pull a Pinkie Pie [What with Time and Space being irrelevant]).

'Tis okay if I add your fic to a Fallout Crossover group of mine?

MOAR FOR LUVS OF THUS GODS MAKES MOARS:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

shure, just a warning though I have a lot to do this summer so I wont be able to update it until fall:raritydespair:

LOVE IT longer chapters please atleast 1ks??? plz :yay:

K longer chapters it is!
I'll try to upload one a week
How could I resist a Flutter yay?:pinkiesad2:

First come, first served!:pinkiehappy:

And just to be a troll, I LIED the next chapter is coming out on sunday
EDIT: This is what writing at 2 in the morning does to you kids!

If you need more time to get the chapters out and longer you should take it, most of us will not mind.

Thanks I'll keep that in mind:trollestia:

:twilightsmile:chapters a little short but its still funny and interesting so who cares:twilightsmile:

Next chapter: apple jack goes bat-shit crazy cus she thinks he is gonna hurt/ has hurt apple bloom

Also, barking mad? That the fuck A.I?

The A.I is partial to bad puns, also she needs a name. Its a issue I've been skirting for quite some time...:facehoof:

I FEEL SO LOVED FROM BEING MENTIONED IN YO STORRY :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

1521733 how about A.Imy? like Amy but a horrible pun in it

Sure but your getting the blame for the pun.:pinkiehappy:

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