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I'm a writer specializing in Age Regression stories, mental and physical. I am a MLP babyfur. There is nothing sexual about it for me. Please get to know me well before judging me or my OC.


WARNING/ALERT/DANGER/CAUTION: This story contains age regression/diapers/etc. Please do not continue on if you do not enjoy this.

Twilight receives a mysterious letter, accepting her into Fantasy Omega’s Academy of Lora. What will happen during her time there? Who's the Headmaster, and why does nopony ever see him? Everything is not what it seems at F.O.A.L. Academy!

Academy Motto: To re-learn what was lost long ago

Thank you, Zubric, for roleplaying this with me to iron out some details.

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Why don't you put that at the bottom of the description? Yelling at readers will repel them away.



Because, for the most part, people's attention spans don't last more than a few words, and even with all the disclaimers, people still click it to dislike just because they hate the idea, not the writing itself.


Well, if you say that, yelling it as the first paragraph will make them want to dislike even more.

This introductory chapter seems promising.

Seems like too short of a chapter, seems a little too quick just saying

5035417 I have to agree. It is a bit short for a chapter or opening in this case.

Maybe the next chapters will be a bit longer.

I think this story is going to be good.


Sorry you felt that way :( I'll make the next chapter longer.

5035635 I hope you don't forget about your other stories.
We all still wait for the next chapter from "A Pacified Kingdom".

Currently unemployed, so I don't have much else to do, working on both.

5035635 Its alright No biggie. Don't let me bring you down with my opinions I'm sure you'll do fine through the chapters

I sincerely hope you can find a job, my friend.:fluttercry:


Thanks, I really do, too.

Curse you Twilight :facehoof: you have no idea what you're getting into.

I too wish you luck in finding a job.

Nice chapter by the way^^ You worked good with Twilight's obsession for rule :twilightsmile: Lets see how far she will follow these rules...

5036424 Best of luck to you, be careful out there.:rainbowdetermined2:

5036424 To the best of finding a job. Good Luck

Twilight's thirst for knowledge gets her in trouble again!

Comment posted by MaikaChan48 deleted Sep 22nd, 2014


This is getting interesting. It's very well written.

You deserve good reviews.


I'm glad you like it.

I've noticed something, I tend to write better when tired... or slightly drunk

5037994 I love your Profile Picture

Thank you for the compliment.

Hurrah I've read some of your other stories and this one is pretty good too. Your grammer and sentence structure seems to slide if you are indeed tired or drunk but its still very good. Keep it up :pinkiehappy:

If I were Twilight, I'd write a letter to Celestia:

Dear Princess Celestia,
I know this may come as a shock to you but there is an academy I would like you to destroy...

Or something along those lines. Seriously, what educational value does this have? I mean I'm curious to see where this goes but really?!

Okay, Twilight, you're just lying to yourself.

Admit that you just like being treated like foal instead of coming up with dumbass excuses about it being a test.

The chapters are a bit too short though and I feel the descriptions are somewhat lacking. Even if I think the story's a pretty good combo of cute and funny.

How does she put up with this? I'd be very much like Dawn. Oh Dawn is so not going to make it through this. It's just as well they have a rule against swearing, I'd be swearing like a sailor if I were in there.


I tend to write short chapters for quick releases.

What do you mean by lacking descriptions?

Im loving this story all your stories are good and added as favorites :twilightsmile:

Hmm... This is something but I must ask this.

One: What does this Academy attempt to do? (The real main purpose) Cause i have a few ideas.

Two: Does Celestia know about this?

Three: This is not bad at the moment, very cute, But I feel your not letting us know what its really about until like maybe 4 chapters later, right?


1: In good time, you'll know
2: Not yet.

Comment posted by DuskShadowBrony deleted Sep 24th, 2014

Who put this in the 'awesome stories' group? I mean, I'm flattered, but I kind of wanted to keep this in the crinkle groups, as this does not tend to be accepted elsewhere.

Ok, I wasn't sure before but now I am. This place must be destroyed! I can kind of understand what they are trying to do but their methods are completely wrong and, even in Equestria, most likely illegal.

Comment posted by DuskShadowBrony deleted Sep 24th, 2014

nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice
Not bad. I'll say that " The training pants were still thick enough to prevent normal movement. " this might be able to be removed as it was already mentioned in the previous chapter. And Golden Eye never said anyhting about punishing someone for talking. Just little things like that dont have to change it but just some things I noticed. Really nice though keep it up.


Whoops on the redundancy, and Golden did, back in the chapter for the Entrance Ceremony.

I feel bad for twilight, not once, but twice that she has been denied to use the bathroom. Yep Celestia doesn't know about this place. I bet that after maybe on the 5th day Celestia would probably try to contact her through Spike and then hears about this Academy. Nice chapter

Owww Gosh :applejackconfused: cant what for next chapter now lol :facehoof: Great Story so for soo ya nigy night :derpytongue2:

Celestia: Twilight is missing!
Luna: I shall visit her dreams this night and find where she is in the waking world, dear sister.


15 Minutes later...
Celestia: "Well, Luna? What have you seen?"
Luna *blushed lightly*: "You... you wouldn't believe it if I tell you..."

This is indeed interesting. I really can't wait to find out what happens.

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