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I'm a writer specializing in Age Regression stories, mental and physical. I am a MLP babyfur. There is nothing sexual about it for me. Please get to know me well before judging me or my OC.


WARNING/ALERT/DANGER/CAUTION: This story contains age regression/diapers/etc. Please do not continue on if you do not enjoy this.

Twilight receives a mysterious letter, accepting her into Fantasy Omega’s Academy of Lora. What will happen during her time there? Who's the Headmaster, and why does nopony ever see him? Everything is not what it seems at F.O.A.L. Academy!

Academy Motto: To re-learn what was lost long ago

Thank you, Zubric, for roleplaying this with me to iron out some details.

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Concept Art

The Block Kingdom, a foreign empire outside of the reign of Celestia and Luna, has asked that a Royal Representative of Equestria come to visit. In order to help him develop his social skills and public relations, Princess Luna has sent Dusk Shadow to meet up with the Block Kingdom's Princess.

Fun, games, and general chaos will certainly happen. What else do you expect when you have a kingdom controlled by smart little fillies and foals?

Dusk Shadow, an overly serious, and not well-known Prince of Equestria is not exactly happy about his task. However, duty calls, so he accepts his responsibility. From there, what started as a simple visit becomes something he never expected, and a change he needed. He will learn things that he was unaware of before, and rediscover what he lost a long time ago.

If you actually enjoy these kinds of things, and read the story, feel free to leave a rating and a comment/suggestion. Prejudiced ratings or rating just because you don’t like what the story is about, and not the writing itself is just immature. And when a babyfur calls you immature, you really should think about it.

- I do NOT ship with canon characters.
- My OC is my Ponysona, I based him off of myself. Anything that happened in his past has direct correlation to something that happened to my own. He's not made dark to be 'cool', it's how I am myself.
- I accept constructive criticism, but not flat-out hate and negativity. Difference: Constructive Criticism: “This is what I liked…. Here’s what I didn’t like and how you could fix it…” Negativity: “This is stupid, why is it like this? That makes no sense, it’s just stupid and wrong.”
- I do suffer from a number of issues (PTSD, depression, inferiority complex, etc. All formally diagnosed by various psychologists and psychiatrists), so that may carry over in how I write or interact with my readers. I apologize if I may seem nasty at times.
- Because a lot of people don’t READ, I had to include a bunch of disclaimers

Thank you, Zubric, for roleplaying this with me to iron out some details.

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Commission for: Jaime Tames Bolaños (Facebook)

Concept Credit: Me
OC Credit: Jaime Tames Bolaños

June is an Earth Pony with a rather unusual ability to see the smallest details. A natural perfectionist, she spends most of her day making sure everything looks perfect.

One day, when invited to a party, the Mane Six and June discover that ponies of Equestria have gone missing. Timeline, a mysterious Unicorn gives them a task- verify the existence of the missing ponies and bring them back. June, with her sharp memory and ability to see and remember the smallest things, must give her best to find the keys to the existences of the ponies. Existence is only verified by what one does in this world, and what one is remembered for.

When somepony is forgotten, they might as well... vanish.

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WARNING: Diapers, Regression, etc. DO NOT READ if you do not like.

On hiatus for this reason: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/374545/story-focus

Does not contain clop or gore.

What is the most powerful love at all? The love between couples? No, it's family love. Two ponies, who would never see it before, grow to realize this truth.

Please note that this story is unrelated to any other stories. It follows a story arc is is if the other stories never happened.

This story focuses on my OC, Dust Storm, and a friend's OC, Clear Skies. Also focuses on another concept I made up of differently-colored Changelings.

Thank you:
therainbowvortex- for encouraging me to write this
Gold Rush (Zubric)- for roleplaying this with me, so I could get somewhat of a plot established.

Original Base Art Source (Changeling Swarm): Metrukuta @ deviantart

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We are rewriting this from the beginning. Please watch user: DuskShadowBrony for an update.

DustStorm. Gold Rush. Grey Ghost. Dead Ink. Flutter Glitter. Luster Star. They were humans once, like you and I, but something happened. Something Big. Now their 5 friends get sucked into a world they could only dream about . This is their tale. The archive of thier new lives in Equestria. This is, the Foalish Zone.

This project is a group collaboration between a couple people in the padded ponies/adult foals group, the 'Palringo Padded Ponies'.

Care to join us for some roleplay or chat? http://www.palringo.com/en/us/ If you need the PC version, ask Monopony, he has the files you need. Join the room: ppaf

Monopony, Monopony, Zubric, Hottemaxx, DGGames, and Shagohad, Luster Star.

Not all chapters are sequential or storyline, and this story does take place in an alternate timeline of Super Stallion's Foal-a-verse, which DGGames is a writer for.

RATING INFORMATION: This story is rated teen for mild swearing, and occasional crazies. you have been warned.

IMPORTANT: This story is as stated previously a ppaf collaboration. If you dislike regression, diapers, and/or foalish behavior, TURN BACK NOW!!

Otherwise welcome to a place, where time has no meaning, where space is convoluted, and where foals are everywhere and nowhere.


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This story is a sequel to Foal Games

Cancelled. It just wasn't working for me, I just couldn't do it. Sorry.



You can still read this without reading Foal Games, but it may get confusing at times.

Years have passed since DustStorm was left under Corona's care. Once again, he is in the Royal Guard and serves as a Magical Combat Technician and Researcher.

However, he feels strange flashes of memories. Are they his memories? They can't possibly be, right? Then why are they so familiar?

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Cancelled, due to lack of interest from my readers and myself.

ALERT! Some of the investigations involve murder! This story contains violence! If you are not comfortable with this, please leave now!

Does NOT contain clop.

Contains gore.

This is somewhat of a prequel to Foal Games, explaining how DustStorm and FlashRain started working together in the SIU, but is not required to read the story, Foal Games.

Warning: Foal Games (not this fanfiction) has diapers, regression, and all the related topics. Do not read Foal Games if you do not enjoy that kind of fanfiction.

The Missing Pony Unit (MPU) always disliked the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) for many reasons. The SIU often yanked cases out of their hands, the ponies in the SIU were cold and distant, never speaking much even during collaborative investigations. FlashRain despised the SIU, and when asked to work with an agent from the SIU was more than outraged. The SIU agent, DustStorm, wasn't exactly happy either.

It did not seem that the two ponies with polar opposite personalities would ever be able to work together. They had completely different ideals and styles of investigation. However, their many investigations drew them together with both superb wins and great losses. This is the story of two ponies became unlikely friends, forming a powerful investigation team.

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Alert, contains diapers, regression, and all the related stuff. You have been warned. If you are not into this, please leave now.

Does not contain clop or gore.

Ponies who visit a reclusive white pegasus pony always seem to go missing.

DustStorm and his investigative partner, FlashRain are sent to investigate. Little do they know what they are getting into.

The ponies who go missing are put into a competetive game. The losers are slowly regressed back to foalhood.

Please note that this story is unrelated to any other stories. It follows a story arc is is if the other stories never happened.

Also, check out my other story, DustStorm's Treatment, if you're interested.

Constructive feedback is highly appreciated!

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Contains diapers, regression, and all the related stuff. If you are not into that stuff, my apologies. Please do not dislike solely for the regression.

Saying this now, as some people are incapable of reading more than a few sentences. DustStorm does not, and never will, have a relationship with any canon character. Luna is a mother figure to him, not a lover.

Does not contain porn, clop, or gore.

Feedback would be appreciated. Constructive feedback only.

Luna is concerned for DustStorm's emotional state, and his rising levels of stress. She has an idea for a cure, and knows he needs it, whether he wants to admit it or not.

Please note that DustStorm's traumatic memories are always highly based off my own. They are not made up to make him seem more dark, the memories and major facts are true.

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