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I'm a writer specializing in Age Regression stories, mental and physical. I am a MLP babyfur. There is nothing sexual about it for me. Please get to know me well before judging me or my OC.


Commission for: Jaime Tames Bolaños (Facebook)

Concept Credit: Me
OC Credit: Jaime Tames Bolaños

June is an Earth Pony with a rather unusual ability to see the smallest details. A natural perfectionist, she spends most of her day making sure everything looks perfect.

One day, when invited to a party, the Mane Six and June discover that ponies of Equestria have gone missing. Timeline, a mysterious Unicorn gives them a task- verify the existence of the missing ponies and bring them back. June, with her sharp memory and ability to see and remember the smallest things, must give her best to find the keys to the existences of the ponies. Existence is only verified by what one does in this world, and what one is remembered for.

When somepony is forgotten, they might as well... vanish.

Chapters (3)
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