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This story has a pony in a diaper, and consists of a fetish know as being an 'Adult Baby'. If this doesn't appeal to you, I warn you to turn back, but also ask you don't write this off too quickly.

One fine day, while working in the orchards of Appleoosa, Braeburn is approached by a very dear friend, Little Strongheart, as she returns for her tribe's annual run. After a day of working himself to the bone, accepting a little help in exchange for teaching her a thing or two about taking care of foals seems like an easy peasy trade. Little does he expect, the kind of Strongheart needs in hoof-on experience, and Braeburn is perfect to be practiced on.

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Once again Conflicted Writer you crank out a wonderful padded pony fic. You just have a knack for these sort of things. :heart:

"Cactus Juice, It'll QUENCH YA! It's the QUENCHIEST!"

Couldn't resist.:pinkiehappy:

3780875 Oh yes, I spotted that reference, but I forgot about it. Until now. Enjoy:

Ooh! I've been waiting for someone to write a story based on this image. I will be reading this later for sure. :moustache:

Well done fic.

You have some top notch writing in here, as always. So keep on paddling, you swaggerin' badass you. :raritywink:

This was another well written fic Conflicted. The interactions between Braeburn and SrongHeart were cute and definitely felt like something that both of them enjoyed.

URMAGERRD what the hell is this amd why did I enjoy it

3850123 "what the hell is this amd"

Perhaps this will help clarify? <http://www.amd.com/en-us>

cute story confilcted -faints from cuteness overload-

D'awwwww this was cute!

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