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One night, Sweetie Belle finds herself dressed in a manner she wouldn't quite describe as her own style, and thus goes on an inwardly trip to find out what went wrong and why the stove burnt down as often as it did.

Warning: Contains diapers

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Comments ( 23 )

Silly story, but cute.

cute little story, but

Sweetie Belle stroke a thinking pose, as she went through her mind, searching for a potential cause.

I believe that should be struck and not stroke.

Cute little story you have here. :rainbowkiss:

That's pretty good, what you did there, rationalizing all those odd dressings and accommodations. Nice work.

I agree, the stove is the cause of all of Sweetie's Problems. Though honestly? I would probably leave AB in charge of Sweetie Belle rather then leave her home alone.

STOVE!!! What a traitor.

Twenty o'clock? Boy, ponies have weird clocks.

This is a pretty damn good story, though.

Apart from the fun and the diapers, what a peculiar and enrapturing way of telling a story. Very decent read, well done!

Also thanks for posting this here, the reading experience is indeed superior.

4053890 Thanks. Adorablest pony being adorable was pretty easy to write, too. :rainbowkiss:

4053909 Ah yes, of course something like that would happen. Thanks for pointing the mistake out. Also, thanks for reading. :twilightsheepish:

4053982 Thankies!

4054395 I enjoy writing this sort of story once in a while, where it just lingers on one small scene. :yay:

4055575 Who knows, maybe I'll write some continuation of this one day where Sweetie gets herself into an even more foalish situation without even realizing it. :trollestia:


4057042 It felt awkward to write eight pm, so I stuck with what I'm familiar with. Worst case scenario, its the fault of the english language, since I can't be wrong, ever. :twistnerd:

4057406 Thanks for reading it. There's only so many fics who let a moment just be, and I feel most comfortable if I can write a one-shot that takes this route.

4058224 You're welcome everyone makes those little mistakes, heck just recently I put "Shit" instead of "Shut" on a story I'm writing haha.

Very funny, if a little confusing at times. At first I thought sweetie had been turned into a foal, so my head went for a loop:pinkiecrazy:

This was good though. I liked it

4057042 twenty o clock would be 8 pm in miitary time.... lulz

This story is really cute. I love it really, you totally need to write more fiction including Sweetie :unsuresweetie:

interesting cute lil short read.:unsuresweetie:

I'd really love it if you continued this. It has the potential to keep going.

Comment posted by Renodil deleted Dec 11th, 2015

4055575 Apple Bloom did prove she can take care of things like a big pony. Imagine how proud AJ would be if she could also babysit....:yay:

I would definitely like a continuation of this. Maybe with the stove also having a grudge against the other Crusaders?

I love how Sweetie agreed to or needed everything except the early bedtime. How it all came together was hilarious.

I was wondering about thew early bedtime (it was obviously not punitive) and then I realized Sweetie was probably cranky from staying up too late so her parents made her take a nap...not that she has any idea why they'd do such a thing.

Oh, Sweetie...

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