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"Only the most subtle of references." -No fanfiction writer ever


When you have an accident-prone filly, you make her wear a helmet.
When you have an accident-prone filly who is incapable of feeling pain, you keep the hospital on speed dial.
When you have an accident-prone filly who is incapable of feeling pain and you have no insurance because you’re self-employed, you learn to take care of things yourself.

Because that’s what sisters do.

An entry for Bicyclette's 1000 words contest (group / info) in the "Grim" category.

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... Can you make a longer story with the other mane 6 (mainly Twilight) finding out about Sweetie Belle?

Edit: never mind, just realized this format might be best.

That was delightfully horrible. Good job!

…Well that wasn't creepy in the slightest. (/s)
A quick read but definitely a grim one, like you said. Take my thumb (interpret that as you will, given the context :P).

I have so many questions.

And yet, i want a whole set of stories based around this. Like, so many. You have a serious talent.

Huh? Normally Apple Bloom's the zombie.

Lovecraftian! Very neat and gross!

True enough. But I was pondering monster ponies and came to the realization that, though Rarity's usually depicted as a vampire or spider pony, her skill set makes her much more suited to be a Dr. Frankenstein. It even pairs well with Spike as Igor.

Rarity took lessons from Geralf, probably.

Chibalt #9 · Mar 29th, 2022 · · 7 ·

Feels like just the sort of horror that can happen in systems where healthcare is for profit...

The author is american, aren't they?

This got a good couple of laughs out me - it fits so perfectly in the 1000 words too.

So tradionally in this sort of story we get two more chapters. One per crusader so we can find out which one is a ghost / changeling.

It's so easy to forget just how important pain is to our survival. And then you have cases like Sweetie here.

Victor Frankenstein's Monster Rarity Belle's Sister

People really like to write dark/grim stuff when it comes to the 1k category.

Anyways, it was a splendid read. Nicely done :twilightsmile:

Probably needs a "random" tag since this is a crackfic in so many ways (that the other members of the Mane Six don't notice Sweetie's rather obvious transformation into a patchwork revenant is just the tip of the iceberg) but it's an amusing one, and I enjoy "Rarity is a serious badass" stories in general. Thumbs up.

Then we find out the little twist all the others have. XD

Would love to see more of this world.

Sweetie blinked. Out of sync. First the green, then the orange. A mismatch, sadly, but the original was unsalvageable, most of it still on that tree branch.

“I can see! It’s a miracle!”

“Spike’s the miracle. Be thankful he found one in your size.”

“He got my new hoof too, right? Where does he get all these replacement parts?”

Let me guess...the hoof is yellow?

Completely terrifying but god do I love this

Jesus Christ Sweetie Belle! :rainbowlaugh:

This was short but this was awesome.

Nah, she comes back in fewer than three days, unless it's a big job!

If Spike's getting her the parts I wonder what secrets does Twilight have in this universe?

I wouldn't say this needs a sequel; but more stories in this same universe would actually be really fun.

I don't remember the last time I've read something macabre yet so brilliant. Good work

I'd rate this more as comedy than dark.

little over 24 hours after being uploaded, it is near-universally liked by EVERYONE who gives it a read.

More stories in this universe?

Author's discretion.

That's all.

That was good, also a bit grim if you consider the escalation, soon there would be nothing left of her, now that would be inconvenient.
But that's a story for another time, thanks for this one, it was great.

By the desc I'm thinking this may have been an entrant in a certain Trotcon competition about six years ago...?

Surprisingly enough, no. I've never managed to make it to Trotcon.
Though I'd love to hear about this similarity I've apparently stumbled across.

Rarity Belle - Reanimator :twistnerd:

Nicely gruesome, and it escalated wonderfully. Truly, Rarity is the best big sister! :duck:

While I do like the fic, this quote immediately came to mind after reading.


I'm having trouble seeing this as anything other than wholesome. Just a concerned big sister looking out for her little sis.

Spike's off-screen shenanigans, on the other hand, are deeply concerning.

So cute! A comedic grimdark, clearly nothing is impossible, lol. Thanks for writing and posting this story. :pinkiehappy: :pinkiesick:

Pretty certain Rarity is a necromancer officially now.

Is Sweetie just a patch work puppet now or is she Frankenstein's monster?

The line between the two is very blurry, but so long as she maintains her original brain and a perceived continuity of existence, they avoid the Ship of Theseus problem (and a number of iffy legal issues).

Probably "only" the mirror pool or other methods of cloning. It wouldn't make sense for it to be anything creepier, but it's still kind of concerning.

I believe the term is "skaberen".

It was a writing workshop where the prompt was "Sweetie Belle vs. Fabric", and at least one author had a Sweetie Belle golem made from fabric being repaired.


Honestly this. The idea of ponies murdering others for greed or other no good reason I find quite sad and distateful, so I'd rather it be something like Mirror pool. And without that the situation, no matter which form it might take, is really quite wholesome.

Spike is doing it for gems and headpats but what is he the little Carnivore doing with the rest of the meaty bits?

That's what I meant by "still kind of concerning"; heck, it's entirely possible that Twilight was providing cloned meat and it was Spike's idea to use it for something else.

To be honest, he probably has connections from Canterlot. He does stand as the Princess of Equestria's Assistant, after all, so maybe he writes off some pretty sizeable checks, or lets slip a few extra funds from the Royal Treasury, to participating hospitals that store organs gained from donors.

Magic could be at work, yes, but then again, something conjured doesn't naturally remain in that state for long. Mirror Pool can also be a possibility, but that would require the Pie Sisters (mostly Pinkie and Maud) to help him use it, let alone access it without any risks of trouble. However, that might be a bit unlikely, due to the Mirror Pool being sealed away... then again, it being "sealed away" doesn't mean it couldn't be "unsealed".

I'd say the idea of donations from a hospital is the greatest possibility, due to the line here:

“Nor jawbreaker-breaking ones. That should have been evident after the first time. Jaws aren’t nearly as easy to come by and Spike charges me a wing and a horn.”

"Come by" usually can be vague to go any direction, but a pretty common phrase that can relate to it is "Come across", which is often used while you're shopping or searching for something in particular that's rarer than most of the other things. Like a particular flavor of a drink in a freezer section that has a large variety.

And an organ donor donates their organs when they pass on. But that's just it, though. Organs. Nothing mentioned about bones. So of course, the Skeleton Market might be a bit more demanding than the Organ Market.

But hey, that's just a theory I had.

Dark, but I loved it. This gives me a "Lilo and Stitch" vibe, but with a grim twist. As an older sister myself, I could feel how protective Rairty was toward Sweetie and how determined she was to keep her safe. Sweetie being unable to feel pain would make her more of a daredevil and unable to truly learn from her accidents. And for Rarity, who is trying to keep her fed and out of foster care, that would be quite a headache. But like she says, she ALWAYS takes care of Sweetie.

The general progression was good too. A few stitches for a seamstress? No big deal really. More complex surgery, like fixing ribs and replacing eyeballs and jaws? Eventually, something Rarity would get used to.

Wow. Don't think I've ever seen an author score two spots in the featured box simultaneously (this and Tirek Season). Congrats on that.

This story needs the comedy tags this was hilarious

Creepy, yet intriguing and wholesome all at once...I am not a huge horror fan, and I normally try to steer clear of the Grimdark genre, but this was so well written and didn't overdo the gruesome factors that are normally a big turnoff for me.

:duck: Spike dearest I do need a new bum and your offer is quite unique
:unsuresweetie: Sorry
:twilightoops: Canterlot prison is running low on prisoners - My crime reforms must be working
:moustache: Is it a deal?
:derpytongue2: Hi Spike here's another one, I just don't know what happened
:duck: Yes Spike
:facehoof: When did Spike ever refuse gems?
:unsuresweetie: Why does my bum have the sudden urge to do a Bank job?

:trollestia:Oh look at a down voting baby who needs a huggy (Diaper)

I'd like to imagine this is in the same universe as that one story about twilight and moondance not being friends over necromancy.

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