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After a hard day of helping Applejack with a few chores, Rainbow Dash rewards Scootaloo by letting her sleep on a cloud. She eventually fell asleep only to wake up to something a lot different.

Rated teen due to diapers. No usage, or fetish related material is present in this story.
Tags: Scootaloo, dream, sisters, diaper

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A nice little one-shot.

But if it WAS a dream, wouldn't Princess Luna have intervened when she sensed Scootaloo's distress? Just wondering is all.

Not bad I loved it.

5414765 This was a nap in the day shes asleep there and celestias awake
Celestia doesnt do night jutys thus forward no one to step in

Weird very weird
But when a storys weird its unique so im not complaining
Cool story

Awwwwww cute

Scoots yawned again trying to deny the fact she felt exhausted. Even as she spoke her voice echoed her tiredness clearly. "Yes you do, calling me squirt all the time. It's like I'm a foal."
Dash landed next to the filly giving her a gentle hug with a wing. "It is just a nickname, i'm sorry if it makes you feel small." She slowly coaxed Scootaloo to lay down on the fluff petting her mane as she did so.
"N-no it's not that, not entirely." Scootaloo rested her head with a soft poof feeling the clouds huggable embrace her. This was her first time laying on the cloud mostly because she was unable to fly to reach them. As her eyes grew heavy she understood why Dash loved them so much. The wonderment of this discovery only accelerated her tired state further and she let out a final long yawn.

For most of the story you miss lines, but in some places like this you don't. Won't take long to go through and fix, though. Also, when skipping lines it's common to not indent the paragraph, but as long as you're consistent, it's fine.

5416107 I see. I guess that makes sense. And it's not like the dream was entirely bad for Scootaloo.

Scootaloo trying to explain at the end. No good can come from a sentence like that.

5422190 Unless Rainbow Dash has gone through the same thing.

5427729 I guess I did kind of hint at that with Dash's line abut AJ catching her suckling her hoof

5595228 If that's the case, then in Rainbow Dash's dream, who's taking care of her? Her parents perhaps?

5414765 Luna was behind the dream!

hey zubric ive read this before and im just now relizing that you know how that every other story that has someone peeing in there dream they find out they wet themselves in real time. plus the fact that it is true because if you pee in a dream you will wet your self in real life

D'aww. I often wonder how Scoots would feel if Rainbow Dash were actually her older sister? It seems like a true, deep-down wish for her to be family with Dashie.

Loved the dream sequence. Perhaps it is a thought in the back of Scoots mind of how she wished she could be Dashie's little sister? To know she was raised to be the best by the best?

Super adorable. Thanks for sharing. :)

Please make a sequel


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