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Contains ponies being cute in diapers and a a subtle messing scene. You have been warned.

A long-coming sequel to Twilight and Rarity go to the Spa

Rainbow Dash is not a foal. She's never thought about it, imagined it, or even given the idea of acting like a foal a passing thought. Which makes it all the more ridiculous when Twilight invites her to go to a spa specifically designed to make ponies feel like foals. Much to her chagrin, Rainbow Dash is talked into visiting. Much to her delight, it was nowhere near as bad as she thought it was.

A simple fluff story that was also a long-waiting commission. I hope you enjoy it for the snuggles.

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Awesome job Conflicted, love seeing your work

*sees fanfic title*

Well I'll be Starlight Glimmer's uncle... He's back.

Let's just hope that he doesn't stop.

Alright, gonna read the fic now.

Awesome again CW.

Thanks for making this.

You rock.

Ooh, yay, you're not dead! :3

Wonderful as always, TCW! This is probably the most believable Rainbow Dash I've ever seen in a foalplay fic, not counting cheaters that use regression formulas or something to break character. You presented all the complexities of the inner child remarkably well, and went in a few really interesting directions with the feelings and philosophies of it all.

when I saw the title and description, I was expecting something like a spa that caters to ponies like RD that don't want to go to actual spas because they are too tough to go to spas or whatever

I got this instead

and its so much funnier than I could have imagined

the dialouge between the two main characters was hilarious, and I could easily see the thesaurus bit being in the show

up vote, favoriting, getting a oxygen mask,etc.

Good to see you're back, Conflicted, and with a wonderful new story to boot. It seems like a lot of old padded pony authors have been coming back in recent months.

this is alright and nice.. just... something that kinda... is missing..

IN the story Both Rainbow and Love were Soaked form the splashing of the bath.. shouldn't The effects of the bath effect Love Tap a little? Since she is soaked as well from the water.

7049617 I make the argument that while Love Tap got wet, she was not soaked. It's a mineral bath, not a magic potion.

That said, I also make the argument it's magic, and it can work whatever way we want. :P

This was just stunning, Conflicted.

If it's not too much trouble, though, I would like to see the other members of the Mane Six being a part of this in future stories...

Pinkie and Flutters especially...

“That’s weird. You’re weird.” Looking down at the pamphlet, Rainbow raised a brow and ruminated, which sounded similar to ‘ruinous’ and’ ‘annihilated’ but was actually rather distant in meaning.

denied rainbow dash pre06.deviantart.net/395e/th/pre/i/2011/301/9/2/what_are_you__a_dictionary__by_nexivian-d4e9b1d.jpg

My research suggests that only one in every thirty ponies are into this, even on a rudimentary level.

Research? who did twilight ask?

“Why so serious?”

GROAN *insert joker saying why so serious clip here

Absolutely wonderful as always, CW! I love how this isn't a repeat of the last story, but plays to Rainbow Dash's personality to a tee. The characterizations were perfect! I can't wait to read more from you!

7050439 I'm glad you enjoyed the story. But the amount of trouble it is to make one of these is quite high. So don't hold your breath.


you and your big words that i have to look up

That was absolutely wonderful. Everything about Rainbow's reactions felt perfect. Love Tap was amazing, and the dialogue was masterful. I was so glad to see this story pop up after how much I loved the first one, and it didn't disappoint in the least. Thank you for this!

Adorable, just like last time:trollestia:

Comment posted by VanillaWaffle deleted Jan 19th, 2019

Are you planning on doing this with the rest of the mane six???

“Just try it. One day, no stress, no mess... probably,...

That was great! :rainbowlaugh: :pinkiehappy:

A son that play video games, a heart with a bottle cutie mark... Is Love Tap Button's Mom???!!!! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiegasp:

Oh my gosh.

Button's Mom.

Darn you, Dash. You probably don't think of her like this, but you have no idea how many people are annoyed at you for picking seckiest poni. At random.

Conspiracy, I say! :trollestia:

Great work and so like rainbow to act this way. The video games thing was a nice touch. You are cool

This was a wonderful sequel to the original. Plenty of familiarity while adding lots of fresh content to ensure it wasn't just a retelling of the original.

This is probably a silly question, but is Love Tap the actual name for Button's Mom? :)

These sort of stories are really what exemplify what, in my own research, is what so many AB / DLs are all about. They just enjoy feeling loved, free of stress, and the chance to feel genuinely cared for. Getting away from life's stresses through going through whatever degree of regression is a a wonderful, and largely safe, way to escape trauma, or trouble. If only for a short time.

Another well written story. I'm glad to have been referred to your work as it is so reassuring to meet another author who is capable of painting a positive picture of what it is like to want to be little. :)

You should do a fabric like this with Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer. That would be adorable.

I really like this and how you portrayed Dashie! Keep up the grate work!

Insanely cute story, super consistent style, very warm and fairly detailed world, great characters. On top of it, it's one of the few stories that focus on good feelings and positivity. Very cool exploration of the adult foal theme.

The video games break the lore. Also, the tail "hole" should be a tail tape for realism, because tailholes in diapers can't work.

Overall, super awesome story. Everyone should read it. Great work.

Comment posted by I Luv Jefferson Starship deleted Sep 11th, 2016

This story FUCKING SUCKS and I hate it.

That is unfortunate. May I ask why so I can perform better next time?

IGNORE him. As a fellow writer, I know that this can be tough. This story was absolutely wonderful! Thanks for a fun, playful, and captivating work! :heart: I love stories that focus on the happy and positive, and reading it made me smile bright. Thank you.

These stories are adorable. Are you planning on writing any more? Would like to see the other mane six's reactions.

The story is amazing! Plz do more work with the Fontaine in the future!!! ;D

Would it be okay if I wrote a story about the Fontaine? (Ill give u credit of course!)


very excellent stories and just curious you plan to do more with the rest of the maine 6

“So I’m not gonna control when I pee. It’ll just kinda... happen.” Rainbow frowned, then shot Twilight a dirty look. “If you call me Rainbow Splash, I will end you.”

Oh, Rainbow. Don’t you know you should never mention an embarrassing nickname you just came up with for yourself, even if you explicitly tell them not to use it?

Hey, what happens when you use italics two or a bunch of times?

Aw. Nothing!

“Hey, I’m not a foal. That’s something Rainbow Dash will never be.” Rainbow huffed and turned around to face Twilight, shooting the other mare in a diaper a stink eye.

This line made me think of what Trixie (the old Trixie) would do in this situation.
Just for fun, I’ll phonetically say what I suspect she’d say (with barely any intonation):

/spɐɹkəl mɐj advəɹsɛɹi jʉw ʃal nɐt bi ebəl tʉw ka͡tʃ ði grejt and ɛskepɪŋ trɪksi wi ʃal autɹən jʉw lɐik trɪksi has dən wɪθ ɒl həɹ əponənts ɪn ɐl ði ɹasɪs ʃis ɹən and wən ʃi ʃal ivən dəfˈit jʉw wɪθ həɹ kənɪŋ taktɪks and skɪls so lɛts si wʰət jɒɹ ɹɪli med əv spɐɹkəl kəm and ka͡tʃ trɪksi ɪf ðat mej bi pɐsɪbəl/

(Sparkle, my adversary. You shall not be able to catch the Great and escaping Trixie! We shall outrun you like Trixie has done with all her opponents in all the races she’s run and won. She shall even defeat you with her cunning tactics and skills! So let’s see what you’re really made of, Sparkle. come and catch Trixie, if that may be possible.)

Dash rolled her eyes and brought the bottle’s nipple to her lips. Drinking from a bottle wasn’t different from sucking at a pacifier, with the
exception that she was getting something to drink. Much to her surprise, having milk warm was as good as drinking it cold. It tasted different, but good. Rainbow smiled even wider as she felt the milk in her stomach warm her from the inside-out, reaching from the tips of her hooves to the top of her head.

Personally, warm milk doesn’t seem to be as good as portrayed here. I like it when I can’t sleep on normal days, (stressful circumstances in general, in combination with needing to get enough sleep,) but only with honey or anice.

I still don’t know why she’d have a bottle as a cutie mark, 7132365 and why you’re using it as evidence that it’s genuinely her.

7796675, 7568741 and 7556127
Yes, ignoring is goodfor your sanity, but asking why someone disagrees with you is incredibly honest. Anyway, if you make a statement, you gotta have some statements to hold it up.

Actually, I had more trouble with

Twilight reached into her front pocket and pulled out a golden badge that was clearly made of plastic. “As junior member of the D.P.F constabulary, I am under complete jurisdiction to arrest you for unlawful infractions concerning excessive exuberation!”

And that quote originally appeared in the middle of the warm milk quote. how the h*no bad words*y did that wnd up way over there?

Why link no worky anymoar? (Trying to produce a meme-y version of something like saying “abibbybabby” when trying to find words for st , mixed with babble. Looking back it looks more like Littlepip not finding words, not mixed with anything except for bad spelling)


This is the closest I’m gonna get to the ((ɸ*2-1)^4)th, so I’ll take it. hooray!

Great story, btw.

Not really being into the whole adult foal thing, at least not without hypnosis being involved somehow, this was still a pretty cute story

This was sweet. Also, damn RD talks a lot.

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